Lessons from the subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Most often you can compare the relationship with books to the relationship you have with people. Two parts of the relationship one of which is you and the other is outside you that is either the book or the people. The timing when you read is also important in the relationship with the book. It helps you understand what problems you are looking to solve, what is the perspective gained and what you yearn from the validation.

Mark Manson’s bright orange book and one of the best sellers ‘The subtle art of not giving a fu*k’ can never be missed from sight. Your neighbour or a co-traveller or a colleague at work are sure to have seen reading this book.

The title of the book sure did make a lot of heads turn and eyeballs rolling. I can confidently say that this is one of the best influential books till date and almost everyone who would have read the book will agree with me in unison.

The outcome of reading the book will help in making you understand a bit more about the way you process things and your priorities. It helps in confidently letting you draw a line between what is actually important and what is not.

People misplace values a lot more often and give importance to things that don’t hold much value and what happens is that they miss out on things that really matters to them. They live a life that is not very fulfilling.Have you realized this at any point of time in your life? Or if you feel you are doing this, you should definitely be picking this book up.

Not having the “best” is the secret to fulfilling life

People are made to believe that they live life king size or lead a good life when they have the nest in everything. This is the main reason or the factor that misleads people to run behind material happiness. The best job, the best property, find the right match as spouse, car and what not. Running behind these people fail to enjoy little things and don’t lead a fulfilling life.
These are superficial and make you believe that you’re leading a great life, but they can get you depressed during your journey of want.

Pick your battles wisely. Invest your energy where it matters.

“Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a fck about what’s truly fck-worthy.”

You need to invest your time and energy on things which really matter to you. Those which bring you real happiness and play a part in you leading a meaningful life. You cannot go behind everything you see. When you learn to distinguish what really matters to you that is when you become matured.

Failure is a part of life. Failure is how you learn and grow.

“If you take an example of a toddler trying to learn to walk, he/she will fall down and hurt themself hundreds of times. But you should also realise that the kid at no one point will have a thought of agreeing to the fact that this isn’t my cup of it, since I’m not good at it.

You can’t ever really “find yourself” because who you are willing constantly change, and that’s a good thing.

Remaining humble in giving out opinions or judgements and willingness to accept the differences in people is being made to force upon you when you really don’t know who you are, Let it be that way. Let each day be a learning to discovering new things about you. This is make you strive to find more about you.

Suffering is essential to growth

“We suffer for the simple reason that suffering is biologically useful. It is nature’s preferred agent for inspiring change”.

Mark says that suffering is inevitable and knowing that it plays a major role in growth is actually better. Discomfort, suffering and pain will eventually lead you to grow.

Only when there is pain you will seek a change that will lead to growth.

Pain will inspire change because it brings discomfort, and when you feel uncomfortable, you’ll seek comfort, so, ultimately, you are seeking change.

Next time when you feel painful, don’t see it as a hindrance and stay away from it. Feel it, accept it and understand there is a reason that is valid for you to experience it. The more you get used to, the more comfortable and happy you will be for its presence.

Stop searching for happiness and understand that it is already there

People are always on the quest for happiness. It is right there sitting in front of you and can be seen through your eyes, instead we look all around for it failing to realize its existence.

Embrace happiness that is present and start enjoying life leaving the quest to search for something that is not visible to you.

You are individually responsible for all your life events, be it whatever circumstances.

You don’t always have the control on what happens to you, but you do have on how to interpret and how to react or respond. It doesn’t matter if you life it or no you play a major role in what happens within you and to you.

Accepting responsibility for your own problems will be first step to solve them.

You exercise more power in life when you take up more responsibility or accept. The choices you make in the present results in responsibilities. Real learning and improvement in life happens only when we take take up being responsible for our problems.

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13 Replies to “Lessons from the subtle art of not giving a f*ck”

  1. I read this book a while ago and I absolutely loved it. I think it was the book that I highlighted the most on my Kindle! This is a great summary of the lessons to be learnt from Mark Ronson’s work


  2. I haven’t read this book but now want to read it. All the lessons that you have mentioned in this post are very practical and perfectly suitable for current scenario.


  3. I am loving your recent posts about unique books and the life lessons from them. I agree that many people feel that getting materialistic pleasure is most important in life and they always run behind a long list that never get completed. the concept of this book sounds promising to me. will surly try to read it.


  4. Honestly, this books review has touched me on various points, especially the quotes you highlighted here. I absolutely believe in Live and Let Live also failure is the stepping stone of great learning. Definitely going to read this book.


  5. A must read, specially these days. We learn a lot from our mistakes and, not everyone is perfect..what we can do is just aim for perfection.


  6. I am not a fan of selfhelp and motivational books and so I had passed this book despite it being a bestseller. I have had a vague idea about this book frm my friends who had read it and discussed with me.


  7. I am currently on this book and must say you have captured great learnings from this book written by a blogger himself. Not only the title but certainly the learnings too are great,


  8. This one seems like a wonderful and unique book. I haven’t read this one and this kind of genre also much but would love to explore more about it. The quotes from the book are also so intriguing.


  9. I haven’t read this book but heard mixed reviews about it. It does seem like a good and insightful read to accept ourselves and our life the way they are.


  10. The book certainly carries some lovely learnings. My takeaway-to invest your time and energy on things that really matter to you.


  11. I have heard about this book from my friend but didn’t get the chance to read it as currently I am reading am another book. But now this will be on my top list of reading. Thanks for sharing a review of this book


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