Review of Flyaway boy and Shrilok homeless

Flyaway boy :

We live in a society where our kids should either have or follow a passion that has already been established or determined successful. If I would have to explicitly say, a passion that also makes you earn your bread. Anything out from this list is termed different and is not really considered.
Every kid is born with a different talent. We shouldn’t be pooling them into the categories which I said above. If your kid is doing something different, is making him/her happy encourage them and not just try to change their track.
Kabir, here in flyaway boy is a kid of one such kind. He is different in the place he lives and also in the school he studies. He does not fit into any of the categories just like I said above. He is not like his friends and has a different way of thinking. When the entire world is busy with the rat race, he has his own way of doing things. So what’s the result? Kids like him are not accepted in society. Leave the society when having him in the family with parents support is a big question mark.
Realising him being ignored and not having any support, he vanishes. Finding him will now make them understand who he actually is? But is it too late? Did they find him out is the rest of the story.
The book is a short read and can be completed in one shot. The book is a must read by all parents and to kids when they come to a level where they could understand that kids like Kabir need to be accepted, understood and be given support from family and friends.

Shrilok homeless:

A must read for all budding detectives. This the second part in this series. For someone who loved Sherlock Holmes and detective themes stories this book is a sure win win.
The book is comprised of several short stories where Shrilok and his friends solve mysteries.
This was something like an exam paper racket to levels like dealing with terrorist .
It’s a fast paced book but a very quick read. The cases that are dealt make you intrigued and complete it at one go.
For kids who are into detective fiction this book is a great.
The narration is simple and brief . It has hinglish narration a mix of Hindi and English which would make it engaging for Indian readers.

18 Replies to “Review of Flyaway boy and Shrilok homeless”

  1. looking like great book for kids, thanks for sharing review, will surley check it out for my kids. #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa


  2. I read out the revies to my daughter and she seemed interested and curious. Shall have to check it out soon. Thanks for a lovely review.
    #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads


  3. Both Flyaway Boy and Sherlik Holmes seem to have very interesting themes. Off these the Flyaway boy seems to be very unique. And I do love detective stories being a thriller writer myself. Your reviews gave a very good insight into the books. Both books are in my TBR list.


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