What does the pea pod say ? #writebravely #celebratewritetribe

Let me just jot down what all comes to my mind seeing the picture of pea pod.

The simile two peas in pod is often used to describe two people who are virtually indistinguishable. But is that possible. We do see that children from the same mother or siblings in fact have sharp district traits and aren’t similar. But this simile still does seem to be used.

The peas in the pea pod looks like feelings inside us. The moment you tear it; the feelings ooze out like the peas from the pod.

The pod symbolizes protection that it offers the peas inside right from very they were teeny tiny and now when they are mature pearls.

Even though the peas inside the pod looks really tender and fresh the pod that protects it is strong. This can be taken as a comparison that even though we humans are tender inside, we should not show off to the outside world, we should be strong enough to face anything and everything.

Pea pod can be compared to the mother having her child in womb, the pea pod protects, nourishes, gives enough sunlight and dampness that is apt for the pea pods. That wonder of nature is so beautifully created by God.

Let us learn what the small tiny creation of nature is trying to tell us.

I am also reminded of the story of princess and the pea.

It goes about like this..

Wherein when the queen wants to know if the girl really does suit her prince. She place a pea pod inside the mattress of the girl before she sleeps. Throughout the night the girl twists and turns trying to sleep but she couldn’t. In the morning when the queen asks her, she says she slept peacefully like a baby. The queen comes to know she could never get a girl even more suitable for her prince and is happy to get her married and they lived happily ever after.

SO here the pea pod plays an important part is testing the qualities of the girl. So isn’t this tiny creation playing an important role.

I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

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