#BlogchatterA2Z J what to and what not to teach your toddler

Time flies so fast, we’re already into J and the last post for this week before we take a break on Sunday. So are we ready to know the traits in J.

What to teach

Judicious – A person is termed to be of judicious character when they are shown to have a good judgement sense. They are people who have a balanced view and a common sense.

Jovial – A person who is cheerful and friendly. They are known to bring positive energy into surrounding and bring about happiness.

Jim dandy – We could raise kids to be a Jim dandy which means an outstanding person. A person who is admirable and fine.

Jack of all trades – A person is termed jack of all trades if they’re well versed in quite a number of fields. They could also be termed to be versatile.

Joyful – A person is termed as being joyful if they feel or express great happiness. The person bubbles with happiness which makes other get into the mood as well.

What not to teach

Jackleg – A person is termed a jackleg when they’re untrained or amateurs. The person is usually characterised as impotent and dishonest. They lack professional standards and are often criticised for a bag quality job done.

Jaded – A person terms jaded when they lack enthusiasm due to too much of something that is already done. This doesn’t keep the others interested so they often turn the attempts down.

Jealousy – would mean showing enviousness. Often by attempts of someone else’s accomplishments. This often brings a lot of negativity and is not a good trait. This would trigger anger and would lead to further bad actions.

Jive turkey – A person is termed as a jive turkey when they make false promises or too much exaggeration that leads to them being dishonest or unbelievable.

If there are any traits that you would like me to include I’d be happy to if you could share them in comments.

We would meet again next week to know more of traits that we want them to learn and practice and some of which we don’t want them to. Until then take good rest and enjoy the lockdown by spending time with family or reviving your long lost interests.

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