Five habits of people with good skin

Taking care of good skin

Some people when you look at them, the immediate thought that strikes up your mind is “my my, how clear is the skin?” . Sit down and think if you have asked this question at least once.

For some people, they are blessed with genes who have clear luminous skin. But if you still want to have that beautiful skin that would make eyeballs roll, you need to make sure the below pointers are what you follow. You need to religiously take good care and simple steps to maintain skin. Glowing skin doesn’t appear in a jiffy. It needs your dedication to keep you devoted to follow that regimen.

Here are five most common habits which people who have good skin follow.

1. Hydration

Drinking enough water to keep hydrated

The key and the foremost habit that you need to cultivate if you aren’t doing. At least two liters of water a day. Drinking plain water is the natural way to flush out toxins. If you still don’t drink enough water, you would probably making way for the toxins to pile up and result in clogged pores. Your skin needs to have proper elasticity, be supple enough and free of any wrinkles. For this, drinking water is the first and easiest habit that you can cultivate. Not only good for your skin and great for your body too. Not drinking enough water makes skin dry and lose its shine. The skin deserves its dose of nutrition every day and no better simple food that giving it enough water.

Therefore hydration is the most easiest and first step to good skin.

2. A goodnight’s sleep

A good sleep

Have you ever wondered why the term is coined as ‘beauty sleep’. The repair process of the body needs sleep to be a most important factor. An essential routine that boosts blood circulation and takes care of skin repair. So make sure you have a goodnight’s sleep and sleep like a baby.

3. Sunscreen or SPFs for the rescue

Applying sunscreen

Photo aging refers to skin damage caused to longer exposure to sunlight and UVA /UVB rays. Invest in a good sunscreen and your skin will thank you later. Fine lines, pigmentation showing up as blemishes are often result of sun exposure leading to premature ageing. So make sure before you take your wallet next time you step out, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on face, neck and other exposed parts of body.

4. CTM- Cleanse, Tone and moisturize

CTM routine

Cleanse– Washing off impurities and thereby unclogging the pores.

Tone – Toner removes last trace of dirt or impurities from skin post face wash. When done regularly you could see a visible difference in skin tightening due to lesser pores.

Moisturize– A gentle way to keep your skin hydrated and not becoming dry. You could avoid using soaps often and go on to opt for a humidifier.

Above in short in known as CTM routine and is predominantly carries out before bedtime. Doing this religiously helps skin heal of any skin related problems and provides a routine for it to run the repair and regeneration process during the night time.

Also one important point to keep in mind is to choose products for CTM according to your skin type. This will not only prove beneficial but also prevent any side effects by using products which don’t suit your skin type.

5. Eating a healthy and a balanced meal

Balanced diet

A proper meal that has all vital nutrients aids a lot of benefits to your body. So when your body feels good, it immediately shows up on your skin. Not only eating nutrient food, eating right food in the right way is what I’d want to suggest. Foods rich in anti-oxidants like oranges, tomatoes and berries provide a lot of skin benefits. These foods help delay skin ageing and improve collagen building. Avoid foods having excess oil, sugar, preservatives and foods that are processed to flaunt that healthy skin.

As mentioned above, these are five most common habits that are followed by people around the world to maintain good skin. The priority or importance is not strictly based on the order that I have mentioned.

Make sure you do a patch test every time you try out a new product. Do not go by blind recommendations. Make sure to check the ingredients and suitability to skin type before purchasing a new skincare product.

If you experience or suffer from a skin problem do not hesitate to reach out to a dermatologist. Do not go by following everyone’s advice. Until and unless they have experience in the field, do not reach out to random people on social media asking for skincare advice.

Not all highly priced products give you good results and those which are priced less result in failures. Keep that in mind and start taking care of your skin.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla, and happily SPONSORED BY RRE Studios and SHOWCASE Events.

30 Replies to “Five habits of people with good skin”

  1. Great tips for good skin care at home. I agree skin care is combination of multiple factors and eating right with maintaining a good level of hydration is something that make a lot of difference in your skin and even also help in treating existing skin issues.


  2. When there is any kind of imbalance, it first shows on our skin. These days our eating habits have changed, and it directly shows in the form of pimples and blemishes. Good skin is a byproduct of good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.


  3. Informative post. Good skin is important for both men and women. A good diet and drinking a lot of water certainly helps. A lot of extraneous make up may prevent skin from breathing. It can be deletirious for skin.


  4. These are excellent tips. Tips we know but rarely follow. Particularly about a good night’s sleep. Just like our body, our skin also needs rest to rejuvenate. And also using sunscreens on not just the face but hands too.


  5. Great post. Its important to take care of your health as well as skin. Proper diet, hydration and CTM routine are something I religiously follow. And the tip of patch test is absolutely right. Thanks for sharing


  6. I have been blessed with good skin and never had an acne problem even as a teenager. However now due to work time and pollution it has become dull. Hydration and diet really help the skin. Will try the toner as well as currently I just wash my face and leave it at that.


  7. These are very useful tips for skin care. I’m already following most of these skin regimes and will try to incorporate the rest.


  8. Very crucial information on taking care of the skin. Keeping ourselves hydrated is the first condition for spotless shining skin, and unfortunately, we take this for granted most of the time.


  9. I know some people are just blessed to have good skin. But many if us just ignore skin care part. All five habits really help our skin to look good. Eating healthy diet along with good night sleep is must if you want to look good.


  10. exactly, following these tips religiously do give a glow to our skin. Adopting in daily life proves to be a boon for our skin.


  11. Skin is a true reflection of our well being and state of mind.. I get stressed and an acne shows up.. No sleep and it gets oily. Gosh! A bright skin would definitely mean a bright and healthy life.


  12. I follow 4 out of these points the exception being healthy food sometimes we indulge in fried food which brings out the pimples. But I find hydration to be the best solution to it.


  13. A very crisp and to the point article. I have been neglecting these so much I can actually feel dry skin. I think it’s time I use the new year as motivation and start drinking a lot of water and take care of myself.


  14. Ahhh! Totally agree with all the details you shared for good skin. Hydration is the foremost requirement to get the glow and good texture of skin. We need to add CTM in our daily routine.


  15. This is such a helpful post Sindu. I agree with you that having a good skin requires a combination of strict adherence to various routines. A healthy balanced meal, enough hydration and sleep is definitely a must for not only good skin but also good health.


  16. Hi Sindhu, I agree that beauty sleep does help you look fresh. Since I was a teen, I had been practising the cleanse, tone and moisturize routine and I owe my good skin to this ritual.


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