Being thin like a chopstick or appearing and being a size zero is no longer the ideal achievement that every woman yearns for. A strong and toned physique is the need of the hour and something that would keep you going. Wonder why? Because when you have a stronger and toned physique you appear to be more confident and powerful.

Being a strong and independent woman can give you the power and confidence to achieve anything. Given any situation, you would be able to handle that with ease. What also comes with having a toned physique is that you’d look great in whatever you choose to wear. Isn’t that a double bonanza?

But does getting a stronger and toned physique to be achieved overnight? Remember ‘ Rome was not built in a day’. It takes patience, strategy, willingness to adapt to make it happen.
Also, keep in mind that the gym is not the only way or the only solution that would yield you a toned physique.

Here are a few tips which could help you on this journey.

1) Goal setting
A journey needs a plan to make it happen. Not knowing the destination and route will leave you being lost. So get your goals set on what you want to achieve. If you are on the higher side or obese make sure you focus on losing weight and toning down your body. On the other hand, if you are thin your focus should be on gaining enough weight and muscle building. All this should be done the right way at a consistent pace. Doing it in haste or opting for plans that guarantee quick results will land your body in trouble if not now somewhere in the future too. So make sure you decide to do it the right way by making a conscious choice. So your workout routine and the diet or meal plan that you follow makes you remain focused throughout the journey and setting goals is the first and foremost step that rewards you.

2) Charting out the right meal
Food that we consume is something that helps to fuel our bodies. It shouldn’t be destroying the body in the process of consumption.
On the contrary, stopping to consume as part of a diet plan is not going to be of any help at all. Remember food is fuel.
A good diet and a great workout routine go hand in hand to make you achieve a strong and toned physique. If you do not pay much attention to what goes into your body, it is going to show up in your physique and metabolism. Foods rich in sodium, sugar, and fats can help you curb hunger pangs, make you eat more than what is required making your body pile up the pounds but in the long run, will also be the reason for you to succumb to chronic illness. This is the main reason that you should be aware of what your food is made of before it goes inside your body. So a balanced diet that has carbs, proteins, fibers, and vitamins is the right choice.
Plan and cook your meals I’m advance so that you don’t run hastily at the last minute. Most importantly this would help you in avoiding yourself from reaching out to unhealthy food options such as ready to eat, sugar, and sodium loaded foods. Choose a meal plan that suits your body type and one that would help you in reaching your goal.

3) Workout routine
A great workout routine sets the crux on your journey. Eating right and working out with a proper routine helps you in achieving the goal the right way. Chart out a consistent routine, which will help you keep the momentum of making you reach the goal. If you do not have a routine set you will probably lose track and interest in moving ahead in the journey. So always remember consistency is the key.
If you cannot set a routine on your own, you could ask the gym instructor to help you out with a routine that will make you stay on track and push you further.

4) Keep clean
Sweating is probably going to happen when you start working out. So make sure that you keep yourself clean and well hydrated. This will help flush out toxins the right way.
Be it home or gym always takes a shower post working out. It would help you cool down and also relax the muscles.
With us being in the middle of the pandemic, it is important to maintain social distancing, washing hands frequently, and always carry a face mask and hand sanitizer.

5) Choosing the right Gym gear
Nothing gives you much pleasure than seeing how well you fit into gym gear. The more you work out it’s going to make it even better. Choosing fashionable and functional gym gear is a must. With numerous clothing lines in this gym gear business, you sure do have a big ocean of choices.

6) Weight lifting is not something to be afraid of
Lifting weights is not to gain weight and appear to be bulging. This is a notion that needs much clarity. Lifting weights makes you athletic and makes you appear toned. This way of packing muscles also helps in bringing down the risk of osteoporosis. This muscle build-up will help in supporting your spine thereby yielding a benefit in lifting weights. So make sure that you include lifting weights into your workout routine.

7) stay sober
Alcohol is going to make you gain and pile up empty calories, disrupt sleep cycles, and increase cortisol production that’s going to cause stress. Drinking alcohol during this journey would lead to a derailment. Save your drinks only for special occasions. Your Friday and Saturday nights can wait but not before your journey to attain the toned physique.

Women often tend to gain more weight on the lower body. Your butt, thigh needs to be toned to not make you look like a money bag.

So how do you achieve a firmer butt or lift it to make it appear toned?

Once you achieve your goal, make sure that you remain consistent to maintain the health and continue to train and this will in turn become your lifestyle.

Women could be seen as resorting to taking treatments to make them appear young and fit.
Treatments for toning, enhancement, reduction have been doing rounds lately. The bum, breasts, and hips are where women put on a lot of weight. Toning them, enhancing them are the bodily changes people often take.

Namyaa Brazilian bum cream

Namyaa Brazilian bum cream works in increasing the volume, look and feel of the butt. Helps in elevating the curves and contours to give you a toned fuller butt. It’s easy to use and developed with certified products.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Nutmeg, Macadamia seed oil, Glycerine, Anemarrhena asphodeloides (Root) extract.

Directions to use:
1) Apply the required amount onto palms.
2) Gently apply on the bum and massage until it gets absorbed.
3) Do it twice a day for at least six weeks to see visible results.

Price: Rs.599 for 100gm

Available on Amazon and their website.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla, and happily SPONSORED BY RRE Studios and SHOWCASE Events.


  1. Great idea and suggestions to get in shape. One thing that is sorely needed is motivation and perserverance. Without these, best laid plans fall flat. Speaking from experience. I am sure you will be different.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent tips for a healthy body. You have shared such a detailed post. Am sure many will be motivated and follow your tips. I did hear about a bum cream but laughed it off. But now I am going to share it with a couple of friends who would be happy to use it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Having a toned body is the desire of everyone be it men or women. But for that, one has to be disciplined and to me more important is not having the inferior about their body. If that is the case then no workout can help.


  4. Great tips and yes having a great body and physique requires maintenance of many factors like healthy diet and regular exercise. it is all about maintaining discipline in your lifestyle consistently.


  5. So true! Now having a toned body is more important than having a zero figure it is important to be fit and healthy and not thin. You have made out all the right points but sticking to these routines is very difficult sometimes. However always keeping the goal in mind encourages you. I have never used any toning creams before though.


  6. I am partially disabled so for me, it is no gym but I always try to do soft workout, But the remaining things actually do help me!


  7. Nicely put together checklist for someone starting out on a fitness journey. That said, I personally feel it is no longer about size or kgs but of being comfortable in your own skin and staying fit & healthy.


  8. I am working on strength and muscle this year. It’s really wonderful to see positive inputs from everyone when reading about weight training. Will try out your recommendation of this cream too. Thanks dear


  9. I know everyone wants healthy and toned body. But to achieve this we need discipline and determination. All the tips you shared are really helpful. Never heard about the bum cream though. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  10. Excellent post. We often tend to ignore our body’s health which leads to various health issues and unfit body. The tips you have mentioned are going to help a lot. Yes, we need to make our goals and stick to it with firm grit. Being mindful of what we are putting into our body is also important.


  11. Consistency in workout and discipline in lifestyle are the pillars of a healthy, toned body. You have well jotted down each pointer here from diet to proper sleep to workout regime to workout wear and bang on!


  12. Rightly said Sindhu, zero size is no more, what we need is a toned body. The points you have shared are bang on! Also, thank you for suggesting the butt cream by Namyaa, I am sure being a natural product it will be beneficial to many women.


  13. For me being healthy is so crucial and yes doing the right exercises are so important to be healthy. I am not really a gym person but one of the resolutions of 2021 is to build up the upper strength so I will definitely need to go to the gym.


  14. Everyone dreams of a strong and toned physique. But of course, this involves a lot of determined hard work. You have listed some great points towards achieving this goal. A combination of a good diet and exercise regime and other lifestyle changes is how one can move towards the goal.


  15. Losing weight is all about staying focussed and determined. The planning and goal setting go hand in hand. You have provided nice practical tips, I believe it is essential to exercise regularly if one is serious about weight loss.


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