Teddyy Diaper changing mats


A lot of us mothers worry about hygiene when we have to change diapers for babies while going out. Today, quite a few nurseries and diaper-changing stations have been set up in common places like airports and malls to give moms a dedicated space for doing that. Even then, for a lot of moms, hygiene still remains a primary concern.
A lot of questions crop up in our mind.
“Will it be clean?” , “Will the place be hygienic?” , “Do they sterilize the area?”, “Was the area cleaned that morning?” or “Is it sanitized?”
These questions can often rob mothers of their peace of mind, and that is where a diaper changing mat comes into the picture.
What is a diaper changing mat?
It is essentially a waterproof, reusable mat (up to one or two times) that can be used like any other mat on changing stations to place the baby on for a diaper change. It is compact as it can be rolled up to be small and kept inside a diaper bag.
So practically this is an apt baby shower gift or a must-have in the gift registry for a newborn.
TEDDYY Changing Mat is a boon to all moms who have to change diapers in public spaces or while traveling. This soft, spongy mat that comes in packs of 10s and multiples, makes for a great addition in every new mom’s diaper bag. Now let me tell you why.

TEDDYY diaper change mats come in packs of 10, 30, 60 and 120.

This mat is loaded with features which make it an asset for every mother, especially while traveling when changing diaper becomes a hassle. This could the ideal diaper change mat for you and your baby, as it is compact and easy to carry when you plan outings for a picnic or even long trips.
It is highly absorbent so that even if there are leaks and spills you needn’t worry about your baby getting wet. It has gel technology, which converts the liquid into gel locking it in, making absorption super quick. The mat is perfectly designed with a crisscross pattern to avoid leakages and spills, and it also has a waterproof backsheet, which prevents backsplashes and staining. The top layer is antibacterial, so even if there is a spillage or an unexpected liquid spill, you needn’t worry about bacterial infection. A great, all-in-one solution for your diaper change problems.


Not only can it be used as a diaper changing mat, but it also has several other uses. You can use this as a play mat for newborn, or as an extra protective layer for the mattress. If you are a mom who likes to give her baby a good oil massage daily before the bath, this is the right mat for you as it doesn’t let the oil seep on the floor. Also, a great option for tummy time games or reading.
You can also place the mat on the car seat for the baby to lie down. It can also be used as an extra layer of cushioning on the crib as well as in the pram. If you’re taking your baby to a dinner or a party and are worried that you might get your dress wet, then you can use Teddyy to carry the baby in so that your dress remains intact.


Priced at Rs 245 for 10 mats, the pricing is decent. Since each mat can be used a couple of times, this seems to be a pretty good buy for your baby.


We know that prolonged duration of wearing diapers is not advisable. It is good to give your baby some amount of diaper-free time of about 30 to 60 minutes daily. A more effective way would be to leave them diaper-free in between diaper changes. But what makes us worry during diaper-free time is the fear of getting the floor or the sofa or bed wet. No worries when you have these diaper change mats from Teddyy, diaper-free time is always dry, soft and comfortable.
So, if you are looking for an economical, baby-friendly, easy to carry, hassle-free, hygienic, antibacterial, travel companion solution in the form of a diaper changing mat then TEDDYY mats are the best you can opt for. They also make for a wonderful gifting option for a new mom or even for a baby shower.

3 Replies to “Teddyy Diaper changing mats”

  1. Looks like it makes a perfect and very thoughtful gifting item for the new mommies. Never knew about this product before.


  2. My kids have outgrown the stage but I have used changing mats all the time. It is a must have item in diaper bags and without any doubt is a great gift for new mommies.


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