#BlogchatterA2Z K what to and what not to teach your toddler

Happy Monday morning peeps. Hope your Sunday went on well. And a couple of you celebrating Easter. Still looking to get through this lockdown with loads of family time, reviving hobbies and most importantly self care and spending time with your kids. Let’s take a look at traits we would like to inculcate in K.

What to teach

Kind – A person who can do anything for anyone without thinking of anything or even themselves. They don’t give second thoughts. They are empathetic. They not only listen to other people’s concern but also pitch in to help them.

Knowledgeable – A person who is intelligent. They are well versed in their specific fields. They gain a lot of knowledge and makes them more confident. This confidence helps them better understand any problem and provide solutions.

Keen – A person who shows more enthusiasm and eagerness. A person who is keen is more focussed on what they do.

Kempt – A person who is termed as kempt is someone who is groomed and tidy in their appearance. Such a person always has a good opinion when others look at them. Gives them more self confidence.

What not to teach

Knavish – A person is termed knavish when they are dishonest. They are usually not trustworthy and are thoughtless about what they do. They act in a cunning way to achieve what they want.

Klutz – A person who is termed klutz is usually someone who behaves foolish or awkward. They usually do things clumsy way like dropping stuff and so on.

Kvetch – A person who complains to a great extent is called a kvetch. They complain even for the smallest things that leaves a negative impact.

Tomorrow we would discuss some traits in L.

25 Replies to “#BlogchatterA2Z K what to and what not to teach your toddler”

  1. I had not heard what not to teach words ( knavish..and other two) before, a good learning for me with this post.


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