Must have winter wardrobe staples

While every season comes and goes it is also necessary, we choose what to wear that would suit the climatic conditions. With temperatures dropping it is high time that we ladies up the dressing game with winter fashion trends. The mornings are getting colder that we could barely get out of bed, and the constant worry of what to wear.

This comes up as a challenge to many but an opportunity for many to dress up and flaunt the best winter fashion pieces from their wardrobe. Maintaining a sense of chic and style while bundling up with layers is something that makes dressing up a lot of fun.

I look forward to dressing up each day and plan my outfits the day before. This season is a great opportunity to have fun with the winter staples in our wardrobe. Whether it is adding layers, fabrics or textures dressing up in winter clothes is something that every fashionista looks forward to.
But on a sustainable note look for what you already have. Does it need an upgrade or can be used.

Knit sweater

They’re the centre of winter fashion and center of layering. Different cuts and colours you can never stop with just one. They keep you warm and cozy and a great piece for layering your outfits. They literally can be paired with anything like skirts, trousers and pants so go get them.

How can you style?

Wear it over a skirt.
If your dress is too tight or is too thin for wearing, layer it with a sweater.
Wear it over an oversized t-shirt.


Scarf is a winter fashion essential and when it comes to scarf go for bigger ones. The bigger the better. It is chic and is effortless to be worn on top of any outfit. Over the shoulders or as a wrap they can make any look bag a lot of eyeballs going up. Experiment with vibrant colours, patterns and textures.
They can even brighten up a boring look, keep your neck warm or even be a good layer of clothing.
How to style?
Cashmere scarf known for intricate works goes with vibrant shades. So choose one that is in neutral shade.

The longer the scarf the better the layering.

The first buy when it comes to winter wear shopping should or must be a coat. The outer wear of your attire should make a style statement. Whatever trends may come and go the classic coat is still in the winter fashion game. Heavy puffers, long or oversized ones make sure you choose the one that suits your personal style. Not confident of wearing an outfit, the coat can save your day and also keep you warm.

How to style?
Choose a classic neutral and a bold one.
Go for looser fits so that its easy to layer up.
Modern silhouettes definitely make you stand out of the crowd.


When the temperature doesn’t require puffers go for a well fitted blazer. Can be over the tshirt/blouse or even beneath your coat. Blazer adds to sophisticated looks. It can make the transition from work wear to casuals seemingly effortless.

How to style?
Pairing it with jean gives a dress feel.

Printed blazers over blouse gives a funky look.

Choose right fabric, colour and fit. A perfect fit is definitely worthy.

Plaid trousers

If you are someone who makes a style statement, then the plaid trousers is a must have in your winter wardrobe. Versatile in its pairing as it can be worn with Pump and crisp button down so as to a sweatshirt and a sneaker. It makes a great work wear outfit.

How to style?
Play mix and match with the plaid patterns.
GO for loud designs and neutral pairing.

Turtle necks

A light weight turtleneck is the base for your layering game. It serves it purpose as a heat provider and also a style statement. Be it a sleeveless dress or a sweater over it, the turtleneck can also be paired with a high waist jean. This will help to keep you warm around the neck and still be the fashionista.

How to style?
Stock up basic colours
Style it under a shift dress for keeping warm.

There are lots and lots of choices out there for you to shop this winter. But be mindful and choose to shop only ones that you would put to use in the long run. Looking fashionable and staying warm definitely sounds easy. But whatever it is choose appropriately according to your style statement.

20 Replies to “Must have winter wardrobe staples”

  1. Such a perfect post for winter season and you have shared great winter style essential is this post. I liked turtle neck sweaters a lot and had few of these in my winter wardrobe collection.


  2. Except plaid trousers, I have rest of these in my wardrobe and I don’t leave any occasion to wear them. Turtle neck and knitted shirts are my all time favorite.


  3. Sigh, as a Mumbaikar I’m wont to experience winters from afar. Your list covers almost every piece of winterwear one may need. Loved those plaid trousers.


  4. That is a crazy list of fashionable winter clothing. I love the turtle necks and blazers and they are the first things that come out when there is a chill in the air.


  5. Love all these options for winter wear. Perfect for being stylish and classy during winters. I love knitted tops and I have so many of them. I also love those plaid trousers, mine is worn out and I think I need to get some more of those.


  6. This is such a mind-blowing list. Winter is the best time and my favourite season too. We become more fashionable in wintertime. I love to wear blazer in winter


  7. Yes! you have mentioned it all right. These are the basic essentials that one must have in their wardrobe. It can be paired up with anything.


  8. I like winters but not too cold. Winters in Delhi can be too chilly sometimes and that’s why I rely mostly on knitted sweaters, fleece layers, jackets and turtle necks are my favourites. Thanks for sharing styling ideas.


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