Must try soups/ snacks during monsoon in Chennai

Monsoon comes with various surprises The best part is the piping hot soups that you get to enjoy looking at the rain. It is a match made in heaven. Looking at the cold rain and gulping some piping hot soup is all together a different feeling. Being a chennaite, let me list down the must have soups and snacks around the city. Especially during rains, one must definitely try them out. So once you land in Chennai during monsoon, either on a personal or official trip or if you’re here for the famous music festival or marghazhi kutchery in Chennai these are must try before you take leave.

Wisconsin Cheese soup and Tomato basil soup:

Melt in the mouth cheddar mixed in farm fresh veggies makes the Wisconsin cheese soup.

A tangy tomato soup with tingling flavor of basil makes the tomato basil another must try.

Where: Haven’s sampoorna, Velachery and Besant Nagar.

Tom yum soup and Tofu Satay

You must be wondering why did I mention tofu Satay. Every soup has its perfect companion and yes the tofu satay is for the tom yum. Tom yum is the classic thai sour soup flavored with lemon grass and chillies.

Where : Benjarong, Alwarpet.

Lemon coriander soup

Addictive thick soup with freshly garnished coriander and a generous squeeze of lime makes this soup a big hit.

Where: Mainland China

Broccoli soup and Lasagna

The cream of broccoli soup(subject to the day’s special) and the lasagna is a match made in heaven,

Where: That madras Place, Adyar

Minestrone and Mozarella ricotta fingers

A flavourful minestrone soup made from tomato flavored vegetable stock with generously used parmesan and beans complimented with flavoursome crumbled ricotta and mozzarella deep fried fingers is the next competitive match.

Where: The pasta bar Veneto, Vadapalani.

Sundal and vada

This is a classic combo of chickpea masala with pieces of gram flour patties dunked in it. Garnished with generous sprinkle of raw onion and coriander.

Where: any roadside shop


Deep fried mushroom soaked in masala broth. The combo of the crisp mushroom in the equally mouthwatering spicy gravy makes this the most soughed rainy day meal.

Where: Any roadside shop

Bhajjis and pakodas:

Who doesn’t enjoy rain with piping hot bhajjis and ginger teas. That sizzling sound of bhajjis being dropped into the hot oil wok will make anyone stop and have a bite. Equally complimented with ginger tea this evergreen combo is selling as hot cakes when it starts getting cloudy.

These are what you get to eat out. But at home the piping hot

bhisi bhela bath & potato fry

Garlic pepper rasam and potato chips

Poori and potato

Pongal and gotsu.

These are some of the common food items we love at home. Doesn’t matter even you aren’t in Chennai, do browse above recipes and relish them.Enjoying these delicacies looking at the rain from your window is really great. So just sit back and enjoy your meal. Happy monsoon.

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A day for moms to paint, we’re not saints

We were eagerly waiting for July 6th. No we were waiting to take rest and sit back. It was our much awaited paint party as part of Chennaimomtribe’s third meet up at Klay prep school, Annanagar.

Being a toddler mom, I had so many expectations. I was eager to paint, but was also happy that I could do a site visit of the much talked about playschool. Located at 15th Main Road Annanagar. The building looks bright and appealing.

Every visitor making an entry into a book at the entrance showed the safety measures taken up by the school. On entering you could see a cute shoe rack with neatly stacked toddler shoes.

I had to leave my daughter at the senior toddler room and then move to the place where we had paint party. And yes the room was rightly named walkers (above 3 yrs).

Pragati teaching us

We had Pragati Gunasekar, an artist or heartist as she says guide us to paint. She brought in a master piece of hers, which we had to recreate. A dark night, with an orange full moon and trees in silhouette.

As a preliminary start we did swatches, color mixing to get new colors from primary colors. After about two and a half hours we completed our very own masterpiece. We helped each other, borrowed colors and in the end, it was truly an original accomplishment by each mom. Some of us had our toddlers with us throughout the entire painting session and yes that deserves a pat on the back.

Either you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, you need to find your tribe, meet them, pour out all you have and most importantly have a lot of fun. I have found mine and if you would want to be a part of it, don’t hesitate to drop in a DM to Chennaimomtribe on Instagram. We would be happy to be have you on board.

And now about the small tour that Supritha gave me around the playschool. The school has been planned to have a joyful, bright and aesthetically appealing design, with safety measure being done as and where needed.

I was shown the infants room, a subtle calming lighting with an alphabet playmat on the floor. I loved the cradles that were placed for the infants to nap.

I was then shown the junior and senior toddler rooms. Each room has been planned after a clear thought process of what a child of the age would need to keep them engaged.

I loved the depiction of voice levels in a chart on the wall.

A guide on how to wash your hands in the restroom was another notable feature.

There was a wide variety of books arranged on the shelf near the playarea at the reception.

There were miniature ovens, stoves and appliances with a cute little table-chair set up. With all these in place no kid would say no to attending preschool.

Their outdoor play area looked refreshing with lush green grassing and a slide, which the kids enjoyed. Which especially my daughter kept repeating even after going home. For someone who said no to school, I am happy that having taken her along with me to paint party, she has finally agreed and yes it’s a major win for me. All thanks to Klay and the management for having set up a good environment for kids to enjoy and learn at the same time.

And to wind of the paint party we took group snaps and yes we had goodie bags to take home too. It contained discount coupons from superbottoms, sochgreen and yummy snacks and a millet dosa mix from slurpfarm.

So as a takeaway for a mom, I’d invite you to join our tribe. Click here to visit us.

And for your kid, if you are looking to send them to a second home, I’m sure you should definitely have Klay on your list.

Klay prep schools:

H-1982, H Block, 15th main road, Anna nagar, Chennai – 600040 near Café Coffee day

Mobile: 7676708888


Review of how to win the world cup in pyjamas

This Father’s Day, celebrate the special bond between fathers and their child in this new children’s book that empowers kids with mental toughness!
The bestselling picture book–from the creators of the Grow Grit series–about how to achieve success using visualization and other mental toughness techniques. Written in a fun, how-to style, Emma gives 5 essential tools for winning the World Cup, including how to build grit (writing down goals, keep practicing, and reaching within to find your inner strength when times get rough), how to use visualization (tap into your 5 senses by smelling the turf, dribbling the ball, and focusing on performance and not the outcome), and how to use mantras and positive body language (taking deep breaths and staying confident and upbeat).
Filled with energy, warmth, and sprinkled with humor, this is a great gift for a father or grandparent, and perfect for lap reading and discussions!


A cute little story on how little girl Emma wins the world cup in her pyjamas is what we see in this book.

Emma is confident of what she does and she says she has won the world cup many times. SO what are the tips she has for the readers to make them win.

She gives us the 5 tools to win world cup in pyjamas.

Working on developing grit – Initially we need determination to win. Does it come all of a sudden. No, this starts way more earlier. Writing down goals and working towards them with great motivation is what you need to do. When you notice that it is getting tough, reach it from within. SO what you need to do is practice with motivation.

Perform usual rituals– Do you regular activities on the day of world cup. This gives you a sense of calmness, keeping your mind relaxed and confident.

Visualize the field from an open space– Feel the ground, dribble ball and make it listen to you. Ignore the mistakes and stay focused on your goals.

Use Mantras to keep you focused – Something like work hard, you can do it, It’s just right here. Relax and take a deep breath, think of next moves and strategy to get it executed.

Make sure to keep up positive body language – Having a good posture, being up and down on your toes, staying confident is more like it. Fire the ball past opponent, let it fly and you can hear the crowd cheer up. Enjoy the taste of victory and thank people who helped you win.

This book is a confidence booster not only for kids, but also adults. These 5 mantras listed can not only be used for world cup but any goal in life. I just loved how the author conveyed the winning strategies from the words of a little girl. I am very sure kids and adults reading the books would greatly be benefitted.

These important life skills are much easier to learn because of the lovely illustrations which makes it easier for kids to understand. You cannot teach life skills much simpler and an enjoyable way than this. This is a great book to be gifted to any kid you know. I’m sure it’s going to earn you a lot of appreciation for getting this.

The narration is simple and brief. Illustrations support the narration in a great way.

I loved the after read activities shared in the book as well.


  • Publication date: 11 Jun 2019
  • Publisher: Grow Grit Press
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07T2676HD


Title :4/5


Cover :4.5/5

Writing and presentation:4.5/5

Overall :4.5/5

Kobe Nhin is inspired to write to help others overcome any negative self beliefs that may hinder their growth as it did his. He has learned to develop a storm-chasing mindset, always looking for obstacles to overcome. Kobe lives in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Mary Nhin loves being the guinea pig for all her husband’s kitchen creations. She is a mom of 3 boys, life coach, and author. For 20 years, she has been enriching people’s lives successfully through her companies, Nhinja, Lean CEO, and Grow Grit. She has been awarded the Forty under 40 and Inc 5000.

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