P in Indian women fashion

With a history spanning thousands of years, Indian women’s fashion has evolved over the years incorporating a fusion of traditional and modern styles. Women now have a wide range of options to choose from and incorporate the culture.

Patiala salwar

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Also known as Punjabi salwar, this is the most common attire worn by women in North India, especially Punjab. Designed initially for the Maharaja’s courtiers, it was initially worn by men and later adapted for women. Pleated loose at the waist and tapering towards the ankle the Patiala salwar is a comfortable pant that is unique and fashionable.

It can be made in cotton or silk depending on the occasion for which it is worn. The pleats in the pant are hand stitched to give a voluminous look and are usually worn with a long tunic. The outfit also gleams a high level of modesty in the conservative society. The loose fit of the pant makes them easier to move, so many women prefer to wear this as everyday garments.

Pochampally ikkat

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Originating from the Pochampally town of Telangana, this textile art form is highly valued for vibrant colors and designs and is also passed down across generations. The weaving technique is unique and involves using dyed thread to be woven onto a pattern in a loom, involves great skill and could be spoiled even with the slightest mistake.

With origin traced back to the 17th century, the weave is known for intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Predominantly worn as sarees, the fabric is now used for garments like salwar and dresses.


Image source Karagiri

The finest form of textile art and known for its vibrant colors and durability, the patola originates from the state of Gujarat. The weaving technique is known as double ikat where the yarn is first tied and dyed in a pattern and then woven into the fabric. Dating back to the 12th century, the patola was initially used to be worn by the royals.

Collectors and enthusiasts had this as the most sought-after because of its rarity. The vibrant colors in the pattern are visible on both sides. The silk threads used to weave give a luxurious and elegant look. A popular weave among the wealthy and elite because of its beauty and craftsmanship.

The weave is durable, and long-lasting making it popular among the masses.


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Originating from the state of Maharashtra, this time-consuming and complex weave is known for intricate designs Worn initially only by the nobility, the paithani’s origin can be traced back to 200 BC.

A technique called bandi is used for weaving wherein the fabric is woven in sections according to the pattern which requires patience and skill. Peacocks, flowers, and vines are traditionally inspired motifs that are woven into intricate patterns. Resistant to wear and tear and fading of colors, the paithani is yet another popular weave.

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