Importance of comfort clothing

Opening your wardrobe staring at the pile of clothes for a while and and close it in despair because the sight crushed you when nothing from it would be your outfit of the day. We are either unhappy with the fit or they don’t match our style. The reason being they’re all from a different age of time. Getting dressed up would be no fun if the wardrobe has clothes which don’t fit and match our style.

All the more the fad diet culture will give you the false promise that you might be able to fit into two sizes smaller. We go into the cycle of failure when we don’t fit into the smaller size rather than it was the diet that tricked us into this major havoc and failed us.

Beating the diet culture and getting into intuitive eating will help much here. Having clothes that got you properly will make intuitive eating much easier.

If your clothes are too tight, it might make listening to your body difficult. Also when you not wear clothes which suit body type you are yet again being pushed into the weight loss cycle.

When you feel comfortable in your clothing you might listen to your body better unlike with the distractions with the body squeezing out or not being breathable. Your ease of movement is also important when you wear clothing.

Holding on to diet clothes will keep you encircled in the diet fantasy. So take out clothes from your wardrobe which only scream that they would fit when you lose drastically. It’s time you choose outfits that scream comfort and long lasting.

I recently got a couple of outfits for my better half. Since work from home era is almost coming to end and they might be called back to office sooner, I decided to get some outfits that he could wear to during our quick staycation before the work from home era ends.

I shopped a couple of streetwear outfits from kra which launched in India. The outfits scream comfort and casual and streetwear has been on the game until now.

YouTube sensation beyounick partnered with kra and launched the fashion range, which made streetwear range unabashed and unrestricted.

Source : thisiskra

Purchased this super cool olive green tee that screams kra and all the more is pure cotton so comfort is totally guaranteed. This piece is great for stroll, jog , meet up with friends or even to office during casual wear days.

The brand also caters to outerwear and bottom wear which were equally good when it comes to comfort. The quality was top notch.

Being a person who looks for comfort first before fashion ,I was glad that I could add some to his comfort clothing wardrobe.

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Outfit ideas for holi 2022

It’s almost time for us to hear ‘ holi hai’ from all around us. Along with sweets, colours the attire for men and women also plays an important role on the holi shopping list.

While you get ready to dance to the tunes of ‘Rang Barse Bheege Chunar wali Rang Barse“, make sure you don’t stay behind in your fashion game. If you still haven’t decided here are some outfit ideas that will help you ace the fashion game during holi.

Sustainable outfit ideas

Lohri outfit reuse

If your still not looking to invest in holi outfit, one good way would be to reuse your lohri outfit. If you’ve already spent considerable amount on lohri outfit why not reuse. This would be a great way to save some on your pocket.

The one that Kareena wore in ‘ Jab we met’ is still an inspired for many.

Denim and shirt

Forget the patiala pants, holi is a great time to restyle your denim pants. Pair it up with white shirt and scarf, voila you have a new outfit. Don’t forget to accessorize accordingly.

Image source : Olga de la Cruz Pinterest board.

New outfit ideas

Chikankari suit

The chikankari suit can never go out of trend, especially the one in white for holi paired with a bandhni Or a leheriya dupatta can never go wrong.

This outfit is elegant and classy at the same time.

Image source : limeroad
Image source : nykaa fashion

Floral suit

If your still sceptical to use the white chikankari go for a floral suit. They’re simple but also serve the purpose.

They come in variety of price range and materials which you could choose accordingly.

Image source: amazon

Fusion wear

Now here comes my favorite picks. I love pairing my crop top with a lot of options like Palazzo, skorts. Here’s one

Image source: myntra

The open jacket over the crop top, Palazzo pairing elevates the look.

The beige jumpsuit is yet another favorite that I’m crushing on ever since I was on the lookout.

Image source : myntra

How can you leave skirts and top if your talking fusion wear and especially Indian prints.

Now that we have an idea about outfits, let’s talk accessories.

Coolers, sunglasses, goggles

Your eyes need special care during holi, so that you keep them protected away from dry colours, water and dust. Choose one that’s stylish and serves the purpose.

Image source : ajio


Haircare is yet another important area to concentrate during holi. Make sure you cover it with cloth or bandanas.

Image source : ali express


Flip flops or open sandals are most comfortable especially with water play. You can also accessorize with kolhapuris. You could also make them grand with tassels.


Tips for safe holi

  • Moisturize well, apply sunscreen.
  • Oil hair with coconut+ castor oil, and tie it up.
  • Cover with cloth or bandana.
  • Post play, apply oil on skin before shower to remove colour. Use cleansing balm for face.
  • For hair use comb to remove dry colours.
  • Wash off with regular shampoo and conditioner.
  • Colour might still be there but will go off in subsequent washes.
  • Don’t forget to use a hair mask. The next day.
  • Don’t use heavy makeup for few days.

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Must have blouse designs in your wardrobe

Be it going to office, staying at home, running an errand, supermarket trips, cocktail parties or attending marriages the desi girl attire saree can never go wrong. Variety in materials, comfort, patterns and level of work give you much options to choose them for each occasion.

But it’s the blouse that makes the entire saree in an elevated look. Wearing a heavy work blouse for a simple saree can definitely make heads turn. Statement pieces are staples in your wardrobe and can literally match any saree. If you have a wardrobe malfunction with your sarees, the blouse can be your game changer.

In addition to to fabric, it’s the stitch and the style that does the talking. So always make your tailor a good friend because though you can pick up showstopper designs from Pinterest, you need a good tailor to implement it to reality.

Here are some must have blouse in your wardrobe.

The Maharani Blouse

Heavy work at the neck, can lift up the entire look of the blouse. Bonus point it saves your budget for jewellery. Having one of this in gold or black can elevate your saree wearing experience. Keep it half sleeved or full sleeved both works magical.


Crop top style

The next time you shop for crop tops, choose the ones which have dull tone or something that would match with any fancy saree like your ruby red and dark blues which are commonly known as jewel tones. Fancy sarees can be paired with these to make a styles statement.

image source : Shutterstock
Image source :

Low back or deep neck blouses

Flaunt your back with these lower back or deep neck blouses. They can be pretty simple or even have very heavy work being done. They can be paired for party wear or even wedding wear heavy kanjeevaram sarees. A saree tassle added makes it more interesting.

Image source: Pinterest

Fancy back detailing blouses

Blouse designs mostly are concentrated either on neckline, sleeve or the back. Back neck designing take a lot of creative thinking, you can either opt for cut outs, sheer with embroidery or go for a heavy stone work. They add more depth to your saree dressing game.

Image source: Pinterest
Image source:

Boat neck blouse

This has been on trend for long and will continue to be a head Turner. The sleeve can be half or full sleeved. A wardrobe staple so you better have one of these in yours.

Image source : flipkart

Short sleeve or cap sleeve

A simple blouse that has short sleeves is always your fairy Godmother for your sudden saree days. Can be worn for work or even party wear. Make sure you have these in standard shades.

Image source: Amazon

Halter neck blouses

Apt for party wear and for those flowy chiffons. All you need is halter neck pattern blouses in bold bright colours to make heads turn. Pastel shades work too.

Image source
Image source : snapdeal

Maggam work Blouses

Heavy maggam work blouses are must have. If they’re part of your wedding trousseau your sorted for life. The rich finish and look they add to kanjeevaram sarees cannot be described in words. Red, green and gold blouses with maggam work pair well with most sarees.

Image source: Pinterest
Image source: Amazon

So ladies, I’ve given you some wardrobe gyaan for the blouses if you still don’t have some of these make them part of your must buys next time you shop. But an important point to note here is that no matter what blouse you choose, make sure you have a supportive innerwear. Based on your choice they can either elevate the blouse or even lead to wardrobe malfunction. I will cover that in a separate post about how to choose the right innerwear.

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5 Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

We still have few more days for February 14, the date that comes with a lot of stressors and i bet outfit shouldn’t be one .

Takes a lot of planning beforehand the place, the people, the food , the gift and most importantly what you’re going to wear. An outfit that makes heads turn is something what we all dream of. But when I choose my dresses I also keep the affordability factor in mind.

Because it’s no ordinary day and you will definitely make efforts to step up your dressing game. Well I’m here to help you out. You’ve got to look festive but also cheesy.

An intimate date, a galentines day dinner with gang Or stuffing a large pizza in your couch no matter what’s your plan the outfit will definitely need an Instagram selfie.. Don’t you agree?

Pleated flair dress

Who doesn’t love pleated gowns. Though it’s elegant the fit and details will definitely make it a better option for Valentine’s day. Plus if it’s the colour of love your dress up game is sorted. Buy here.

Flared dress with belt

A flared dress with an amp up element like a belt is another showstopper. When there are detailing on the sleeves if they’re cuffed and the entire outfit is self designed it’s win win. Buy here.

The desi girl maxi

Who doesn’t want to rock the desi girl look that’s gonna make you look the hottest on the floor. A flared maxi with a deep V neck line that has exquisite embroidery is sure to make heads turn. Buy here.

Belted jumpsuit

Belted jumpsuit are best in style statement and giving you that chic look. Pair it up with a belt and you’re all set to rock the evening. Buy here.

A line maxi

A line maxi can always be a backup. They never go out of trend and always make a statement. A dramatic sleeve can up the simple A-line maxi to a statement attire. Buy here.

The dresses I’ve put together are all budget friendly. So without burning a hole in your pocket here are five outfit ideas for you to rock this Valentine’s Day.

So all you ladies hurry up and men nothing more than a lovely attire as a gift so you can hurry up too.

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Must have winter wardrobe staples

While every season comes and goes it is also necessary, we choose what to wear that would suit the climatic conditions. With temperatures dropping it is high time that we ladies up the dressing game with winter fashion trends. The mornings are getting colder that we could barely get out of bed, and the constant worry of what to wear.

This comes up as a challenge to many but an opportunity for many to dress up and flaunt the best winter fashion pieces from their wardrobe. Maintaining a sense of chic and style while bundling up with layers is something that makes dressing up a lot of fun.

I look forward to dressing up each day and plan my outfits the day before. This season is a great opportunity to have fun with the winter staples in our wardrobe. Whether it is adding layers, fabrics or textures dressing up in winter clothes is something that every fashionista looks forward to.
But on a sustainable note look for what you already have. Does it need an upgrade or can be used.

Knit sweater

They’re the centre of winter fashion and center of layering. Different cuts and colours you can never stop with just one. They keep you warm and cozy and a great piece for layering your outfits. They literally can be paired with anything like skirts, trousers and pants so go get them.

How can you style?

Wear it over a skirt.
If your dress is too tight or is too thin for wearing, layer it with a sweater.
Wear it over an oversized t-shirt.


Scarf is a winter fashion essential and when it comes to scarf go for bigger ones. The bigger the better. It is chic and is effortless to be worn on top of any outfit. Over the shoulders or as a wrap they can make any look bag a lot of eyeballs going up. Experiment with vibrant colours, patterns and textures.
They can even brighten up a boring look, keep your neck warm or even be a good layer of clothing.
How to style?
Cashmere scarf known for intricate works goes with vibrant shades. So choose one that is in neutral shade.

The longer the scarf the better the layering.

The first buy when it comes to winter wear shopping should or must be a coat. The outer wear of your attire should make a style statement. Whatever trends may come and go the classic coat is still in the winter fashion game. Heavy puffers, long or oversized ones make sure you choose the one that suits your personal style. Not confident of wearing an outfit, the coat can save your day and also keep you warm.

How to style?
Choose a classic neutral and a bold one.
Go for looser fits so that its easy to layer up.
Modern silhouettes definitely make you stand out of the crowd.


When the temperature doesn’t require puffers go for a well fitted blazer. Can be over the tshirt/blouse or even beneath your coat. Blazer adds to sophisticated looks. It can make the transition from work wear to casuals seemingly effortless.

How to style?
Pairing it with jean gives a dress feel.

Printed blazers over blouse gives a funky look.

Choose right fabric, colour and fit. A perfect fit is definitely worthy.

Plaid trousers

If you are someone who makes a style statement, then the plaid trousers is a must have in your winter wardrobe. Versatile in its pairing as it can be worn with Pump and crisp button down so as to a sweatshirt and a sneaker. It makes a great work wear outfit.

How to style?
Play mix and match with the plaid patterns.
GO for loud designs and neutral pairing.

Turtle necks

A light weight turtleneck is the base for your layering game. It serves it purpose as a heat provider and also a style statement. Be it a sleeveless dress or a sweater over it, the turtleneck can also be paired with a high waist jean. This will help to keep you warm around the neck and still be the fashionista.

How to style?
Stock up basic colours
Style it under a shift dress for keeping warm.

There are lots and lots of choices out there for you to shop this winter. But be mindful and choose to shop only ones that you would put to use in the long run. Looking fashionable and staying warm definitely sounds easy. But whatever it is choose appropriately according to your style statement.