A day for moms to paint, we’re not saints

We were eagerly waiting for July 6th. No we were waiting to take rest and sit back. It was our much awaited paint party as part of Chennaimomtribe’s third meet up at Klay prep school, Annanagar.

Being a toddler mom, I had so many expectations. I was eager to paint, but was also happy that I could do a site visit of the much talked about playschool. Located at 15th Main Road Annanagar. The building looks bright and appealing.

Every visitor making an entry into a book at the entrance showed the safety measures taken up by the school. On entering you could see a cute shoe rack with neatly stacked toddler shoes.

I had to leave my daughter at the senior toddler room and then move to the place where we had paint party. And yes the room was rightly named walkers (above 3 yrs).

Pragati teaching us

We had Pragati Gunasekar, an artist or heartist as she says guide us to paint. She brought in a master piece of hers, which we had to recreate. A dark night, with an orange full moon and trees in silhouette.

As a preliminary start we did swatches, color mixing to get new colors from primary colors. After about two and a half hours we completed our very own masterpiece. We helped each other, borrowed colors and in the end, it was truly an original accomplishment by each mom. Some of us had our toddlers with us throughout the entire painting session and yes that deserves a pat on the back.

Either you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, you need to find your tribe, meet them, pour out all you have and most importantly have a lot of fun. I have found mine and if you would want to be a part of it, don’t hesitate to drop in a DM to Chennaimomtribe on Instagram. We would be happy to be have you on board.

And now about the small tour that Supritha gave me around the playschool. The school has been planned to have a joyful, bright and aesthetically appealing design, with safety measure being done as and where needed.

I was shown the infants room, a subtle calming lighting with an alphabet playmat on the floor. I loved the cradles that were placed for the infants to nap.

I was then shown the junior and senior toddler rooms. Each room has been planned after a clear thought process of what a child of the age would need to keep them engaged.

I loved the depiction of voice levels in a chart on the wall.

A guide on how to wash your hands in the restroom was another notable feature.

There was a wide variety of books arranged on the shelf near the playarea at the reception.

There were miniature ovens, stoves and appliances with a cute little table-chair set up. With all these in place no kid would say no to attending preschool.

Their outdoor play area looked refreshing with lush green grassing and a slide, which the kids enjoyed. Which especially my daughter kept repeating even after going home. For someone who said no to school, I am happy that having taken her along with me to paint party, she has finally agreed and yes it’s a major win for me. All thanks to Klay and the management for having set up a good environment for kids to enjoy and learn at the same time.

And to wind of the paint party we took group snaps and yes we had goodie bags to take home too. It contained discount coupons from superbottoms, sochgreen and yummy snacks and a millet dosa mix from slurpfarm.

So as a takeaway for a mom, I’d invite you to join our tribe. Click here to visit us.

And for your kid, if you are looking to send them to a second home, I’m sure you should definitely have Klay on your list.

Klay prep schools:

H-1982, H Block, 15th main road, Anna nagar, Chennai – 600040 near Café Coffee day

Mobile: 7676708888

Website: https://www.klayschools.com/

44 Replies to “A day for moms to paint, we’re not saints”

  1. It was indeed one of the wonderful mom tribe meet, where in our kids wre also taken care of😋 n how v enjoyed painting crazily…☺


  2. This is something very important. It’s
    necessary to look into every details and facilities provided for kids.. I’m sure from your blog Klay is one of the kind that provides all such comfort to kids


  3. Wow, loved reading your experience of a day visit at Klay school. I wish I was in Chennai so that I could be a part of moms tribe group too. Enjoyed reading every bit of your post.


  4. Yes Mamma has the right to paint the world with its colors. This post has featured pointers for a school any parent has wished for. I like the voice levels chart, that says a lot.


  5. I loved this place for it’s vibrancy and the fact that it’s maintained so nicely. Am sure all you moms had a great time over some paints and conversations.


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