Nurture is to take care of #writebravely #celebratewritetribe

Nurturing is to take care of, feed and protect so a person when referred as a nurturing person is someone who is protective and caring.

A relationship cannot survive by itself. Only when two people take care and nurture and give to each other in a way, there is a mutually favourable connection that helps in sustaining the relationship.

What are the ways you can nurture your relationship?

Loving, honest and frequent communication– Talk it out I say but with love and honesty.

The inclination to work through hitches and differences. -Try to learn to face the discomfort that comes with opinions that differ.

Thinking out of box together – The desire to do something new, step out of comfort zone by both of you, makes you build a stronger bond.

Sense of humour and a diversion from routine – Don’t just keep saying that you are working on relationship, take time out have fun.

Compliments and emotional support– Keep that trust factor on, if you get a feel that he doesn’t like or respect, the connection is gone forever. Lift up each other when the other person is down.

Love, romance, and sex- These are the foundations of a loving relationship. You can always rekindle the spark, if you know how. Do it and keep it going.

Sharing a common goal – That journey of working together towards a goal is always that we should be looking forward to, so that we pursue it together.

Admit, forgive and forget– To err is human. We all screw up. Trying to understand and let go of the mistakes the partner make swill make life even more joyful.

Share what you learnt with your better half. – You learn something new or a truth that you discover about life, make sure you share it with him. It does bring you a positive response.

Gestures that make HIM happy and also nurture your bond

  1. Compliment him in front of other.
  2. Food is the way to a man’s heart so get started.
  3. Be quick to apologize.
  4. Give him some man time.
  5. Plan a day for only the two of you.
  6. Say that he is handsome often.
  7. Get him the gift that he really wants.
  8. Put yourself first.
  9. Take time to invest and save money
  10. Write out a letter to him.
  11. Kiss him often.
  12. Learn about his hobby and get yourself involved.
  13. Initiate sex more, be romantic and playful as well.
  14. Appreciate him when he does something good.
  15. Go to him for advice and follow it.
  16. 15 minutes of talking daily. Only the two of you.

One more thing I would add is to have a meal once a day together. Take time to serve each other, enjoy the food and feel loved.

I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

2 Replies to “Nurture is to take care of #writebravely #celebratewritetribe”

  1. 15 min of talking really works. Sometimes, when my husband is reading his favourite book, I ask him to read aloud and listen to it very attentively. Later we share our thoughts…we agree on a a lot of ideas and opinions. It’s actually a nice feeling.


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