I’m proud of what held me down

The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up.

– Timothy Mouse (Dumbo)

How many times are we being questioned or ridiculed for the choices we make. Many a times people are often pushed into stress to make a choice. People tend to lose their individuality or their voice in making (their) choices to be accepted in the society.

This starts right from the moment the child is born. No no nowadays it even starts with the process of birthing.

People don’t even wait for the natural birthing process then begin and are forced for a c section. If you are stubborn that would still wait for normal delivery you are accused of putting the life of an unborn child into danger. Being four hours into labor and with a strong grit that I’m not going for a c section labeled me a stubborn mom for quite sometime. But the moment I delivered normally after about an extra waiting time of an hour made me happy. I did not care about what people or staff talked about me for the little while I was stubborn, but the end result was worth it.

Next came in the breastfeeding phase. Every mother is unique and knows how to take care of her newborn child. The moment you deliver you have advices pouring in from all corners. People who wouldn’t have even inquired during your pregnancy have all the right to advice you during breastfeeding. Every mother is not blessed with much needed supply.

Some could give what is needed for their child, some could pump more that what is required and are kind enough for them to even donate. Some moms could not but stood strong and continued formula feed. I was initially not happy with my supply. There we go, so many advices, suggestions and what not. I was completely let down. Comments of your child is not getting enough, she needs more kept coming in. Then came my health into picture. I was determined to prove people wrong and most importantly to give my baby what she needed. I read blogs and articles to know what needs to be done to increase supply. Know what, the supply depends only majorly upon your thinking and health has a much lesser role. That was a Eureka moment for me. I started concentrating on my thinking that I can do it. I can supply what my baby needs. I started taking foods that increase supply, I believed in me. That made a change and I was able to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months. That was a major milestone for her and me. I felt overwhelmed and could see my baby doing better. Also knew that nobody in age circle in my family did that and yes it was a proud moment.

These are some instances where I realised the things that let me down, are the ones that held me up.

This blog is a part of the #WeeklyBlogHop hosted by Alpana and Neha. I would like to thank Pragnya for introducing me to this blog hop and would further like to introduce Aditi to share her take on the prompt.

18 Replies to “I’m proud of what held me down”

  1. We all go through such moments when we have to prove ourselves.but the real of such moments is even if they seems to be tough , unbearable at that moment but they make us stronger than what we think we are. Kudos to you for not giving up!!


  2. Sharing the pregnancy odds with victory moments gave me goosebumps 🙂 I’m yet to experience all of this but you truly gave me courage today and I really mean this dear 🙂
    #WeeklyBloghop #bloghop #GWNxMG


  3. I can feel you Sindhu, I have gone through the same phase. But you are right, the very things that let us down, help us up too. Lovely take on the prompt!


  4. I can so feel you here Sindhu. There are times when being a mom is like an answer to everything be it related to your child, your choices ir anything related. thats such a great take on this prompt. Loved it.


  5. Though it is a mother’s choice whether she would like a normal delivery or a C-section and breast feed her baby or give ready made food, I think science of medicine has shown that natural birth and breast feeding have many positive points. Apart from the fact that surgical delivery is more expensive, it can endanger life of mother god forbid if she gets an infection in the hospital and repeated surgical process, if a woman wants several babies through surgery, can have its consequences. Breast milk contains nutrion that improves baby’s immunity and strengthens bond between a mother and her child. As much as it is a decision of a woman to decide to go for surgery, it is equally her decision to go for a normal deliver.


  6. You have beautifully articulated your motherhood journey and I’m sure all mothers can relate to parts of it. I always feel parenting is easiest to comment on but hardest to do. You have shown strength and confidence through your post that can inspire many mothers. Keep going!


  7. Kuch toh log kahenge….logon ka kaam hai kehna….
    This sentence pretty much summarizes what the society stands for. I am so glad to read that you rose above it all. Keep writing such interesting posts. #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter


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