Dark chocolate benefits for women

Dark chocolate is the new kid in the health and fitness block. For people who crave sweets but also want to be fit, this superfood is sure to satisfy their cravings. Derived from the cocoa beans in the cocoa tree, dark chocolate now finds its place in most refrigerators in many homes.

Dark chocolate is sure to satisfy your dessert craving as it contains more than 70% of cocoa solids, and less fat, and sugar it also comes with a powerhouse of health benefits. Though the chocolate will help to kick in the taste buds, it will do its magic in moderation.

Health benefits of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Cocoa butter has oleic acid that helps in increasing good cholesterol. Dark chocolate is good for heart health because it makes the blood vessels flexible so that the arteries do not clog or get blocked and cause a stroke. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that help in improving blood flow to the brain and the eyes thereby improving vision. Moreover, they also help in fighting against free radicals because they have antioxidants.

Benefits for women

Dark chocolate also contains nutrients like potassium, selenium, and iron which help in many other ways. Selenium helps to regulate thyroid and boost immunity while potassium on the other hand is beneficial for helping with bone density which is very essential for females as we age. The flavonoids mentioned above which help in fighting against free radicals and UV radiation are also essential to fight against anemia. Dark chocolates when consumed release endorphins that trigger you to relax and are most needed at your stressful or tiring moments to give you the boost or the happy high. Dark chocolate aids in weight loss because of its low-fat content and low soluble fiber making it a good dietary snacking option. They also have zinc which helps in metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
Being someone who craves sweetness after each meal, the chocolates from Beetees melt. My love for dark chocolate was finally satisfied when I found their bars actually being true to their word of providing unique and delicious chocolates.

Their chocolates are made from all natural ingredients sourcing the freshest and finest ingredients that make these chocolates delectable. They are now one of the leading brands in making artisanal chocolates.
I tried their 72% dark, 48% milk and 54% coconut milk chocolates. The first thing that caught my eye was the absolutely beautiful packaging that the chocolates came in. Not to forget the artistic design on the boxes and wrappers that are sure to make heads turn. They were packed with extra care so that they do not melt in transit. I should definitely mention the choice of sugars being used in these chocolates that make them all the healthier like palm sugar and brown sugar. I had the one with palm sugar and I must say the chocolate did taste different than the previous brands of dark chocolates I have tried. It did make a difference in my chocolate tasting experience. I personally loved the coconut milk variant since I found the taste new and refreshing. Being fans of dark chocolate I must also say my kids enjoyed tasting the bars as well.

4 Replies to “Dark chocolate benefits for women”

  1. I have always been a big fan of dark chocolate. Surprisingly I was not present to its health benefits as well. No I shall pop that piece of dark chocolate in my mouth guiltless and more frequently.


  2. I have always been a fan of chocolate especially dark raisins chocolate. Loved the packaging of melt chocolate , will surely try the brand


  3. I’ve always loved dark chocolate. I have read about melt chocolates but never tried it, though I have tried Melt chocolate peanut butter and loved it. Hope to grab this chocolate whenever I am in an India


  4. I have learnt the benefits of dark chocolate and you can say I am in making to develop a taste for it. I have tried Bee Tee chocolates and I liked the taste of the milk and coconut ones.


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