Review of elephants in the room


A ragtag group of friends are planning a bank heist to end their cash crunch. Novices to crime, they are driven more by emotions than skill – their plan seems fool proof, or so they think.In another part of the city, a gang of seasoned dacoits has botched up a job and now owes money to the local crime lord. They have to either pay up or pay for it with their lives – and time is running out… In a bizarre twist of fate, both these groups are brought face-to-face. Trapped in a situation beyond the realm of their planning and experience, they must think on their feet, form quick alliances and rally behind an unlikely leader.Set against the backdrop of Chennai, where men sing gaana songs in kuppams (fishing hamlets) nestled against swanky glass-fronted buildings and life-size cut-outs of film stars and politicians, a story of love, greed, friendship, fate and the absurdity of the human condition unfolds.


Firstly, if you want to have this book on your TBR please make up your mind that you could not complete it at one go. NO I do not mean it’s not engaging I intend to mean the length that it runs into a massive 600-page suspense fiction. For a debut novel this is seriously a great attempt. A longish 89 chapters covered in 600 pages.

A bank robbery involving three gangs unaware of each other’s existence until they meet at the crime spot makes an impressive plot.

Quick thinking and smart decisions being planned by gang to loot away from the other has been narrated very well. The narration from the perspective of a robber is indeed different approach to this heist plot.

Each and every character made a mark which was one of the positive notes, instead of involving too many characters leading to confusion.

The local dialect used at places makes it even more relatable for we are well aware of the language. The unfolding of events given in an elaborate verbiage makes another plus point. But this book will never let you down of making it a choice.

The book cover is designed with a cute picture of elements which is completely in contrast to the mystery that the book holds inside. SO go ahead and grab your copy.


  • Format:Kindle Edition
  • File Size:1624 KB
  • Print Length:659 pages
  • Publisher:The Write Place (11 October 2018)
  • Sold by:Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language:English
  • ISBN – 978-9-38728-242-1


Suraj is a big fan of crime and mystery thrillers. Movies in the genre of crime and suspense inspired him to take up writing on similar subjects. He started by writing movie reviews. He lives in Bangalore and is a software engineer by profession. His hobbies include reading and playing tennis. Readers can connect with Suraj through the website

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