Zero day – Book review


Mumbai is in a state of chaos. All traffic signals across the entire city have stopped working.

Shahwaz Ali Mirza, head of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, receives an anonymous email claiming it to be a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. He quickly puts together a crack team that includes his protege, IG Cybercrime Vikrant Singh, and gets to work trawling the dark web for more information on this mystery attack. However, a move to bring forward the hacker backfires, leading to a second, deadlier attack on Mumbai’s lifeline, the railway system.

It is their first brush with cyberterrorism: a zero-day vulnerability in the Indian government’s system that could bring the country to its knees. Racing against time and investigating a case unlike any other, in Zero Day, Mirza and Vikrant face the most dangerous mission of their lives


I love reading crime novels. Especially the pace they pick up after a few chapters and the urge they give me to complete it sooner. The novel Zero-day by Hussain Zaidi gives you a lot of twists turns and edge-of-seat moments.

In a busy city like Mumbai, a cyber attack is getting the city to a standstill. What would be the problem? More than physical terror, this time everything goes digital. A hacking attempt into the city’s traffic system brings the city to chaos.

The ATS chief received an anonymous email on the threat and the subsequent actions were taken by his team with occurrences of politics, and a wee bit of romance making it an interesting read.

Trying to find the identity of the hacker, to handling a national emergency situation in a smart way the book has its own nuances by the author with which he keeps the reader engaged. The language is simple and also makes the situations nail-biting through the narration. Characters Mirza and Vikrant had great bonding that helped in cracking the mystery. A crisp power-packed story that definitely would keep mystery lovers engaged.


S.. Hussain Zaidi is one of the most prolific crime writers in India. The investigations into the Mumbai mafia that he has conducted in books such as Dongri to Dubai, Mafia Queens of Mumbai and My Name is Abu Salem are among the finest investigative reporting of all time.

As the Resident Editor of the newspaper The Asian Age, Zaidi began his career in journalism. He then worked for several other publications, including The Indian Express, Mid Day, and Mumbai Mirror. Authors like Misha Glenny in McMafia and Vikram Chandra in Sacred Games drew on his in-depth research into the Mumbai mafia for their works. Adrian Levy, the author of books like The Meadows on Kashmir terrorism and The Siege on 26/11 attacks, consults him on a variety of subjects.

His reporting on the Mumbai mafia has spanned decades. Black Friday, written in 2002, is a book about the 1993 Mumbai bombings, which had 13 explosions and caused 250 deaths. Two years later, in 2004, Anurag Kashyap adapted the book into a film also titled Black Friday. As a result of the controversy surrounding the film, the Indian Censor Board refused to allow its release in India for three years, and the Supreme Court of India eventually allowed its release after a unanimous judgment in the Bombay blasts case delivered by TADA court.

Zaidi conducted an interview with the suspected bombing mastermind Dawood Ibrahim for the book Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia, a history of the Mumbai mafia involving the Mumbai mafia. In 2012, Sanjay Gupta adapted the book into the film Shootout at Wadala.

Phantom, the 2015 film starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif, is based on Zaidi’s book Mumbai Avengers, and the screenplay for it was written with Zaidi’s assistance.

As an associate producer, he worked on the HBO documentary Terror in Mumbai, which tells the story of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

Beginners guide to glowing skin

There are many ways to achieve glowing skin. Simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can do wonders in very few days. On top of it following a good skincare routine and investing in quality skincare products is a winning combination to achieve that glowing skin.
With the wedding season kicking in, here is how you unlock the secrets to glowing skin.

The term “Glowing skin” would mean different things to different people. For some, it would mean healthy skin rather than dull. To some others, it would mean the shine.

So, what does healthy glowing skin look like?

  • Smooth, with no bumps.
  • Hydrated with no dryness and cracks.
  • Even-toned with no blemishes.

Nobody could say that they have perfect skin with absolutely no imperfections. Such skin is not attainable. But certainly, healthy skin can be achieved if there is effort put in to minimize the problems that the skin is prone to and with natural characteristics.
Many people think skincare towards healthy looking skin begins with incorporating premium or luxury skincare products which is a myth. That is where companies complicate your process of choosing the right product claiming their product is the best.
But the reality is the simplest of the products with ingredients that you know about already make all the difference. Incorporating a good routine paves the way. Let’s take a look at a simple routine.


Cleansers help remove dirt, oil, and excess makeup from your skin. Using a cleanser that is mild, and pH balanced is important.


The process of removing the dead skin cells using a manual or a chemical product to achieve the same. Though the process mentions removing the dead skin cells choose a product that does not leave a harsh impact on the skin.


Moisturizing helps add hydration to the skin. Applying the moisturizer post-cleansing/exfoliation is best to seal the hydration.

Sun protection

UV rays in sunlight prove to be harmful to the skin. It could cause sun damage, burning, and early signs of aging. Hence it is always best to apply sunscreen before stepping outdoors. Always make sure to check the below factors before purchasing sunscreen.

One that has

  • Broad spectrum
  • Higher SPF
  • Suited for skin type


An activated and highly concentrated form of nutrients that the skin can readily accept to fight signs of aging or skin care problems is what the serum is. This form helps the skin cells absorb the nutrients in a much more effective way. So it is most important to choose one that suits your skin and is aimed at the skincare problems that you wish to get rid of.

A simple 5-minute massage with a face roller has numerous benefits like increasing blood flow to cheeks and reducing stress and skin puffiness.

When I mentioned choosing products with ingredients you already know of, I thought I’d also share a few products from Lotus that I recently stumbled upon.

Ubtan De-Tan radiance face wash

Along with the usual ingredients in ubtan like sandalwood powder, chickpea flour, and turmeric the facewash also contains 24K gold. The facewash enhances the skin’s brightness and delays signs of aging.
This helps brighten skin, reduce dullness, and evens out skin complexion.

Price: Rs. 220 for 100ml

Natural Baking Soda Deep Cleansing face scrub

The scrub helps buff the skin, reduce acne, and wash away impurities. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property helps in cleaning away impurities.

Price: Rs.300 for 100gm

Hyaluronic acid +Raspberry ultra-glow hydration boosting face serum

The serum aims at tackling the below skincare concerns

  • Signs of aging
  • Hydration loss
  • Uneven skin tone

Raspberry helps to even out and brighten the skin. Niacinamide helps to treat acne and improve hydration. Hyaluronic acid helps to increase hydration and reduce signs of aging.

Price : Rs.356 for 14 ml

All-natural jade roller

Helps in better penetration of skin care products used when used to massage the skin. Always use it in an upward and outward direction.

Price: Rs.716

It is good to invest in quality products to be used in skincare routine. But it is also the choice of the consumers to choose what is good for their skin and will aim to solve their problems. Also if you would like to try out the products mentioned here, you can check them out here.

Why is it important to get a flu shot every flu season?

Children have started going to school and I’m so happy that my daughter gets to go back to her school. But school also means cold, cough, and flu. And I’m not looking forward to that.

I was searching for ways in which I could protect her from the flu. The Facebook live session I attended recently with eminent doctors Dr. Sadanand S Shetye and Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar from Mumbai, was a great help.

I gained insights on why the flu shot is essential and who has to take it and how effective it can be. The session also brought out awareness of safety practices among children during the flu season.

What is flu?

Flu is caused by the influenza virus infecting the throat, nose, and lungs. Usually, during the monsoon season, it peaks, and young children, old people, pregnant women, and people with chronic diseases are the age groups prone to higher risk.1 If the infection is severe, it requires hospitalization. The virus can be treated if proper hygiene precautions and timely flu vaccination are taken.1

The severe infection can lead to bacterial pneumonia, sinus, and the worsening of chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, and heart diseases.1

The flu vaccine, its importance, and efficacy
Flu vaccines are crucial to prevent flu because the rate of spreading of the flu infection is faster than compared to other diseases. It can spread through contact, airborne drops, saliva, or touching a contaminated surface.1

The flu vaccine is thus a boon that helps in preventing the infection. The flu vaccine protects against four influenza viruses which are commonly prevalent during the flu season. Everyone over the age of 6 months should get a flu shot to keep themselves protected from the virus.2

The aim of taking the vaccination is that it can help in preventing flu and its serious complications. There are different vaccines available, the suitability of which can be assessed by your consulting doctor.2

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind is that the effectiveness can vary in the vaccines. This is primarily because of the virus match between the one in the vaccine and one that’s in circulation. If the match is good, the protection is substantial. The effectiveness also depends on the person who is getting vaccinated viz, their health conditions, and age.2

Just like any vaccine, the flu vaccine does not guarantee that one might not get the flu. However, it decreases the severity of the infection.2

Other advantages that you have when you have taken the vaccine are:

  • Flu-related hospitalization is less when compared to people who are not vaccinated.2
  • It helps the people around you. By getting vaccinated, you have a less likely chance of getting flu and thus spreading it.3

The flu vaccine helps in developing antibodies in the body post two weeks of vaccination which can help in fighting against the flu virus that is in circulation.4
If you have been vaccinated last year that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get infected this year because the virus changes. Each year the vaccine is updated to include the latest virus.3 As our continued effort in this #FightAgainstFlu, the vaccine must be taken each year by eligible individuals.

After gaining all this information, I am sure you are going to consult your doctor and get a flu vaccination at the earliest.



Digital PR World – One-stop Solution for digital marketing services for small businesses

As we try to move on and go ahead post the pandemic, one cannot forget how much the digital world helped big and small businesses in those two years. At a time when we couldn’t step out but still had a need to shop the digital world opened its arms wide to lead us into the world of online shopping. Though online presence was present even previously, it was a boon that many people realized not until the pandemic glued us inside our houses. Just a scroll and a couple of clicks brought home whatever we needed at the right time. Not only that it also got things delivered across borders.
Not only we as consumers, but big and small businesses also benefitted from the digital presence. From launches to orders to handling customers, the digital world made it much easier for brands that already had their online presence even before the pandemic came into the picture. But the online world promised a good return for those budding entrepreneurs whose startup dreams were blossoming and taking shape during a pandemic. But for someone who already put enough financial planning into launching, investing yet again a handful for the digital presence did put them in a dilemma. Although they were sure of the benefits they could reap, the investment made them think twice.

And for those who would love to venture into the digital presence at a fairly reasonable investment making their dream come true would be reaching out to Digital PR world. Digital PR World – One-stop Solution for digital marketing services for small businesses.

They will help you in targeting the right audience, make your small business reach them, and make you successful. Having innovative products or services but not the right audience reach is definitely going to be a failure. If as a small business you need to succeed, you need to exactly know where or who has the demand and rightly supply. The digital PR world will tap the right audience for you so that your small business reaches the right place.

Digital PR World is a digital marketing and PR management company in Kolkata. It has clients across India and abroad. They have worked for companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, PR, outdoor campaigns, digital marketing, Amazon Flipkart management, and performance
marketing services. They have served big and small companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, risk-mitigating PR, website designs, and other creative digital marketing services.


  • Brand Launch Campaign Design
  • Performance Marketing (inclusive of all ads platforms)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Amazon Account Management
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Digital PR Launch Plan
  • SEO Services 
  • Creative Digital Marketing Media & Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Packages For Small Business

When investment in marketing that includes eCommerce, influencer marketing, SEO, and PR became a bigger problem for brands, Digital PR world came up with packages that offer eCommerce packages for brands that come under the affordable range to cover all platforms in marketing. Their package includes SEO, PR, creatives, copies, and web-related work that would cover the overall marketing channels. This is therefore a single company that can cover 360 digital marketing for your business. With this plan, they could invest more in ads and product sales which is major for their survival in the world of business and also one of the major pillars of branding.

Their digital packages for small and local businesses start as low as Rs. 15000 and social media marketing packages cost Rs.28000. Whatever the size of the business, they have a package that will take the world of your business to places.

They can be reached at

Dark chocolate benefits for women

Dark chocolate is the new kid in the health and fitness block. For people who crave sweets but also want to be fit, this superfood is sure to satisfy their cravings. Derived from the cocoa beans in the cocoa tree, dark chocolate now finds its place in most refrigerators in many homes.

Dark chocolate is sure to satisfy your dessert craving as it contains more than 70% of cocoa solids, and less fat, and sugar it also comes with a powerhouse of health benefits. Though the chocolate will help to kick in the taste buds, it will do its magic in moderation.

Health benefits of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Cocoa butter has oleic acid that helps in increasing good cholesterol. Dark chocolate is good for heart health because it makes the blood vessels flexible so that the arteries do not clog or get blocked and cause a stroke. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that help in improving blood flow to the brain and the eyes thereby improving vision. Moreover, they also help in fighting against free radicals because they have antioxidants.

Benefits for women

Dark chocolate also contains nutrients like potassium, selenium, and iron which help in many other ways. Selenium helps to regulate thyroid and boost immunity while potassium on the other hand is beneficial for helping with bone density which is very essential for females as we age. The flavonoids mentioned above which help in fighting against free radicals and UV radiation are also essential to fight against anemia. Dark chocolates when consumed release endorphins that trigger you to relax and are most needed at your stressful or tiring moments to give you the boost or the happy high. Dark chocolate aids in weight loss because of its low-fat content and low soluble fiber making it a good dietary snacking option. They also have zinc which helps in metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
Being someone who craves sweetness after each meal, the chocolates from Beetees melt. My love for dark chocolate was finally satisfied when I found their bars actually being true to their word of providing unique and delicious chocolates.

Their chocolates are made from all natural ingredients sourcing the freshest and finest ingredients that make these chocolates delectable. They are now one of the leading brands in making artisanal chocolates.
I tried their 72% dark, 48% milk and 54% coconut milk chocolates. The first thing that caught my eye was the absolutely beautiful packaging that the chocolates came in. Not to forget the artistic design on the boxes and wrappers that are sure to make heads turn. They were packed with extra care so that they do not melt in transit. I should definitely mention the choice of sugars being used in these chocolates that make them all the healthier like palm sugar and brown sugar. I had the one with palm sugar and I must say the chocolate did taste different than the previous brands of dark chocolates I have tried. It did make a difference in my chocolate tasting experience. I personally loved the coconut milk variant since I found the taste new and refreshing. Being fans of dark chocolate I must also say my kids enjoyed tasting the bars as well.

Review of why we walk

My review

This is my second ebook from the very cute author Siena. Absolutely love the way she’s been doing this. I enjoyed reading this as an individual and as a parent to my kids. This book is based on bringing awareness to kids on why we walk so that it causes no harm to planet earth and how we do not contribute to the global warming by choosing not to take the vehicles that send out emissions.

Siena goes to school by walk with her father daily. She initially talks about the varied types of clothing they wear according to the season. Her dad pulls a red wagon that carries Siena’s bag and at times her. The wagon also has winter wear,, doesn’t that sound cool.

On their way to school father and daughter play a game on spotting squirrels and mostly her dad gives up even though he spots them first.

As she grows up, Siena is curious why as to they walk and there are many others who come by cars and buses to school. That is when her Father let’s out an important lesson for all of us that the exhaust from the vehicles hurt the planet which we should be preserving for the next generation. By walk we make sure we do not contribute to the bad deed of harming the planet.

A simple storyline that emphasizes the need to preserve planet earth for the next generation.

About the Author

Siena is a young author from Canada who loves long walks and enjoys being with her dad. She chose to write out their little adventures as books anonymously.


Shannon Willvers is a Canadian illustrator, who loves drawing digitally and also enjoys watercolors. This book is made equally enjoyable to read because of the cute illustrations that support the story

Book review of Parenting Tweens


The book is an attempt to make parents aware of the pre–teen issues and give them solutions based on my experiences. There is so much literature on parenting babies, toddlers and teens but nothing specific to the tweens. A tween has many different and unique issues than a toddler or a teen.As we all know the pre-teen years are the foundational years for a person that prepares him /her for his /her life. A healthy, stable and disciplined foundation sets a child to take on life, studies and society in rightful manner. This is the age when the child starts to become independent. S/he wants to take independent decisions and wants to make choices, whether it is dress to wear or the food to eat. This is the age when a strong bond is required between a child and the parents and age-appropriate freedom should be encouraged.

My thoughts on the book

Parenting would encompass all age groups of children but we predominantly come across people talking only about newborn, toddler and teenagers.

The word ‘tween’ might sound new to many and can even see a lot of raised eyebrows because it isn’t much commonly used across not until the present says.
It is high time that we start talking about the age group that is between 10&12 and discuss the changes that happen along.

Jyoti’ s book would come as a handbook to many parents and make them understand that it’s not that their children are behaving differently but it’s natural because of the changes they undergo and how we should be handling them. It is this age that we parents require patience to understand what’s happening and in return handle them with love. It is this time that we do not react because we feel they are acting as if they know much of the World around and understand that it’s the inner self letting them want to explore the limits of their independence.

The book has 23 chapters that discuss all about the preteen age that needs attention. Right from the way to connect , to how to deal with issues ranging from mental health to food the covers it all.

Each chapter is carefully crafted to address what’s the title line in a crisp manner. Keeping in mind that this is also the age that they get a lot of social media exposure, Jyoti has also included a chapter that specifically talks about Cyberbullying and what its effects are.

Peer pressure and stress is the most common issues that spoke up during this age group and they need to be carefully analysed before getting to any solutions or conclusion.Peer pressure can be positive or negative and I was glad that the author chose to address both in the book.

Delayed gratification is something that does wonder in parenting, though it’s good to start in early ages it’s utmost value is realised only when we see our kids in the preteen age group.

Disciplining the kids during this age group is necessary but also requires certain strategies that need to be carefully done. The author breaks those into crisp pointers that makes it easy for parents to understand and act accordingly.

I love how every chapter ends with a brief conclusion section that summarises the chapter in toto.

About the Author

Jyoti Kaur, is an architect, who is also following her passion for writing and blogging. She is a
proud daughter, and strives to be a supermom.
From working actively in a design firm full-time, to now getting the privilege to work part-
time from home, Jyoti never missed the experience of each little phase of parenting. She
has enjoyed every moment of being a mother and her parenting journey has been incredible
as she’s now more like a friend to her daughter, than a mother.
She loves to share her parenting journey on her blog Mom Captures Life with all the new
moms out there, and her experiences as a mother is something which every new mother
can relate to! She also captures snippets of her life related to Parenting, Travel and Lifestyle
in her blogs. She shares useful tips, product reviews, her travelling experiences and
expresses her views on health, education and lifestyle.

6 Must have makeup products

Lakme absolute blur perfect makeup primer

This is my go to for quick get ready sessions. I have a combination skin and this is absolutely perfect to keep the base firm. The matte finish helps blur the imperfections and gives an even tone. You can use this post a moisturizer or even skip moisturizer when you use this.


It’s lightweight and makes it easy to blend. It lasts long and gives waterproof effect.


The only con that I found during usage is it leaves a residue.

Price : 489 for 30ml

Buy here

Maybelline fit me matte + poreless compact powder

This helps minimise open pores and gives overall matte effect. It keeps in tact for long . It can be used standalone or on top of foundation. Both ways stays good.


Non comedogenic, stays long, SPF 28, affordable and varied shades.


May dry out skin so not advisable for people with dry skin.


495 for 8.5gm

Buy here

Swiss beauty baked blusher and highlighter

Highlights immediately with a smoother shimmering shine. It keeps the blush natural and healthy and makes skin look gorgeous.most importantly you won’t feel like you’re wearing heavy makeup. The transparent pigments which are infused give much radiance to cheeks.


Easy to blend, affordable and long lasting


If you have a dusky tone this wouldn’t suit. Buy if you make your base lighter you can try this.

Price : 245 for 7g

Buy here

Lakme insta liner black

This has been my choice right from when I was in school. Though there have been many variations in colour and the form of eyeliner, this is my go to for the natural look. This is one product that can change your look from a next door neighbour to dramatic diva. If you are a beginner you will never skip buying this henceforth.


The applicator brush is of good length to hold, long lasting, waterproof and smudge proof.



Price 98 for 9ml

Buy here

Sugar cosmetics Kohl of honour intense kajal

The tip is very precise and glides along the contour and gives the dramatic appeal. It stays good for 12 hours because of wax base.


It’s waterproof, smudge proof ,stays for 12 hours.



Price 236

Buy here

Sugar cosmetics smudge me not liquid lipstick

The main reason would definitely be the choice of shades. Mary Poppins, scarlette o Hara are my favorites. I love the long lasting coverage and the varied choice when I go in for the combo packs.


Long lasting, smudge proof and waterproof.



Price 799 for 4 minis with a pouch

Buy here

Things to keep in mind before purchasing makeup

  • Choose products according to skin type. If you have sensitive skin, avoid artificial fragrance , parabens and alcohol.
  • Choose products according to skin tone. Very important to know your skin undertone when buying foundation and concealer.
  • Choose products that suit your need of skin coverage like light medium and full.
  • Check staying power especially in face makeup. The longer it stays the better is the outcome.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.’



30 Common Financial Mistakes

Massive wealth is not the result of complex and witty moves but doing simple things right.

Mistakes are natural in life’s journey, and our financial journey is no different. However, it is crucial that we become aware of our mistakes and take corrective action. This way, they become our greatest learnings and serve us well.

FOOPS! is a collection of the 30 most common financial mistakes we make in our quest to create wealth. If we appreciate the impact these errors can have on our long-term wealth creation and take immediate action, each Foops moment is a potential game-changer.

What is going to be your Foops moment? How are you going to correct it? Learn from the national bestselling author of From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom and The Autobiography of a Stock.

Author BIO

MANOJ ARORA is a gold medalist in engineering from AMU, Aligarh. In his career spanning more than two decades, he has worked for Fortune 500 organisations across the globe including IBM, L&T and TCS. An IT-professional-turned-author, he has to his credit multiple bestsellers on dreams, parenting, money and happiness. Founder Trustee of Kalpavriksha—a tree plantation NGO, Manoj lives by his life’s mission to elevate the world around him.


Review on Goodreads

To being a complete alien to finance, the book surely clarified a lot that was going on in my mind. The book gives you a thorough knowledge of what is each mistake, how is it done? A lot of moments that would make you think ‘omg’, but a lot more that would help you to avoid making one.

The author lists down 30 mistakes that are committed commonly. The book is structured in a way that even someone who is new to the term finance can understand. So it makes things simple and precise.

Though it does not compromise on the quality of the language. There are no technical jargons concerning finance but will definitely make you understand whatever mistake is being discussed.

The book will help you from not letting you make mistakes which you are about to and make you aware of mistakes which you have already done and help you take actions to correct it.

Mistakes which found my interest:

Under estimating the power of compounding.
Getting swayed by the hype of NFOs and IPOs.
Auto renewing fixed deposits
Not prioritizing portfolio tracking.
The glossary also helps you with major terms which can aid in making you understand the common terms used.

Princess no knots -Book Review


Princess No Knots LOVES her long golden hair as much as she LOVES her bath time, but she does NOT love having it brushed. When her flowing locks end up in knots, the King tells her they will have to be cut and takes away her crown. Enter a world of determination, sprinkled with a small dose of magic, to find out if the strong-willed Princess finds a way to get back her crown, keep her name and save the hair she so loves. A must read rhyming picture book for any parent who struggles with the dreaded ‘hair wash’ night!


I think it’s a universal behavior that kids hate when their called for brushing their hair. The blurb got me hooked and so did my little bub who fell in love with the cover.

Who doesn’t like princess stories? Especially if it’s going to involve a sprinkle of magic and fairy appearances.

Princess no knots that’s how she loves to be called loves her long golden hair. You could even compare hers with Rapunzel for the length. As much as she loved her hair, she hated brushing it. And especially after bath time, it’s a chaos as she shouts to not have her hair brushed when it’s wet as it resulted in her hair looking like Spaghetti and peas.

The King being unhappy takes away her crown saying he would return when she turns true to her name Princess no knots. Dejected she stays up for long that night, a miracle happens.

Does she become princess no knots as she loves to be called? Does she get back the crown? What was magic that happened? Read the book go know more.

I loved the illustrations that supported the story and so did my daughter. The rhyming words made reading even more fun. While she has just started to read me reading it out go her through pretend play made story telling much more fun.

I’d definitely recommend to fellow parents who have kids between 4-7 ages.