#BlogchatterA2Z L what to and what not to teach your toddler

Welcome back. Happy Tuesday. The letter L has a number of traits which we could make our toddlers learn. Right from level headed to be loyal these are some traits that sure are to make your toddler one good human being. Let’s take a look at them all.

What to teach

Level headed – A person is termed being level headed when they are calm and composed at any situation. They are known to act sensibly at any difficult situation. They are known to arrive at a practical approach to a problem rather than coming up with something just for teh time being. Such people have very high self confidence that in turn reflects in their mental well being.

Loyal – A person is termed to being loyal when they are firm in their support or backing to an organisation or a person. Such people are trustworthy and could be easy to depend on at any situation. No matter whatever the circumstances they would stand by and provide consistent support.

Laudable – Laudable is used when a person deserves appreciation and praise. It could be because of their thoughts or actions. An example could be something done right or something that is ethical or morally right.

Learned – A person is termed learned when they are well versed in the particular field they specialise in. They have profound knowledge about the field and would most probably be an expertise.

Light hearted – A person is said to be light hearted when they are cheerful and full of life always. They always take things easier and keep people around them happier. They are carefree and are usually people who enjoy life to the fullest.

Loving – A person is termed loving when he or she takes great care and affection. It’s a warm feeling in a relationship and is always a tender affection that’s shown to others.

What not to teach

Low spirited A person is termed low spirited when they are depressed. They usually bring down the mood of the surrounding. They usually have very little hope and have the tendency to bring down the mood of the people around them as well.

Loudmouth – We would want our kids to speak clearly about what they feel. But we would definitely not want them to be loudmouth. A person is termed as a loudmouth when they tend to talk offensively beyond limits. They brag or talk a lot only about things which they feel is interesting. It would sound so unpleasant when people tend to talk in such a way during critical situation.

Lavish – Person who spends on extravagant pleasures. Children should be taught to spend wisely and to spend on stuff sensibly. When they are used to live in such a manner it is easier for them to adjust to any situation. When they’re made to enjoy a lavish lifestyle they tend to forget basic necessities and would often resort to expectations even for little things.

Let’s meet tomorrow again to discuss traits in M. If you feel I missed something in L please feel free to share them in comments.

23 Replies to “#BlogchatterA2Z L what to and what not to teach your toddler”

  1. A very good list of do’s and don’t . For me level headed is the most important attribute that I am striving to teach to my kids. In this age of excesses and consumerism, it is very difficult to keep people’s heads on their shoulders. It indeed is a task.


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