Introspecting Excess baggage- a book by Richa S. mukherjee

A book that is going to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and also will make you run out of tears. Just kidding, I meant in the sense that it’s a laughter riot out there so get yourselves ready .

Mother-daughter duos are always fun and the relationship between them is truly incomparable. They could be friends, sisters, enemies and what not. But definitely one of the deadliest combination.

The title ‘excess baggage’ definitely rings a bell in your mind and the cover resonating your thought with two ladies running with their luggages. All you could relate is only the physical luggage which they carry that is evident from the cover. What we do come to know once after reading the book is the emotional baggage that each of them carry along.

Anviksha, the protagonist is a 30 year old who is signing off her second divorce. She is a person who had strong-headed attitude which lands her into trouble at workplace as well.

Her mother Smitha, on the other hand is an easy go typical mother you see all around. She is overbearing which is kind of suffocating for Anviksha to take it. Anviksha who is currently navigating in her own conundrum of relationship, things also not looking good at workplace she decided to go on a solo trip to clear her mind of.

But what she was unlikely to expect was her mother piggybacking go join her on the trip. It is this place where the book picks up pace where Anviksha’s dreamily planned solo trip gets shattered and she sets out to continue her journey taking her mother and their excess baggage along.

The two bizarre personalities who go on a tour, finally sort out their differences amidst a lot of interesting experiences. This is where I felt this could have been done at home and why go on a trip.

The author also brings about and touches social issue with ease which brought out a good feel. A soul searching experience becomes a life changing one for Anviksha and her mom.

I really liked the way how the author handled humour in the script. It truly makes you laugh your lungs out.

” I wasn’t diagnosed with bubonic plague, it’s just a divorce”, this actually shows how the author handles divorce and that is something commendable instead of making it a social Taboo.

It was as a fast-paced vocabulary course for me but at some places I felt it was out of force. The writing style and narration is subtle but powerful. The author takes your on a virtual trip to London with her picturesque description.

Though the novel screams humour majorly I’d also like to point that there are a lot of hidden life lessons to be taken.

Overall it’s a light hearted plot with no clichéd dialogue in the relationship and the adventures they set out to explore.

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21 Replies to “Introspecting Excess baggage- a book by Richa S. mukherjee”

  1. Interesting title..Extra Baggage could be physical and emotional. Your review is definitely different. You haven’t mentioned the pros and cons or given a rating but the book seems to be a winner. Thank you for such a different review. Will surely try to grab the book.


  2. I have been reading only positive reviews of this fun book. Richa is such a gifted writer that I have no doubt it is going to be one entertaining read. Your review has just pushed me to get my copy.


  3. The title is really apt according to the gist you mentioned here. I could imagine this mother daughter duo chatting, laughing and having fun. Seems like an amazing read.


  4. I was looking for some light, fun read, finding this book perfect for my next read. I love this mom and daughter cute nok jhok and fun journey. I will surely check this out.


  5. My daughter recently read this book and is on my case to read it. I liked the way you reviewed the book. Giving just a teaser of what the book is about.


  6. What an interesting book. As u grow up managing relations with parents is one of the toughest tasks and if the author has managed to bridge the generation gap over thetrip, then Nothing’s like it. Loved the review


  7. Definitely going to read this book. So many reviews of this book written by different bloggers. The storyline also seems interesting.


  8. Now this book really sounds interesting. I shall definitely give it a read. I am finding it too relatable too


  9. I am ordering this book right now. This is the second review that I have read today and it is only increasing my curiosity abotu the book. Would definately love to read about this story and the relationship between the mother and the daughter.


  10. This seems like an interesting book based on mother daughter relationship .We always have difference of opinion as we grow and managing relations with parents is one of the toughest tasks .


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