Must have blouse designs in your wardrobe

Be it going to office, staying at home, running an errand, supermarket trips, cocktail parties or attending marriages the desi girl attire saree can never go wrong. Variety in materials, comfort, patterns and level of work give you much options to choose them for each occasion.

But it’s the blouse that makes the entire saree in an elevated look. Wearing a heavy work blouse for a simple saree can definitely make heads turn. Statement pieces are staples in your wardrobe and can literally match any saree. If you have a wardrobe malfunction with your sarees, the blouse can be your game changer.

In addition to to fabric, it’s the stitch and the style that does the talking. So always make your tailor a good friend because though you can pick up showstopper designs from Pinterest, you need a good tailor to implement it to reality.

Here are some must have blouse in your wardrobe.

The Maharani Blouse

Heavy work at the neck, can lift up the entire look of the blouse. Bonus point it saves your budget for jewellery. Having one of this in gold or black can elevate your saree wearing experience. Keep it half sleeved or full sleeved both works magical.


Crop top style

The next time you shop for crop tops, choose the ones which have dull tone or something that would match with any fancy saree like your ruby red and dark blues which are commonly known as jewel tones. Fancy sarees can be paired with these to make a styles statement.

image source : Shutterstock
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Low back or deep neck blouses

Flaunt your back with these lower back or deep neck blouses. They can be pretty simple or even have very heavy work being done. They can be paired for party wear or even wedding wear heavy kanjeevaram sarees. A saree tassle added makes it more interesting.

Image source: Pinterest

Fancy back detailing blouses

Blouse designs mostly are concentrated either on neckline, sleeve or the back. Back neck designing take a lot of creative thinking, you can either opt for cut outs, sheer with embroidery or go for a heavy stone work. They add more depth to your saree dressing game.

Image source: Pinterest
Image source:

Boat neck blouse

This has been on trend for long and will continue to be a head Turner. The sleeve can be half or full sleeved. A wardrobe staple so you better have one of these in yours.

Image source : flipkart

Short sleeve or cap sleeve

A simple blouse that has short sleeves is always your fairy Godmother for your sudden saree days. Can be worn for work or even party wear. Make sure you have these in standard shades.

Image source: Amazon

Halter neck blouses

Apt for party wear and for those flowy chiffons. All you need is halter neck pattern blouses in bold bright colours to make heads turn. Pastel shades work too.

Image source
Image source : snapdeal

Maggam work Blouses

Heavy maggam work blouses are must have. If they’re part of your wedding trousseau your sorted for life. The rich finish and look they add to kanjeevaram sarees cannot be described in words. Red, green and gold blouses with maggam work pair well with most sarees.

Image source: Pinterest
Image source: Amazon

So ladies, I’ve given you some wardrobe gyaan for the blouses if you still don’t have some of these make them part of your must buys next time you shop. But an important point to note here is that no matter what blouse you choose, make sure you have a supportive innerwear. Based on your choice they can either elevate the blouse or even lead to wardrobe malfunction. I will cover that in a separate post about how to choose the right innerwear.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.’

39 Replies to “Must have blouse designs in your wardrobe”

  1. I have been wanting to get a Boat Neck Blouse for the longest time ever, but it hasn’t happened yet. The Maharani Blouse pic you shared is one I am saving, it’s so gorgeous!


  2. I’m impressed by most of your recomendations and have learnt some new names too. I have a velvet fabric that may be moulded into a maharani blouse… the work is similar too. But it’s so difficult to find a good tailor.


  3. Woow so many designs of the blouses. Loved the detailed informative post on the blouses. Was looking for some ideas and this post appeared. Thanks for the post.


  4. I have seen Maharani blouses in movies but didn’t know its name. I would like to get one for myself in my India trip. They look grand. No need for any necklace. 🙂 Maggam Work is also very pretty.


  5. Really pretty designs. You are absolutely right. A great blouse can elevate the simplest sari. I will share this with my daughter. She will like these ideas.


  6. Wow all these blouse designs are looking fact, few of were completely new to me. fancy back detailing blouses are looking most pretty to me. would love to buy one for myself.


  7. Getting the right blouse stitched need a great tailor master. An ill-fitting blouse completely ruins the saree. Thank you for sharing these wonderful designs. I am surely going to ape the patterns.


  8. Amazing blouse designs. I love the Maharani style and the magam work for a traditional look but the crop style goes great for a modern look which you can wear for a office after party.


  9. True the blouse design elevates the overall appearance of the saree. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful designs. I’m sure I’ll imitate the patterns.


  10. This list comes just in time for shaadi season. I have to get a bunch stitched and this has helped me narrow down on some new ideas


  11. These are some really amazing blouse designs. So vibrantly colourful and beautiful. All of them look beautiful, but for me, the pick of the is the Maharani and the Maggam work ones.


  12. These are the wonderful collections of blouses. I like the boat neck blouse. Your post shows that you have worked a lot on trends. It really me to choose blouse design for my new saris.


  13. Wow I was not at all aware of so many variety of blouses. Generally I like wearing Deep neck blouses. Maharani blouses also look quite elegant.


  14. I love deep neck blouses. I last wore saree in March 2021 for a wedding and reception in family. I had a halter neck blouse too but it doesn’t fit me anymore. I got it in 2012. I was in 1st year then. I would love to have this maharani blouse. Just waiting for an occasion.


  15. Halter neck blouse…i was looking for something like this.This post is very useful for PPL like me ..who is in search of new pattern blouses.


  16. Thanks for the blouse trending design compilation post. I quite like blouses with the deep neck at the back as it is evergreen design and works well with most sarees. Also, the crop top and boat neck blouses are my favourite.


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