Digital PR World – One-stop Solution for digital marketing services for small businesses

As we try to move on and go ahead post the pandemic, one cannot forget how much the digital world helped big and small businesses in those two years. At a time when we couldn’t step out but still had a need to shop the digital world opened its arms wide to lead us into the world of online shopping. Though online presence was present even previously, it was a boon that many people realized not until the pandemic glued us inside our houses. Just a scroll and a couple of clicks brought home whatever we needed at the right time. Not only that it also got things delivered across borders.
Not only we as consumers, but big and small businesses also benefitted from the digital presence. From launches to orders to handling customers, the digital world made it much easier for brands that already had their online presence even before the pandemic came into the picture. But the online world promised a good return for those budding entrepreneurs whose startup dreams were blossoming and taking shape during a pandemic. But for someone who already put enough financial planning into launching, investing yet again a handful for the digital presence did put them in a dilemma. Although they were sure of the benefits they could reap, the investment made them think twice.

And for those who would love to venture into the digital presence at a fairly reasonable investment making their dream come true would be reaching out to Digital PR world. Digital PR World – One-stop Solution for digital marketing services for small businesses.

They will help you in targeting the right audience, make your small business reach them, and make you successful. Having innovative products or services but not the right audience reach is definitely going to be a failure. If as a small business you need to succeed, you need to exactly know where or who has the demand and rightly supply. The digital PR world will tap the right audience for you so that your small business reaches the right place.

Digital PR World is a digital marketing and PR management company in Kolkata. It has clients across India and abroad. They have worked for companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, PR, outdoor campaigns, digital marketing, Amazon Flipkart management, and performance
marketing services. They have served big and small companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, risk-mitigating PR, website designs, and other creative digital marketing services.


  • Brand Launch Campaign Design
  • Performance Marketing (inclusive of all ads platforms)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Amazon Account Management
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Digital PR Launch Plan
  • SEO Services 
  • Creative Digital Marketing Media & Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Packages For Small Business

When investment in marketing that includes eCommerce, influencer marketing, SEO, and PR became a bigger problem for brands, Digital PR world came up with packages that offer eCommerce packages for brands that come under the affordable range to cover all platforms in marketing. Their package includes SEO, PR, creatives, copies, and web-related work that would cover the overall marketing channels. This is therefore a single company that can cover 360 digital marketing for your business. With this plan, they could invest more in ads and product sales which is major for their survival in the world of business and also one of the major pillars of branding.

Their digital packages for small and local businesses start as low as Rs. 15000 and social media marketing packages cost Rs.28000. Whatever the size of the business, they have a package that will take the world of your business to places.

They can be reached at

7 Replies to “Digital PR World – One-stop Solution for digital marketing services for small businesses”

  1. Yes Digital PR world is a great digital company. I have also reviewed their website few months ago and loved all the services that they have offer for growing small businesses.


  2. Digital PR is making its mark by having all the features of the digital world to offer. The well research team has all solutions, good to know more about it through your post.


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