O in Indian women fashion

An essential part of Indian culture and worn on various occasions, the ornaments are important and play a significant role in Indian Women’s fashion trends. In ancient times, the ornaments decided the status, wealth, and power of the people who adorned them. In changing times, designs and styles have evolved a lot and become an integral part of Indian culture.

Embellishments, vibrant colors, and intricate designs have made Indian women’s fashion trends famous. The beauty and charm of an Indian outfit are enhanced when Jewelry or ornament is added as an element, Gold, diamond, platinum, silver, and stones are the variety of materials that have been used to craft Indian ornaments. What makes the jewelry or ornament very special is the story behind it, which makes it unique.

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A necklace worn by married women, the mangalsutra is the most popular ornament. The ornament is made of gold and has black beads, which symbolize the bond between the married couple. Being considered a sacred symbol of marriage, the mangalsutra is also a vital part of Indian culture.

The nose ring comes in a variety of designs, and sizes embellished with stone, the nose ring is also a popular ornament. Known to be considered a symbol of married status, the nose ring is nowadays being worn by adolescent girls. It is also considered that wearing a nose ring enhances a women’s facial features.

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Worn in the wrists and made of gold, silver, or glass the bangle is a popular Indian ornament. They enhance an outfit instantaneously if paired properly. The bangle is usually worn in sets and adds beauty to the outfit. It is also considered that the sound from bangle is auspicious and especially worn by pregnant ladies as part of ceremonies to let the child identify the mother with the sound from bangles.

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Varied in sizes, and designs and often studded with stones or made of intricate designs the earring is one of the most sought-after ornaments. They enhance the beauty of the women flaunting them. It is considered an essential part of a woman’s wedding. Women have often resorted to multiple piercings to enhance their beauty.

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Anklet is an ornament worn around the leg and is considered to elevate the look of an ethnic outfit. It is mostly made of silver but it can also be worn in gold. Embellishments can be added like stones, danglers, or even enamel pieces.

Statement jewelry is now the talk of the town and is becoming increasingly popular, wearing ornament pieces that are unique and make a bold outlook can enhance the outfit of the wearer. These jewelry pieces add a contemporary touch when ethnic wear is worn.

Whether it is a mangalsutra or bangles, nose ring, or even earrings and anklets, ornaments are ssure to enhance the outfit and will continue to be an evolving fashion trend for women.

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