F in Indian women fashion

A term that has been gaining a lot of momentum and traction in recent years is fusion wear. Pairing up traditional costumes with little input from Western styles gives you a unique and modern look. When you are quite bored of sporting the traditional look or the Western formals, this will give you a refreshing look.

We could say it’s the best of both worlds (Indian and Western styles) as it incorporates the beauty of both. A popular twist to fashion is when a woman wants to embrace her cultural roots while still incorporating modern fashion trends.

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This style became a revolution in Indian women’s fashion such that top brands have even adopted it to bring them into their collections. Though Western wear gained a lot of attention, the ethnic wear segment of garments has repositioned itself as preferred because of the innovative styles, and product marketing the growth trajectory has also seen immense rise.

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During the early 2000s, the designers started experimenting by using silhouettes from Western styles in traditional ethnic wear. This gave rise to fusion wear, a style blended with the best of both worlds.

Those living in urban areas have adopted the trend of fusion wear. It appears versatile and comfortable in addition to being stylish, it has now become a great choice for everyday wear and also for formal occasions. Its versatility spans such that the attire can be dressed up and dressed down, depending upon the occasion for which it is worn.

An Indo-Western dress wherein a saree or salwar kameez has a Western silhouette or cut that makes it comfortable and stylish has recently gained popularity. The fusion saree is a traditional Indian saree that has Western cuts, and options to drape over a pair of pants.
Fusion wear has even found its way into weddings. From wedding guests to even the bride now chooses to wear fusion wear. The modern and stylish bridal look retains the cultural significance of traditional bridal attire.
This unique and modern style of clothing will gain more popularity as more women embrace this choice of fusion wear.

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A combination of the Ghaghara skirt with a pashmina stole and a cashmere top can never go wrong when it comes to styling. Indian fabrics are given a fresh look with cuts from Europe and the United States giving you a refreshing outlook that can never go wrong.

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