Review of The new dewtas


Neer, the head priest of the Himalayas, is troubled by the horrifying visions in his dream. On Ganga Maiyya’s behest, he embarks on a journey to the doomed island of Bali. The island, plagued with cyclic torments of Sekala and Neskala and suffering from constant rainfall, faces an imminent danger of drowning in sea. However, Neer’s power was no match for the strong evil forces that kidnapped the king and the queen, activating the volcano of Mt Agung. With the neighboring king of Java on his toes to attack and conquer the struggling island of Bali, will the gritty prince Erlangga, assisted by Neer, be able to save his kingdom? Read to find out how people turn towards the new dewtas introduced by Neer as the end becomes evident and how Eka-dasa-Rudra helps in arousing the most furious energy of this world, Rudra.


The plot begins with Neer, the head priest of the Himalayas being troubled by horrifying visions about the island of Bali in his dreams. Erlangga, the prince of Bali is trying to save his land and his life at the same time from his maternal uncle, Gajah Meda. Kebo Chiwa, the army chief of Bali also accompanies his prince.

Kebo Chiwa tells, Neer about how the queen of Bali under the influence of their Priest Empu Rahuraan has converted into the wicked witch, Rangda. Her evil forces and glimpses of destruction are the visions that Neer gets in his dreams. On a directive from Ganga Maiyya Neer sets out on a journey to save the island of Bali.

During the course of his journey on the ship, the captain who’s already a friend of Neer introduces him to Erlangga and narrates the evil happenings in Bali. Neer then discloses the visions and about his mission. Neer has a magic stone that keeps him in his well-being and on orders from the captain that the precious thing might get lost, he secures it in a safe place. But the absence of the stone and the touch of it on his body takes a toll on his health and due to which he is forced to keep the stone with him as always; against the orders of the captain.

As they set out on the journey, they face horrific storms, during which the captain makes a decision to have the prince, Neer and the army chief transferred to a ferry boat, since the ship is out of control and is on course into a horrific storm. Together, the three of them get going on the boat, the captain also gives them his lucky coin as a token of love and for the wellbeing of the three who are about to witness, the dispute between good and evil.

As they set out on the journey, Erlangga under the guidance of Neer try to save Bali from the evil forces of Rangda and Gaja Medah. The continuation of how they accomplish destruction of evil and bring in new Gods to the beautiful land of Bali is the rest of the story.

What was the guidance given by Neer, do they save the land and what happens to Erlangga , who rules the land then on is the rest of the story. I am not giving it out now. The characterization is simple, with few characters the author has conveyed a good message and each character served its purpose.

The writing style is simple and crisp. If you are a lover of mythological genre, then the book is an apt read for you. The cover design could have been better. I do not see the copy as a reprint but I thought the quality could have been better.


  • Format:Paperback
  • Publisher:Leadstart Publishing Services Pvt Ltd (2018)
  • ISBN-10:9352010779
  • ISBN-13:978-9352010776


Cover: 3.5/5

Title: 4/5

plot: 4.5/5

Writing and Presentation: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5

About the Author :

The author, Suraj Kothiyal, hails from the beautiful city of Dehradun with his family roots belonging to the Himalayan region. A mechanical engineer and an MBA in marketing, Suraj, had five years of corporate experience before he started his own entrepreneurial journey. Today Suraj’s construction firm develops beautiful living spaces for its customers in Dehradun. He has been writing since childhood. Initially the hobby started out as writing poems in Hindi for school magazine. His collection of Hindi poems can be seen on his personal blog that goes by “”. As a child, whenever Suraj went close to the mighty mountains of Himalayas, they whispered a story in his ears. These stories later ignited a passion in him to write historic fictions and it’s his endeavor to bring to light the highly diversified and rich cultures across the world. This book is inspired by a popular folklore in Bali that talks of a Hindu saint namely, Maharishi Markandeya, who came to Bali from India and introduced Hinduism on the scenic island.

Review of Love for two lifetimes


Who do you choose: the man who might be your father, or the one who could be the love of your life? Following a trail of clues in love letters her mother wrote but never sent, Isabelle Cavalera steps into a world of English aristocracy, one which years ago forced her mother to choose between her obligation to her musical gift and the obligations the man she loved had to his family, title, and estate. It’s a world of secrets and masquerades, of parental heartache and romantic betrayal. And in the midst of this world, Izzy finds Malcolm Halford, who feels as broken as she does herself.

Thrown together on a journey of discovery that spans two lifetimes and takes the reader from a grand estate in the Cotswolds to a hospital bedside in India and ultimately to the Taj Mahal, Izzy and Malcolm try desperately not to fall in love while the letters written by Izzy’s mother take on a whole new meaning as they bring an entire community together. But some loves are impossible… And some are worth any sacrifice… Uplifting, funny, tragic, and unforgettably romantic, Love for Two Lifetimes is a tale of two generations of love, a lifetime of friendship, a history of sacrifice, and one last, heartbreaking and hopeful choice revealed in prose and love letters. If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice, Everything, Everything, John or Jane Green, Inglath Cooper, Elin Hilderbrand, Sophie Kinsella, or any story by Nicholas Sparks, this luminous and twisting novel from the award-winning author of Compulsion and Lake of Destiny will have you thinking, smiling, and crying in the best way late into the night.


This book was not meant to be put down, once you’ve started reading it and I finished it in two days. The author is one such who makes you feel the emotions that are undergone by the characters.

The story starts with Izzy and her classical pianist mom. They were very close to one another that she never felt the need of a father. All along when she grew up, she never knew she had a father, who it was or where he was. All she knew was only her mother and the only other family known is of her best friend Ellis’.

One fine day she is devastated by the death of her mother in a fatal car accident and all of a sudden she feels like she’s never known her mom. The diversity of the thoughts that she gets post the accident has been portrayed so well.

After her mom’s death Izzy feels that the world she had known has completely crashed on her which is when she discovers a box of love letters which were written and not sent by her mom. They were addressed to Ian Halford in England. As she reads through those letters she understands they were emotions of love and life heartfelt by her mom. This give her an urge to set out on a quest to find Ian and to determine if he could be her father, about whom she never knew anything.

She flies to England to meet Ian Halford. She gets to know that he was an aristocrat by birth and a doctor by profession. NO, this is not the typical royal romantic story. She meets Malcom who was Ian’s son. Malcom also had tragedies in life- losing his twin sister at 8 and his mom at 12. It was only him and his father all these years and he knew that his father was obsessed with a pianist. When he first met Izzy, he does not know how to proceed, but later realizes that she needs his help. Malcom initially thought that the pianist and his father destroyed his mom, but when he learns more about Izzy’s mom he realizes that there was something more that he was unaware of.

The three then decide to travel to India and to the magnificent Taj Mahal and discover more information about the pianist and Ian and the relationship between Ian’s parents. That is the point when they realize that true love’s worth. Meanwhile, Izzy and Malcom felt more affectionate towards each other and what should be between siblings. Are they really step siblings or should they continue without giving it a thought is the remaining part of the story. I would say that this is a compelling Young adult that will satisfy YA and romance audience.

The characterization of Lizzy makes it easier for us to connect with her. She is seen portrayed as an independent, strong personality who also has longings like most of us do. Not only Izzy we also get to know her mom through the journey.

The writing style is simple and crisp. The romantic part between Malcom and Izzy is something that seems to slow down the pace, irrespective of which the narration makes you fall for them.

I would deem myself to be lucky to have received the ARC for this wonderful YA book.


  • Format:Kindle Edition
  • File Size:3536 KB
  • Print Length:451 pages
  • Publisher:Mayfair Publishing (25 September 2018)
  • Sold by:Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language:English
  • ASIN:B07GTW72T4


Cover: 4/5

Title: 4/5

plot: 4.5/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5


Martina Boone is the award winning author of Love for two lifetimes. She is also the founder of adventuresinYApublishing, which is a three-time Writer’s digest websites for writer’s site.

Review of The Gift by Sourabh Mukherjee


“Detailed observations of human behaviour and the complexity of human relationships…” – The Hindu After his bitter break-up with girlfriend Ishika, Aarav heads for his ancestral house in Mussoorie to get over his grief and to finish the novel he is working on. He meets Kishan, a child who has strayed into the house and spends his nights in the dusty, dark attic, scavenging through old books and toys that once belonged to Aarav and his cousins. Aarav finds his uncle’s diary, which chronicles a heart-warming love story unfolding in that house. What life-changing family secret does Aarav uncover?


The book is the first one in “it’s all about love series’ by Sourabh Mukherjee. The plot starts with Aarav and his girlfriend getting to know that they are having a baby. This good news doesn’t seem like one for him, he currently has a deadline and is quite unsure of the time the two pink lines came up for Ishika. She storms out of the apartment knowing that Aarav is not happy with the little one coming and decides to leave him.

Aarav having a deadline to submit a novel is being pressurized by the publishing house. So in order to get a clear mind and to complete his work, he moves to Mussoorie to his ancestral house in Dehradun. He’s being welcomed by Mrs. Bakshi, the caretaker. She introduces him to a small kid, Kishan. One immediate look at him, Aarav is suspicious and starts looking for answers on his whereabouts. He realizes that the boy resembles someone who was close to him. He then starts to read his uncle’s diary which was left incomplete since the last time he visited.

It is only while reading it there comes an intertwined love story and the mystery behind Kishan’s existence. A lovable tale which makes you want to read the next book in the series.

Though the book is small about 28 pages, the tale is interesting and gives you a good feeling.

The writing style is simple and clear. The plot is interesting, where the intertwined story that unfolds gives the protagonist a thought and to change his mind. Characterizations are good while the main focus is only on Aarav, the author does justice to the other characters as well.

The climax is something that is quite unexpected, but to come to know the fact why it was portrayed that way is truly remarkable.


  • Format:Kindle Edition
  • File Size:362 KB
  • Print Length:28 pages
  • Publisher:Srishti Publishers & Distributors (10 September 2018)
  • Sold by:Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language:English


Cover: 4/5

Title: 4/5

plot: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Review of Shillong times

A delightful novel about growing up in Shillong in the 1980s by the bestselling author of Bali and the Ocean of Milk and The Case of the Secretive SisterWhen fourteen-year-old Debojit Dutta meets the slightly older Clint Eastwood Lyngdoh in his maths tuition classes, he is wary of his cigarette-smoking, whisky-swilling ways. Besides, Debu has only recently escaped a bunch of local ruffians who wanted him to ‘go back home to Bangladesh’.But Debu is unable to resist being friends with Clint. For, in return for doing his maths homework, Clint introduces him to a completely new life: the heady charms of Kalsang, the Chinese restaurant forbidden by Debu’s mother; the revolutionary sounds of Pink Floyd; and most importantly, the coolest, prettiest girl in town—Audrey Pariat. Audrey loves maths and detective stories, just like Debu, and does not make him feel awkward or exotic. Together, the three of them look set to embark on many adventures. But when tensions between the Khasi and Bengali communities boil over, Shillong becomes a battlefield—old neighbours become outsiders and the limits of friendship are challenged.With crackling energy, Nilanjan P. Choudhury immerses us in the tumultuous lives of Debu, his friends and his family, and their attempts to find love and belonging. Written with uncommon warmth, humour and a delightful evocation of place, Shillong Times is an exhilarating coming-of-age story—showing us how friendship can eclipse the hardened enmities of adulthood.

Shillong times is a book that brings you nostalgic moments of life in 80s. The story is set in Shillong, yes that’s where it gets the name. Debojit is a Bengali teenager who along with his parents lives in Shillong.
The story starts with Debojit returning home from school on a lonely path where he encounters few guys from local tribe, khasis. This tribe is against any foreign community living in their area and there are few harsh exchanges between them and Debu. He manages to escape from them. He narrates the entire episode to his parents which is when his father lectures him about the ancestors and why they settled in Shillong.
Debu’s mother started advising him to study well and look for a great career outside Shillong and get away from there. She wants him to pursue IAS and wants him to take up necessary competitive exams inorder to achieve the same. She decides to make him join tutions taken by Professor Bose who is deemed to be extremely strict.
Debu gets to know Clint in one of Bose’s tution sessions. He takes Debu to the forbidden Chinese restaurant Kalsang , introduces him to Pink Floyd music and most important of all makes him meet Audrey Pariat. Clint says shes exactly like him – likes detective stories and maths. Debu takes an instant liking on her during their first meet.
Debu’s mom gets to know about his acquaintance with Clint and warns him of dangers since he’s a Khasi himself. She utters stories from past which sends shivers inside Debu. But inspite of all that he still wishes to continue being friends with Clint. Clint also saves Debu from punishments at school from a teacher. The teacher later reveals to Debu that Clint is not good company and its better he stays away from him. Though now the number of people who are against Clint is two, Debu still is not convinced to sacrifice his friendship.
As the story progresses the tension between Bengalis and Khasis boils over, which makes Shillong a battlefield.
The language is simple and lucid. The author has brought out the beauty of Shillong also known as Scotland of the east so well in narration.
The characterization is perfect. Debu’s mom is of the typical Indian parent who wants the child to concentrate on studies and take up competitive exams. She is very strict and at the same time concerned about him, very much indeed. The pace is just the right amount for the elements for friendship, love and tension.

Paperback:248 pages
Publisher:Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Limited (10 September 2018)

Cover: 4/5
Title: 4/5
plot: 3.8/5
Writing and Presentation: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Nilanjan P. Choudhury’s debut novel, a mythological thriller titled Bali and the Ocean of Milk, was a (very) brief bestseller. His subsequent writings include The Case of the Secretive Sister, a detective caper set in Bangalore, and The Square Root of a Sonnet, a pioneering play on the history and science of black holes; both of which received wide critical acclaim. He confesses to having studied at IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Kanpur, and hopes that this will not be held against him. He grew up in Shillong and now lives in Bangalore with his family. He can be reached at
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Review of Chance for Rain


 photo 41cvrQbUUWL._SX326_BO1204203200__zps2s6hhtyr.jpg

Fiction—Romance, Women’s Fiction
Date Published: August 2018
Publisher: Front Street Press
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Elite athlete Rainey Abbott is an intense competitor on the outside, but inside, she feels a daunting apprehension about her chances of finding true love. Her life as a downhill skier and race car driver keeps her on the edge, but her love life is stuck in neutral. A tragedy from her past has left her feeling insecure and unlovable.
Now that she’s in her thirties, Rainey’s best friend Natalie insists she take a leap and try online dating. Rainey connects with brian85 and becomes cautiously hopeful as a natural attraction grows between them. Fearful a face to face meeting could ruin the magic, Rainey enlists Natalie to scheme up an encounter between the two where Brian is unaware he is meeting his online mystery woman. Rainey is left feeling both guilty about the deception and disappointed by something Brian says.
When they finally meet in earnest, Rainey’s insecurities threaten to derail the blossoming romance. As she struggles with self-acceptance, she reveals the risks we all must take to have a chance for love.


The book begins on a lazy Sunday when Rainey and her dad are said to be seated at their patio each engrossed in their own worlds. Rainey into her phone and her dad with the newspapers.

Rainey is physically disabled and has been confined to her wheelchair ever since the tragic accident that took away her mom and her sister Sunny from her. That fateful day is etched in both Rainey and her father’s mind. The incident that occurred due to negligent driving of a drunk driver costed them two lives to be taken away forever.

It did take them quite a lot of time to accept the reality. Rainey needed time to get herself accustomed to being able to do everything with her wheelchair, to get familiar with the landscape and terrain. Natalie is friends with her from three and has been her constant companion through thick and thin. Rainey is into skiing and athletics and teaches at a school and enjoys companionship of kids who do not look at her as an alien being giving her peculiar stares.

After much push from Natalie, Rainey decides to create and profile in an online dating profile. Which is when she gets introduced to Brian. They become pen pals who eventually become interested in each other and fall for each other. Rainey hasn’t disclosed that she’s physically challenged and has inhibitions hiding it from him due to fear of rejection. She decides to meet him not as May belle but as Rainey.

What actually happens after that? Does Brian accept Rainey for the way she is or is she being rejected is the rest of the story.

The part after Rainey creates the profile and starts hunting is where the plot picks up pace. I really loved the exchanges between Rainey and Brian. Each letter between them was filled with love, a mutual concern. The eagerness for each message from Brian crept in through me as well. The narration was done in such a way that made me think what next. I completed the book at a stretch in one go.

Rainey’s father on the other hand completely lost himself after the tragic accident. He confines himself to his university job, books and meeting the students. He avoids getting to feel or see things used by his wife that he completely starts living in the guest room. He is so sober and is uninterested in almost everything which quite annoys Rainey. It is only when Rainey tells him about the dating website and her experience she gives s him a harder push to move on and find someone. He does that and what he’s quick and he gets settled before her.

The writing and presentation is crisp and clear with nothing much of exaggeration anywhere. Characterization of Rainey and Natalie is worth mentioning. Though they were mentioned to be looking like sisters, they are different in their own ways and still stick together. Brian is not an extrovert guy but is deemed to be felling low about himself. He loves spending time with his nephew, Casey and only when Casey meets up with an accident ending up being paralyzed he realizes how Rainey feels.

Overall, the book gave me a good feeling when I was done with it.

About the Author

 photo _MG_3902-Edit_zps9rxllpxb.jpg

Tricia Downing is recognized as a pioneer in the sport of women’s paratriathlon, as the first female paraplegic to finish an Iron distance triathlon. She has competed in that sport both nationally and internationally, in addition to competing in road racing and other endurance events. She has represented the United States in international competition in five different sport disciplines—cycling (as a tandem pilot prior to her 2000 accident), triathlon, duathlon, rowing and Olympic style shooting, in which she was a member of Team USA at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
She was featured in the Warren Miller documentary Superior Beings and on the lifestyle TV magazine show Life Moments. She has been featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers, Mile High Sports and Rocky Mountain Sports magazines.
Additionally, she is founder of The Cycle of Hope (, a non-profit organization designed for female wheelchair users to promote health and healing on all levels—mind, body and spirit.
Tricia studied Journalism as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland and holds Masters degrees in both Sports Management (Eastern Illinois University) and Disability Studies (Regis University).
She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Steve and two cats, Jack and Charlie. Visit Tricia at
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Review of A girl to remember


In every angel a demon hides, And in every demon, an angel strides. Neel is a self-proclaimed demon, a slave to his desires, putting at stake even the purest of relationships for it. He lives for himself, takes life as it comes, and considers people who love as emotional fools. When he first sets his eyes on his new landlady, a widow who is eleven years elder to him, all he can see is an opportunity. He has a plan to get rich and is working hard to achieve it, until he bumps into Pihu. She is an immature teenager who likes Neel for no apparent reason, and blindly believes that he is an angel who will take away all her life’s troubles. Neel hates Pihu for her unexplained obsession, and her being a hindrance in his plan, but her firm resolve to see a good person in him shakes Neel to the core. Will Pihu make a difference? Does inner transformation come to a man who has gone to a point of no return? A Girl to Remember is an emotional roller coaster which will make you believe that confession is the best punishment.


Human mind works in such a way that it can make you seem like an angel one time and a devil at another time.

A girl to remember is one such book that portrays the life of Pihu, an innocent girl who awaits an angelic appearance to make things right in her life.

Neel on the other hand is a teacher at one of the reputed institutions in Pune. Due to his strange actions he losses job and his accommodation at the hostel is at stake.

Pihu who is kind of obsessed with Neel, that she offers accommodation. Neel gets to know Annu( Pihu’s mom) in this situation and he immediately makes a plan. He tries to trap Annu through PIhu to get hold of the property owned by her. He uses Pihu as the trump card. But Pihu continues to see him as the angel or the savior for whom she’s been waiting for long. Annu also is aware of Neel’s activities and his past record.

But what makes both of them agree to let Neel stay? What was the incident that costed Neel his job? Why is he doing all this is the rest of the story.

The three main characters- Neel, Pihu and Annu are portrayed very well. Neel is shown as a demon whose desire is only money and fantasizes women. He would use any person as an opportunity to get what he wants.

Pihu is an innocent and immature teenager. Annu who lost her husband at young age, has overcome a lot of difficulties with strong perseveration and has a determined attitude.

The style of writing is simple and lucid. Love, confession, responsibilities, realizations are all notable elements in this plot. The twists are unimaginable and are brought out in a way that makes the book a quick page turner.


  • Paperback:224 pages
  • Publisher:Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First edition (28 September 2018)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:9789387022393
  • ISBN-13:978-9387022393
  • ASIN:9387022390


Cover: 4/5

Title: 4/5

plot: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


Ajay K Pandey has touched the lives of many with his writing, and continues to write stories of love that change lives. His bestselling books You Are the Best Wife and Her Last Wish have been on top of various bestseller charts, and explore the depths to which a heart can go for love.

Review of elephants in the room


A ragtag group of friends are planning a bank heist to end their cash crunch. Novices to crime, they are driven more by emotions than skill – their plan seems fool proof, or so they think.In another part of the city, a gang of seasoned dacoits has botched up a job and now owes money to the local crime lord. They have to either pay up or pay for it with their lives – and time is running out… In a bizarre twist of fate, both these groups are brought face-to-face. Trapped in a situation beyond the realm of their planning and experience, they must think on their feet, form quick alliances and rally behind an unlikely leader.Set against the backdrop of Chennai, where men sing gaana songs in kuppams (fishing hamlets) nestled against swanky glass-fronted buildings and life-size cut-outs of film stars and politicians, a story of love, greed, friendship, fate and the absurdity of the human condition unfolds.


Firstly, if you want to have this book on your TBR please make up your mind that you could not complete it at one go. NO I do not mean it’s not engaging I intend to mean the length that it runs into a massive 600-page suspense fiction. For a debut novel this is seriously a great attempt. A longish 89 chapters covered in 600 pages.

A bank robbery involving three gangs unaware of each other’s existence until they meet at the crime spot makes an impressive plot.

Quick thinking and smart decisions being planned by gang to loot away from the other has been narrated very well. The narration from the perspective of a robber is indeed different approach to this heist plot.

Each and every character made a mark which was one of the positive notes, instead of involving too many characters leading to confusion.

The local dialect used at places makes it even more relatable for we are well aware of the language. The unfolding of events given in an elaborate verbiage makes another plus point. But this book will never let you down of making it a choice.

The book cover is designed with a cute picture of elements which is completely in contrast to the mystery that the book holds inside. SO go ahead and grab your copy.


  • Format:Kindle Edition
  • File Size:1624 KB
  • Print Length:659 pages
  • Publisher:The Write Place (11 October 2018)
  • Sold by:Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language:English
  • ISBN – 978-9-38728-242-1


Suraj is a big fan of crime and mystery thrillers. Movies in the genre of crime and suspense inspired him to take up writing on similar subjects. He started by writing movie reviews. He lives in Bangalore and is a software engineer by profession. His hobbies include reading and playing tennis. Readers can connect with Suraj through the website

Review of The day he was gone

The day he was gone


Reeva Panchal has had a traumatizing past, but she is trying to build up her life again from scratch with her skill in art. When she receives a surprise marriage proposal from the wealthy hotelier Agnivesh Solanki, she can’t help but feel odd about it even though her parents are insistent that she agrees to it. With Agnivesh’s entry into her life, all her problems seem to alleviate at an unrealistic pace, even though Agnivesh continues to exude a dark aura for her. What unfolds is a series of unprecedented events where relations are broken, mistakes are made and the past is dug up to destroy as well as heal.


Reading through the blurb and at a first glance the book seemed to be telling an ordinary story. But once I started reading it, I realized I was wrong. No, the author proved me wrong. The book starts with the protagonist Reeva receiving a marriage proposal from a millionaire Business man Agnivesh. No one including her parents are clueless about this guy and his whereabouts when suddenly he proposes to marry their only daughter.

Sumitra, Reeva’s mom gets elated since she gets the surety that her daughter would be well settled if she marries Agnivesh. But on the other hand Prakash, Reeva’s father is a person who understands his daughter and does not pressurize her to get into wedlock. Especially with a stranger who pops out of nowhere.

Reeva owns a handicraft workshop where she supplies gift articles for smaller celebrations. She initially resists Agnivesh, but after getting to know him over a couple of instances she falls for him finally.

The book alternates between the story between Reeva and Agnivesh and chapters from a diary “All about Sona”, where we see a letter being addresses to the diary by a guy about his to be girlfriend whom he names Sona. The part where both stories intertwine is just amazing.

The characterization is just done perfect. Especially that of Agnivesh. There is not a single spec of doubt that arises though he is portrayed to be a reserved stubborn guy initially. Getting to know he has a past and that has Reeva in connection is woven pretty well.

Reeva’s part, I won’t say is subtle, but the emotional struggles she undergoes from within and how she tries to hide them from the outside world makes her a strong protagonist. She does not fall for Agnivesh immediately when the proposal is received. She is curious to know who he is and how did he know of her and propose a marriage. She takes time to understand him and believes him completely when she is shattered by an instance which makes her solely dependent on him to prove her innocence when her own parents accuse her.

Prakash is a protective father, who does not thrust decisions on her but also wants her to settle in a good manner.

The writing is crisp and clear. Nothing was difficult to understand or required a dictionary peek to understand terms.

The cover is designed well with the picture of a girl looking dejected portraying that she is thinking of her past and in engrossed in it completely.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher:Invincible Publishers; First edition (23 September 2018)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:9388333039
  • ISBN-13:978-9388333030
  • ASIN:B07HLM164P


Cover: 4/5

Title: 4/5

plot: 4.5/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


Born and brought up in Pathankot (Punjab), Anjum Awasthi Malik is presently residing in Noida (U.P.). She has done her Post Graduation in Engineering from G.G.S.I.P.U. Delhi and has seven years of experience in the technical world. Last she worked in Centre Development of Advance Computing (CDAC), Noida. She took a break from work to look after her kids and meanwhile started writing the stories which have always been there in her mind. ‘The Day He Was Gone’ is her second book. Her first book ‘The Twist of Fate’, published by Invincible Publishers in December 2017, is widely appreciated by the readers and has several positive reviews on Amazon as well as Goodreads. With her writing and narration style, she has carved a niche for herself. She has always been a creatively inclined person.

Review of The Nanny song


I’m so pleased to share The Nanny Song with you all today! There’s also a great giveaway at the end so be sure to enter!

NS digital cover (1).jpg

The Nanny Song

Publication Date: May 10th, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Suspense/ Romance

Publisher: Willow River Press
Mallory Riscoe is no stranger to dysfunction. Despite her tumultuous childhood, at twenty-two, she has established herself as a fully functional, self-made woman. However the safe, mundane life she has created for herself is quickly turned upside-down when she’s falsely accused of theft and promptly fired.

Meanwhile, a dismal pall hangs over the Colt residence. Since the death of his wife, Brendan Colt has struggled to care for his children; Kason and Meela. Each is lost in their own deep grief, but there is more to this family than meets the eye.

Two worlds collide when Mallory accepts the job as nanny to the Colt children. Mallory begins to feel a connection, a whisper of trust between them, that could mean there is still hope for everyone involved to heal. But when an unspeakable secret is uncovered that bond, and possibly Mallory’s life itself is now at risk. Can Mallory unlock the mystery intertwined in this chaotic family or will all hope of closure be lost forever?

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A chilly breeze had picked up and it whispered all around her. She was hardly aware of the frigid temperature penetrating her thin pajamas as she stared at Brendan’s form in the darkened cemetery. His shadowy outline was so stoic and somber that Mallory had to fight against her desire to walk in alongside the man and place a comforting arm around his shoulders.


Mallory Riscoe, the main character in the plot has suffered the post during her early ages. Her life was total chaos with negative influences.

The struggles she goes through when she comes to know that she’s been falsely accused for a theft and deprived of a job.

Brandon Colt, the other lead character is found to be in a different state of mind wherein his wife passed away and he seems to be struggling with the children.

What actually happens when the life of these two people intertwine at a point is what the plot is all about.

The parts where in the relationship builds up between Mallory and Brendon keeps you waiting on what will happen next.

Babysitting is not an easy job. And when you have two kids to take care of, it sure is not a piece of cake. The author has given a realistic touch to the conversations between Mallory, Brandon and the kids.

What does Kason confess to Mallory and how does she decide to confide it to Brandon was all very well narrated. What is the secret that the family hold? Will Mallory try to find out the answers? Well you should pick up a copy for yourself to get to know that.

The characterization is etched to perfection. I wanted the story to go on , but it came to an end abruptly.

The great story line, plot, pace of narration keeps you glued to it. The writer has a very bright future.

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Misty Mount has written since age five and was first published at fourteen. By day she’s a caregiver, wife, and mother to a young son but during the quiet hours of night she becomes a novelist.
“I read because my grandmother showed me how to immerse myself in books for recreation, relaxation or even as a coping skill.

I write because my head is filled with daydreams and I like to choose the endings.”

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Review of the forbidden quest of Mysore


Around 1500 a famous astrophysicist Yagnabhatta created an ancient enigma, Gandabaerunda. To protect it from falling into the wrong hands, the great King Krishna Devaraya hid it in Mysore. Ever since then, the chase behind it has never stopped. Back in 2017, there lived a self-claimed archaeologist, Amar. He loved an intellectual girl, Pooja. Like every other Indian love story, they too had hurdles. Pooja was elder, and her father was rich. Their families were of a different caste and spoke different languages. Yet they never stopped loving each other. Embrace into the city of palaces as Amar and Pooja go in search of an impossible mission. Can the couple overcome the trials to decode the hidden secrets of the King Raja Wodeyar III? Can they fight the prejudices of the Indian society to get married?


This book is perfect to be judged as a romantic mystery. It starts with a love story between two people from diverse backgrounds in all aspects such as region, linguistic and economy. Amar Bharadwaj and Pooja Naidu fondly called as Poo are the love birds and the two main characters. The writings bubble with love whenever there is a mention of these two. Amar’s father was an archeologist and is suspected to have run away with the biggest secret treasure of Mysore. Hs is in the papers for all wrong reasons. Amar as a dutiful son wishes to find what his father was up to and to unveil the mystery of the so called secret treasure. Pooja works in one of the biggest IT company in Mysore, while her parents stay in Bangalore.

The story builds up as Amar tries to gather various clues that are to lead to the treasure. In this treasure hunt, we are being taken virtually to all places of historic importance and architectural excellence in and around Mysore. The parts in Mahabaleshwar and Chamundeshwari temple were extra ordinary.

The descriptions and pace of the story especially in these parts were commendable. Together Pooja and Amar set out on the quest to discover the secret weapon. They occasionally, no no very often stay at a common friends place who does help them out by making them stay at his place and of course not to forget to give a mention about his delicious food which is a favorite of Poo and Amar.

During the course of time, we see the usual struggles in love marriages- caste differences, financial background differences play a major part. Poo is emotionally blackmailed by making her mother the prey to lose interest on Amar. The cat mouse race between the father & brother of Poo and Amar is the usual interpretation. Nothing very new here.

In between we have a crucial part by Dr.Venkatacharya who discloses shocking facts about the treasure and Amar’s father. This actually brings about turning point in the story.

Does Amar discover the treasure, does he unite with Pooja, what happened to his father is the remaining part of the story for which you should definitely grab the book.

The characterization is very good, especially that of Amar as a dutiful son, a good brother, a fond lover and a determined treasure hunter.

The pace of the story was right at the needed places but I felt a romantic overdose a few places which would not be liked by all. The vocabulary is crisp and was fluent.


  • Paperback
  • Publisher:HALF BAKED BEANS (17 October 2018)

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Cover: 4/5

Title: 4.5/5

plot: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


Puneeth JH is an Indian writer, relishing in Germany. He indited his first book at an early age of nineteen and covet to write until he is ninety. He presently writes codes in C++ for living and stories for his love for words. He inscribes on the vivid issues of romance, feminism and mythicism.

Apart from writing, his Jekyll and Hyde tendencies make him a researcher cum programmer in the field of future wireless communication. In laymen words, he is one among the million engineers, who are trying to connect multiple smart vehicles with ultra-reliable low latency communication, so that they could drive on their own, and bring down the loss of life in road accidents.