Review of Sneak peak by Krishna Kumar nair


THIS BOOK IS FOR ALL THOSE DARING HEARTS, WHO HAVE SECRETS OF THEIR OWN AND WOULD WANT TO CONFESS A FEW IN FRONT OF OTHERS. Sneak Peak will take you through a time when APPLE was still a fruit, children spend time playing with each other rather than in front of computers and a time when people rescued a dying person instead of taking their video and posting on Facebook. There was a simpler time in the 80’s and 90’s and those who lived those times and who didn’t, will equally love what you are going to read here. It’s not my story but it is yours too! The hero of this story is not Dhyankumar but the story itself. Here Dhyankumar closely post-mortems the various phases in his life, how he felt and how different it would have been, or should have been, had he thought in a different way. The book deeply emphasizes the values of friendship and how it can change one’s life and sometimes destroy the same.


The book is of a different genre from the current trend that prevails. I felt like reading out from a diary of kind born in 90’s, keeping in mind I am one such. It brings out numerous nostalgic incidents.

It speaks about an era of no social media intervention. Yes, that’s right no mobile phones, no tabs. Leading a simple life enjoying a vacation with no social media check-ins, hanging out with cousins, TV series and cartoon and most important of all staying with our grandparents. Isn’t that a wonderful feel, staying as a complete family with many people and relatives, helping each other out, laughing, sharing. This I feel is something that the current generation is missing out on.

Though we have several advancements in technology and comforts at all levels, the concrete jungle can never equal the above mentioned joys.

The book is about a protagonist Dhyankumar who introspects the various phases of his life. The narration portrays his life filled with love and affection as a boon of staying with grandparents. A couple of mischievous events and few confessions make it an interesting read.

The pace of the story seems to be slow at places and characterization needs betterment. The cover design could have been improved. With no surprise elements the narration is pretty good except for the slow-paced parts which seem dragging. The language is simple and crisp making this a good choice for one time read.


Cover: 3/5

Title 3.5/5

Plot: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


  • Title : Sneak peak
  • Author: Krishna kumar nair
  • Genre: Realistic fiction
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 3259 KB
  • Print Length: 142 pages
  • Publisher: Half Baked Beans (26 July 2018)
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07FY9KL7N

The book is available on Amazon

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49 Replies to “Review of Sneak peak by Krishna Kumar nair”

  1. The book sounds about okay. Sometimes, an easy, one-time read is also required in life after plowing through so many classics and non-fictions. 🙂 Thanks for the review.


  2. Ah! How refreshing! The story seems to be perfect for today’s readers who have no idea what life without the social media is all about! How I wish we could go back to the 80s and 90s, when peace prevailed!


  3. Those good old days, yes things have changed so rapidly in the last two decades, we are swiftly swept into a completely different world. Time is flying, in 80’s and 90’s time had a slow flow and took its own time and we enjoyed the weekends and the summer vacation, these days when weekend comes and goes we have no clue. We are lost in the wilderness, though we stay away from the nature and we are constantly running from the pillar to the post in search of something which is elusive. Nostalgic to go back to those days through this book, “sneak peak”, the title is quite intriguing; we are all experiencing a similar feeling and we need old stories to connect with our new self.


  4. I think I will try reading this book. I was born in the sixties and graduated in the eighties. I grew up in the era when having a television set at home was considered a luxury. I think this book will take me down memory lane. Thanks for the review.


  5. Hey Sindhu , those were the days , Pre-SocialMedia , Pre-mobile. Everything was so real , natural. I would sure love to read this novel for old time’s sake #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads


  6. Those were the good old days when people exchanged hand written notes instead of forward message, technology hadn’t penetrated our daily life to huge extend. Would give it a try to read. Review seems interesting.


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