Lockdown: what it had in store for women?

2020 and women

Every woman out there needs support and a bit of encouragement to sail through. Although we do say that we do not need the constant push cause it’s usually in our genes that I’d say that we make sure that everyone else gets what they want and finally settle down to get something for us. We don’t complain or brood about it. Self contented is what id chose to explain that emotion.

When was the last time you sat down to have a hearty laugh and eat along with your family? If the answer is we do this all the time I’m certainly happy for you. But there are a lot of families where this wouldn’t have happened at all. It’s time for them to sit down think and make sure you give that woman some rest and joy of having a meal with you without a worry in her mind.

The lockdown not only brought every thing to a standstill but also made a drastic lifestyle change which brought in a lot of health complications. When it comes to a woman,the first thing that strikes you would be her reproductive health. Yes that’s a major lifestyle induced medical conditions that saw a lot of incoming cases and hospital visits.

Women and periods

Did you know that the lockdown stress had about 25% of women experience irregular periods? Blame it on the lifestyle change that involved a change in food sleep and physical activity totally resulting in this. Stress induced by this and to top it all taking care of the house and children played its part in fiddling with the delicate monthly cycle. A no-show at the end of the month brought in a lot of worries.

While the no-show brought in a lot of smiles for many yes I did come across a lot of lockdown pregnancy announcement for whom I’m happy for. For the rest it really did play with their reproductive health and the stress hormone cortisol levels causing a major disruption in their mental health. A lot of women with controlled PCOD jumped over the wall due to the improper sleep cycle and untimely food habits. Women experienced varying symptoms but all pointing to stress induced illnesses. So next time there is a no-show don’t ignore. This is not something to worry only when you plan on having a baby.

The lockdown also lowered socialising to a great extent. People feared to venture out even for genuine causes. Being a new mother myself, I had a lot of things running in my mind to handle delivering a baby during the lockdown. Thank God that the hospital was well prepared to handle the crisis and everything went on smooth and we came back to our nest safely.

Life with a newborn

But what was running in mind was a lot of doubts . Being a second time mother I was confident that I could handle this and I had things under control, but there was also the slightest doubts on one corner bothering me. What do I do ? That’s when hospitals had equipped themselves for video consultations. What a boon technology is? Not to forget that we also saw rising number of WhatsApp groups for new mothers which had doctors guiding them then and there. I was glad I had professional help handy and made life much easier for me. So thankful for the women who initiated the groups to help out other women.

Career options poured in from all directions. People who lost their livelihood and companies who couldn’t continue paying employees left a hole in many families. Thankful to opportunities that were freelance and those which offered upskilling people equipped themselves well to be prepared to take up good opportunities.

Career options for women

I’d seen that schools and educational institution were willing to take in women to help cope the demand for online classes. A lot of women with basic qualifications were employed.

Education portals opened access allowing the population to stay up to date, make the time useful and learn or upskill themselves.

Womenpreneurs bloomed, small scale, large scale , women who dreamt of coming up with their own venture came out of the shell proved success . I did see a lot of women supporting them through Instagram lives handling pop up sales and expanding market.


On my part I did Collaborate with a lot of small scale , local ,men/woman owned brands and helped with promotions. Happy that I could bring a smile and some orders for them.

These are my observations of what the lockdown had in store for us women especially and turning them to fruitful opportunities. The lockdown did bring in a lot of mental challenges but we sure did strive through successfully.

This post is part of #wswbloghop . I am a part of the #WSWBlogHop and I truly believe that we should support, empower each other and grow together.

20 Replies to “Lockdown: what it had in store for women?”

  1. Yes,lockdown and pandemic has made a major shift in our lifestyle and the way we see at our life. Now we are almost going to say bye to 2020, lets see the positives that 2020 has given us. If we start digging then I think we will find many such moments.


  2. Lockdown and pandemic has brought about a major shift in the society and living as a whole and more-so-over it has been challenging for women in general too.
    You have beautifully penned the setbacks and the positivity-driven achievements for women in this phase.
    More power to women and their overall wellbeing!


  3. Lockdown, the good and bad we all have both sides. But I only want to think of the good and move ahead. taking one step closer to the new year and being grateful for all that I learn this year. My favourite memory of this year is all the E-learning i could get my hands on.


  4. To have summed up the pandemic in a very positive note inspite of its challenges. A liked the way you supported small businesses and also you emerged as a star inspite of a difficult motherhood during the pandemic and managed to smile. More power to you.😊


  5. Dear Sindhu, first of all congrats again for your new baby. And wish you lots of more happiness in coming years. Thanks for sharing these beautiful positive things that happened in the year of 2020. This post is more like a recap of some good things that still exist in life. Thanks dear. Very nicely written.


  6. Congratulations on becoming a mum again! Lockdown is certainly very difficult for a woman. Every family should respect women in the family and make sure that they are treated equally. If they do not, then it is the woman’s duty to remind her family and make sure she gets treated equally.


  7. Congratulations on becoming a mum again! Lockdown is certainly very difficult for a woman. Every family should respect women in the family and make sure that they are treated equally. If they do not, then it is the woman’s duty to remind her family and make sure she gets treated equally.


  8. Congratulations, Sindhu..is it a girl or a boy? God bless the tiny munchkin. For me personally, the lockdown has been a boon. Loads of positivity and achievements during this time. You have mentioned about stress and PCOD…..doesn’t work from home lessen the burden on the working woman? I am pondering about that.


  9. First many congrats for being a second time mommy and I completely agree with you that during lock down time digital media has helped a lot and women had used it so wisely. it is good that despite facing adverse situations, women are doing great in all aspects and helping each other too.


  10. Undoubtedly Pandemic has given us not one but innumerable reality checks, where at some points we felt vulnerable and just in next hour pandemic made us meet to our hidden talent, our hidden strength. It’s great to know that you have utilized best of your time and talent during this by collaborating few brands.


  11. Yes, pandemic has brought down several challenges but then it has also taught us to be strong and emerge in a better way. I too came up with my own venture of hand-painted apparels and home decor items. Bad phase always help us to be more strong.


  12. Definitely even while putting many people in a lot of travel the pandemic has taught us some unique ideas and way of surviving..


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