Book review of Doctor’s kitchen 3-2-1

Doctor’s kitchen 3-2-1 by Dr. Rupy Aujla

Food and lifestyle go hand in hand. This is a hard reality but that is what it is. Most of us tend to ignore or take proper care of what we eat. The food that we eat is what fuels our body, so we should be careful in knowing what goes inside.

It shouldn’t be destroying the body in the process of consumption.

 On the contrary, stopping to consume as part of a diet plan is not going to be of any help at all.

A good diet and a great workout routine go hand in hand to make you achieve a strong and toned physique. If you do not pay much attention to what goes into your body, it is going to show up in your physique and metabolism. Foods rich in sodium, sugar, and fats can help you curb hunger pangs, make you eat more than what is required making your body pile up the pounds but in the long run, will also be the reason for you to succumb to chronic illness. This is the main reason that you should be aware of what your food is made of before it goes inside your body. So a balanced diet that has carbs, proteins, fibers, and vitamins is the right choice.

Plan and cook your meals I’m in advance so that you don’t run hastily at the last minute. Most importantly this would help you in avoiding reaching out to unhealthy food options such as ready to eat, sugar, and sodium loaded foods. Choose a meal plan that suits your body type and one that would help you in reaching your goal.

Rupy Aujla is a medical doctor, home cook, and a portion of food as a medical advocate. That brings us to another point that the food we consume not only plays the part of fuel but also helps in healing conditions and ailments in the notion that food is medicine.

In his recent book, the author brings about a concept 3-2-1.

What is 3-2-1?

A three-part meal with fruits and vegetables for two people cooked in one pan. In this formula or way of cooking the author promises a change in life. The formula aims at ensuring health benefits to optimize healthy living and to streamline the process of cooking. As someone who wants to be fit and healthy by not slogging in the kitchen to cook meals that claim to help in losing pounds, I think this would definitely be a game-changer in cookbooks.

As a working mother of two and also a conscious member of the family who wishes to provide healthy meals to her family, the book does seem to be a quick go-to for me to cook a no-fuss recipe that would yield multiple health benefits. And what took me in awe is the one pan mention which also saves me from the horrendous task of the sink piling up with vessels to be washed. Isn’t this something that all we ladies wish for?

A daily dose of fresh produce, good quality fat, grains, and fibers is what a balanced meal needs to be comprised of and I think the 3-2-1 could be the best way to get this done right. The food that we eat can change the way we think, help in making our mood better, build or boost immunity levels and reduce infection.

When you say you eat well it not only means that you remove unhealthy stuff it is also about taking in foods that help to safeguard yourself from ailments. There is so much to understand between the communications that happen between what you see on your plate and the inner ecosystem. By ecosystem, it means the body that accepts whatever we eat and provides us the necessary energy needed to toil. We also need to understand that in reality we as people find it difficult to continue eating healthily. There is a roadblock somewhere in the form of work, stress, or time that hinders the habit of eating healthy meals in the longer run. Keeping this in mind is what the author promises that his 3-2-1 strategy can help us, in the long run, to eat healthy meals and cultivate an inner chef.

Eat the colours

The author talks about the colors in foods that need to be taken and their health benefits.

Red foods help in relaxing blood vessels and blood pressure.

Green foods help in brain and heart functioning. Green foods that are termed cruciferous have anti-cancer compounds. Green foods like broccoli help in the detoxification of the body.

Yellow and oranges foods are sources of vitamin C and beta carotenes they help in boosting immunity, load the system with anti-oxidants, and also lowering inflammation.

So the next time when we come across the term eat the rainbow or rainbow plate, we must remember it means food that covers all nutritional needs of the body.

The author also provides a lot of recipes ranging from salads, oats, curries, soups, stir-fries that would be in the formulation of 3-2-1 helping us achieve the goal of healthy living. A 100 recipes that guarantee to eat healthily and leading a better lifestyle. So always keep in mind that food is medicine and food is fuel.

What I like about the recipes are that you also get to swap the ingredients with variants that would suit us, By this, I mean a healthy swap or swapping due to non-availability.

Health is something that we need to practice daily and the meal that we consume is what would guide us through this journey of leading a healthy lifestyle. So make sure you make the meal preparation minimal and maximize the utilization of what goes inside us.

Doctor’s kitchen 3-2-1 by Dr. Rupy Aujla

You can buy this book here.

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24 Replies to “Book review of Doctor’s kitchen 3-2-1”

  1. A balanced diet is very important these days. We become what we eat. While a lot of people are opting for a variety of diets, what is important is time of eating and what we eat at what time. Many of us skip breakfast because we want to rush to office. It i0


  2. A balanced diet is very important these days. We become what we eat. While a lot of people are opting for a variety of diets, what is important is time of eating and what we eat at what time. Many of us skip breakfast because we want to rush to office. It is a cardinal sin. A day without breakfast is running a car low on gas. We also neglect vegetables an essential source of fiber and micro nutrients. Finally, we eat full stomach, all kind of fatty food, at night. Akin to filling up tank when car stands idle. No wonder a lot of heart attack happens at night. i liked your idea of 3-2-1. You have highligthd many benefits. Thank you for sharing.


  3. The 3-2-1- plan sounds good. Today we not only need balanced lifestyle and food we need to do what suits us. Dont follow a diet just because someone is benefit from it. We need to experiment with what suits us. I will buy the book .


  4. Simply put, I love it. This cookbook isn’t a quick-fix. It’s a tool to help people achieve better overall health by changing their mindsets. It’s about appreciating food, and making eating healthy achievable. The recipes are versatile. You can easily swap ingredients to suit your taste or requirements. It may seem daunting at first trying to get hold of so many ingredients, but most of them are actually spices, and pulses and vegetables are cheap, so once you’ve acquired some of the ingredients, you’ll find that you can make loads of different recipes with them. I really love this book. Dr. Rupy has done all the hard work for us, and as a GP I trust his research (which is extensive). He is giving us the power of knowledge to take charge of our own health, and then 100s of delicious, easy recipes on top! As a mum of two, I certainly appreciate the ease of these recipes. They’re quick and use minimal equipment, all the while I can rest assured that my kids are “at least” having 3 portions of veg a day. Cook two of his recipes a day and you’ve reached the target! How easy is that?! There is simply nothing not to like about him or his books.


  5. In our busy lifestyle, we tend to skip breakfast, find quick options for meals, grab some go-to item. But in long run, these habits can cause serious damage to our health. To fix that, we turn towards supplements. But if we keep a healthy eating routine and having our meals properly then these issues won’t rise. I really liked th name of the book and your review is bang on.


  6. Very interesting write up on this book. I had no idea that food colour is linked to its nutrient content. Thanks for sharing!


  7. I had heard Dr. Rupy’s podcasts and I know that he is really genius. thanks a lot for sharing your honest review about his cookbook. will check out this for sure.


  8. I have always wanted to eat healthy. But I am quite lazy and don’t like cooking. Hence, I always abandon diet plans midway. This one seems to have a balanced diet as well as easy to cook recipes. I can see that the comes in a kindle version as well. maybe worthwhile for me to pick it up.


  9. I am going to grab this book right now. Thanks for the review. The 3-2-1 theory sounds good on paper but dunno if I can maintain it in reality. I love colours on my plate and would love to learn more.


  10. The name of the book itself is so intriguing and logical, ‘Doctor’s Kitchen 321’. The most significant thing that the last year has taught us is to be more responsible for our health, keep a wise eye on what we eat and it’s effects on our body. Definitely going to grab this book.


  11. Two of my favorite topics, books and food. The 3-2-1 concept sounds interesting. I am a big fan of the “eat the colors” concept though. Thank you for the in-depth review. I will definitely check out the book.


  12. This book seems perfect for people who are committed to follow balanced diet program. Knowing your food before eating is very important to keep yourself healthy and fit in a long run.


  13. As we read fiction, mystery, we must cultivate a habit to read books that talk about lifestyle changes through food habits. This review completely had me blown away, the book has to be an excellent one.


  14. Thanks for this wonderful review Sindhu. I shall add it my TBR List. We usually prefer a colorful platter when it comes to lunch or dinner at home. Also, having a well balanced diet is extremely important to have a healthy lifestyle.


  15. hey nice recommendations dear. never heard of the Doctor but this concept sounds like worth trying. its like what our grandmas used to do. Will try to get a copy soon, thanks for sharing the title and your reviews with some fun facts


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