#BlogchatterA2Z N what to teach and what not to teach your toddler

Hello people hope you’re doing good and keeping yourself occupied working, managing home and the kids. More power and strength to all us and I’m sure we can get through this. Let’s see the traits in N which we would want to teach the kids and which we shouldn’t encourage.

What to teach

Neat – A person is termed neat when they are well-groomed and tidy. The person is usually cool and well liked by others.

Noble – A person who shows fine qualities and moral principles. Such people are usually known for their honesty and charity. They are usually not selfish and are well respected. Such people are always looked up to and welcomed.

Noteworthy– A person who deserves attention is called noteworthy. They do deeds that are worthy of noting.

What not to teach

Name dropper – A name dropper is someone who always uses famous personalities names to pretend that he/she knows about them just for the sake of impressing others. They are severely insecure about their own image and use this tactic to impress.

Nagging person – A person is termed to be nagging when he / she constantly harasses others to do something. They don’t ask them to do rather they just keep telling them to do it. They resort to annoying the other person telling them to do something , or keep complaining.

Narrow minded – A person is termed narrow minded when they are unwilling to listen and tolerate others views. Such people do not socialise well. They are always known for pinpointing. They are usually judgemental and are not open to new ideas.

Let’s meet again tomorrow for a new set of traits.

#BlogchatterA2Z M what to and what not to teach your toddler

We’re almost halfway through the challenge. I never thought I could seriously write till now, given that baby number two can be expected anytime. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and write till I can. The thirteenth letter M has a lot of commendable traits right from majestic to mannerly. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

What to teach

Mannerly – A person is prescribed to be mannerly when they are polite in their approach. This much be practiced from early childhood. Saying please, thank you, sorry and excuse me are simple words which we could teach them to practice being polite in their approach. This practice must begin at home and slowly could be taken socially.

Merciful – A person who shows mercy and is compassionate towards other human beings. This is especially evidently seen when they show mercy on people whom they would want to punish.

Methodical – A person who is periodical and systematic in their approach or behaviour is termed methodical. They pay careful attention to details and do things precisely.

Munificent – A person who is characterized by great generosity. Such people are very liberal in giving. They are greatly known to be good donors.

What not to teach

Mischievous – A person is termed mischievous who causes harmless tricks or trouble. It is not intended to cause harm . They make pranks and aren’t serious.

Manipulative – A person who exercises unscrupulous influence over people. Such a person tries to control situation according to their own will and wish.

Mannerless – A person who is impolite and ungracious is termed mannerless. They usually exhibit bad manners and are not punctual.

Mythomaniac – A person who is known for exorbitant lies and exaggeration. They are usually not welcome in a gathering.

If you have any more traits please do let me know in comments. Meet you tomorrow to discuss traits in N.

#BlogchatterA2Z L what to and what not to teach your toddler

Welcome back. Happy Tuesday. The letter L has a number of traits which we could make our toddlers learn. Right from level headed to be loyal these are some traits that sure are to make your toddler one good human being. Let’s take a look at them all.

What to teach

Level headed – A person is termed being level headed when they are calm and composed at any situation. They are known to act sensibly at any difficult situation. They are known to arrive at a practical approach to a problem rather than coming up with something just for teh time being. Such people have very high self confidence that in turn reflects in their mental well being.

Loyal – A person is termed to being loyal when they are firm in their support or backing to an organisation or a person. Such people are trustworthy and could be easy to depend on at any situation. No matter whatever the circumstances they would stand by and provide consistent support.

Laudable – Laudable is used when a person deserves appreciation and praise. It could be because of their thoughts or actions. An example could be something done right or something that is ethical or morally right.

Learned – A person is termed learned when they are well versed in the particular field they specialise in. They have profound knowledge about the field and would most probably be an expertise.

Light hearted – A person is said to be light hearted when they are cheerful and full of life always. They always take things easier and keep people around them happier. They are carefree and are usually people who enjoy life to the fullest.

Loving – A person is termed loving when he or she takes great care and affection. It’s a warm feeling in a relationship and is always a tender affection that’s shown to others.

What not to teach

Low spirited A person is termed low spirited when they are depressed. They usually bring down the mood of the surrounding. They usually have very little hope and have the tendency to bring down the mood of the people around them as well.

Loudmouth – We would want our kids to speak clearly about what they feel. But we would definitely not want them to be loudmouth. A person is termed as a loudmouth when they tend to talk offensively beyond limits. They brag or talk a lot only about things which they feel is interesting. It would sound so unpleasant when people tend to talk in such a way during critical situation.

Lavish – Person who spends on extravagant pleasures. Children should be taught to spend wisely and to spend on stuff sensibly. When they are used to live in such a manner it is easier for them to adjust to any situation. When they’re made to enjoy a lavish lifestyle they tend to forget basic necessities and would often resort to expectations even for little things.

Let’s meet tomorrow again to discuss traits in M. If you feel I missed something in L please feel free to share them in comments.

#BlogchatterA2Z K what to and what not to teach your toddler

Happy Monday morning peeps. Hope your Sunday went on well. And a couple of you celebrating Easter. Still looking to get through this lockdown with loads of family time, reviving hobbies and most importantly self care and spending time with your kids. Let’s take a look at traits we would like to inculcate in K.

What to teach

Kind – A person who can do anything for anyone without thinking of anything or even themselves. They don’t give second thoughts. They are empathetic. They not only listen to other people’s concern but also pitch in to help them.

Knowledgeable – A person who is intelligent. They are well versed in their specific fields. They gain a lot of knowledge and makes them more confident. This confidence helps them better understand any problem and provide solutions.

Keen – A person who shows more enthusiasm and eagerness. A person who is keen is more focussed on what they do.

Kempt – A person who is termed as kempt is someone who is groomed and tidy in their appearance. Such a person always has a good opinion when others look at them. Gives them more self confidence.

What not to teach

Knavish – A person is termed knavish when they are dishonest. They are usually not trustworthy and are thoughtless about what they do. They act in a cunning way to achieve what they want.

Klutz – A person who is termed klutz is usually someone who behaves foolish or awkward. They usually do things clumsy way like dropping stuff and so on.

Kvetch – A person who complains to a great extent is called a kvetch. They complain even for the smallest things that leaves a negative impact.

Tomorrow we would discuss some traits in L.

#BlogchatterA2Z J what to and what not to teach your toddler

Time flies so fast, we’re already into J and the last post for this week before we take a break on Sunday. So are we ready to know the traits in J.

What to teach

Judicious – A person is termed to be of judicious character when they are shown to have a good judgement sense. They are people who have a balanced view and a common sense.

Jovial – A person who is cheerful and friendly. They are known to bring positive energy into surrounding and bring about happiness.

Jim dandy – We could raise kids to be a Jim dandy which means an outstanding person. A person who is admirable and fine.

Jack of all trades – A person is termed jack of all trades if they’re well versed in quite a number of fields. They could also be termed to be versatile.

Joyful – A person is termed as being joyful if they feel or express great happiness. The person bubbles with happiness which makes other get into the mood as well.

What not to teach

Jackleg – A person is termed a jackleg when they’re untrained or amateurs. The person is usually characterised as impotent and dishonest. They lack professional standards and are often criticised for a bag quality job done.

Jaded – A person terms jaded when they lack enthusiasm due to too much of something that is already done. This doesn’t keep the others interested so they often turn the attempts down.

Jealousy – would mean showing enviousness. Often by attempts of someone else’s accomplishments. This often brings a lot of negativity and is not a good trait. This would trigger anger and would lead to further bad actions.

Jive turkey – A person is termed as a jive turkey when they make false promises or too much exaggeration that leads to them being dishonest or unbelievable.

If there are any traits that you would like me to include I’d be happy to if you could share them in comments.

We would meet again next week to know more of traits that we want them to learn and practice and some of which we don’t want them to. Until then take good rest and enjoy the lockdown by spending time with family or reviving your long lost interests.

#BlogchatterA2Z I what to and what not to teach your toddler

Let’s learn about what and what not to teach your toddler’s in the letter I.

What to teach

Idealist – A person who envisions an ideal world rather than the real world. Though they might sound impractical, they strive hard to attain the perfection to make the world a better place. It can make you pursue the best way rather than the real way to achieve the goal.

Imaginative – is a person who shows creativeness and inventive. A person who has an ability to develop a unique solution to a problem. Such people come up with good stories or songs.

Impartial – A person who is impartial treats everyone equally. They give a fairly equal solution rather than taking sides.

Ingenious – A person who is clever and intelligent. It cannot be deemed as higher level of intelligence but termed as clever. These people show an unusual aptitude for discovering.

Irritable – A person is termed irritable when their temper is easily disturbed. They can be easily annoyed or made angry.

Irresponsible – A person is termed irresponsible when he/ she does not show any sign of being responsible. They always forget to do what I is entrusted upon them .

Insecure – A person who is insecure would mean that someone who is not confident . They would not feel good about themselves and would rather feel sorry when others look at them.

Impatient– People who are impatient have the tendency to be easily annoyed and disturbed. They usually cannot tolerate any delay .

Let’s meet again tomorrow for a new set of traits.

#BlogchatterA2Z H what to and what not to teach your toddler

We’re into the eighth alphabet. It’s just so quick we got to here. H has a lot of good attributes.

What to teach

Humble – Being humble is being modest of one’s importance. They believe they aren’t proud of better than people. They are usually observed go patient in actions and aren’t irritated with others action. They handle stress better and have high tolerance levels.

Hardworking – A person who is hardworking is someone puts in a lot of energy and effort to achieve something. Hardworking people are more dedicated, determined and disciplined.

Honest – Being honest is when someone is true to his words. They are sincere in their efforts. It is about being true to oneself and also to others. It can be taught not all of a sudden but gradually over a period of time.

Humanitarian – A person described as humanitarian is usually concerned about an improvement in human welfare. They focus on protecting human dignity.

Helpful – A person is termed helpful when they are always ready to offer assistance. They are ready to help others and do not think over the results but mainly focus on helping.

What not to teach

Hysteric – Being hysterical is when someone has uncontrollable temper. It is a state of extreme fear and anxiety.

Hypocrite – A person who has certain beliefs and feelings when they actually don’t.

Hardmouthed – A person who is hard mouthed is someone who is stubborn. They don’t respond to you in a satisfactory way. They are usually characterised by rigid behaviour.

Haphazard – Would mean not doing things in an orderly fashion. Person doing things in a haphazard manner is usually not in good books. They don’t have a plan and do things in a random fashion.

Hasty – A person described as hasty always does things in a hurried manner. They make quick decisions without giving much thought and insufficient consideration.

Heartless – A person is described as heartless when they have complete lack of empathy or consideration to human feelings. It is one of the terrible attitudes one could develop as a human.

Let’s meet tomorrow for traits in I.

#BlogchatterA2Z G what to and what not to teach your toddler

Let’s learn about the traits in G. G has a lot of good traits and let’s take a look the most important ones we need to concentrate.

What to teach

Generous – Being generous is the readiness to offer more . A person being generous would be selfless about offering. They would be willing to give and share unsparingly.

Generalist – Someone who is well versed in all fields. The knowledge and the skill they possess could be applied to all fields.

Grateful – Being grateful is being appreciative of receiving or for something done. It is a feeling of thankfullness for what is received.

Green thumbed – Someone who has excellent skills of gardening. Gardening I feel is a great hobby and a good stress reliever. My mom is green thumbed and I love her fascination towards plants and would love of my children take them over.

What not to teach

Gormless – Would mean lacking sense is behaving foolish. They usually don’t understand things well.

Graceless – This would describe a person with impolite behaviour. They behave in an awkward and uncoordinated manner.

Grumpy – Being grumpy is a person who is always ill-tempered and irritable. They always aren’t satisfied, unhappy and keep complaining .

Green-eyed – Someone who is jealous and envious. They are usually jealous of someone else’s success. Usually referred as a metaphor,green eyed monster.

#BlogchatterA2Z F – What to and what not to teach your toddler

Let’s learn about the F words that we should teach and the ones we shouldn’t. No wide eyes or raised eyebrows. I’m talking about the characteristic traits we should be teaching our toddlers.

What should you teach

Faithful – A person who is faithful is normally described as someone whom you can rely upon. Somebody who is true to their promises and their word . They keep up to what they say.

Fearless – fearless would mean lack of fear. It’s the inner feeling that makes you take one more step when you fall down. That feeling of not getting dejected after falling and makes you want to try.

Flexible – Being flexible is not being rigid or stubborn but would be a person who can accept changes.

Forgiving – Forgiving is when someone is ready and willing to forego ones mistake. It helps us grow as an individual and it’s best for us not to hold on to bigger experience, anger, hurt.

Forthright – Being forthright is a person when being direct spoken and being Frank. The person is not shy to speak out what they actually mean.

Forward looking – is the person who thinks of future opportunities or development. Somebody who is courageous and bold enough to take decisions in lieu of future opportunities.

What not to teach

Faint hearted – faint hearted is someone who is fearful and afraid. This person could be easily scared and is usually timid natured. They aren’t brave and would venture unnecessary risks.

Fallacious – This would be talking based in less known information or something based on no logic. A false conclusion that is being conveyed based on improper information.

Fussy – Someone who is hard to please and has too many needs or requirements even for small things. They demand too much attention , worry about unnecessary things and complains a lot.

Let’s meet tomorrow for what we learn in G.

#BlogchatterA2Z E – What to and what not to teach your toddler

Happy Monday folks .. Today we look at the list of traits we teach in the fifth alphabet E and what not to teach.

What to teach?

Earnest – Being an Ernest person would mean your sincere about what you choose to do. The actions that come from them are sincere and would definitely mean that they mean serious business. This cannot be confused with honesty wherein that means being truthful.

Easy going – Bring up your toddler as someone who is relaxed and doesn’t get stressed easily. They should be taught to control temper , be calm and take things in a flow. It’s a desirable quality and a person with such a trait is always happy with what they have.

Ebullient – A person is termed this way when he / she bubbles with energy or enthusiasm. Such a person is so very cheerful that they’re always welcome as company.

Empathetic – Bring them up as someone whose is empathetic and can understand the feelings of other human beings. Empathy is not something that is inborn it has to be taught. This is a very crucial trait to decide if you’re a good person.

Extrovert – A social outgoing person or somebody who is full of energy when surrounded by people is termed an extrovert. Extroverts can adapt easily in new environments since they have an upper hand when it comes to socializing.

What not to teach

Egocentric – Could also be termed as self centered. Such a personality has no regard to others feelings and is only concerned about self. Such a person always has a belief that they would be the center of attention. It normally comes out as acts of selfishness, lack of sympathy towards others.

Emotionalist – a person who gives most importance to feelings and emotions rather than reasoning. Such a person would never agree to logical thinking upon arriving to solutions but would rather think more about the emotional consequences.

Envious – Would mean a discontent in not having what others have or they could do. It causes unhappiness and makes you feel inferior.

Exaggerator – A person who tends to blow incidents out of proportions. They usually have the tendency of describing events more than what actually had occurred.

Exhibitionist – A personality who tends toward steal attention by behaving in a certain way even it may seem silly. The person with this trait normally is know to boast of their abilities.

Let’s meet again tomorrow for the F words .