This Is What Makes ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum The Real Deal

I’m in my late twenties, and a few months back, I started noticing a few strands of grey hair. I
felt as the days were passing by, there was an increase in the number of grey hair. I am a person
who spends a considerable amount of time and money on skincare. When I noticed grey hairs
on my head, I realized that my hair care regime has taken a back seat. My hair and scalp also
need equal attention. However I felt it was too late for me to realize this. I tried many hair
serums for women, in the hope of restoring my natural black hair, but all in vain. But I didn’t
give up, there was still a ray of hope left in me. I was running out of remedies for my grey, thin
hair. I was looking for ways to reduce or you can say reverse my premature grey hair. One of my
friends suggested ThriveCo’s Anti-Ageing Hair Prime Serum to reverse grey hair. I decided to
get my hands on this serum because I was really impressed with the positive comments and
reviews about this haircare product. Another important thing that fascinated me about this
brand is that their haircare products are plant-based and free from all nasties such as sulfates,
parabens, phthalates. Moreover it has been advertised as the best hair serum for reversing
grey hair as this hair serum contains the active ingredient ‘Arcolys- a natural ingredient which

helps to enhance the natural colour of your hair.’ I felt that this hair serum can help me with
my hair concerns.

So I ordered ThriveCo’s Anti-Ageing Hair Prime Serum through Flipkart. I went through the list
of ingredients and instructions mentioned on the product label carefully and started applying
this hair serum from the next day itself. As mentioned on the label, I applied this serum twice a
day- in the morning and at night before going to bed. I was eagerly waiting for the results, I
knew that it would not happen instantly. I was hoping for a positive outcome this time.

I am writing this review after using the Hair Prime Serum for 3 months. The dispenser included
with the product is quite helpful in applying the serum on the affected areas of my head i.e
areas where I had too much grey hair.

The best part about this hair serum is that it is lightweight and easily absorbs into the scalp.
Just massage the product for a few minutes to increase absorption. This allows the haircare
product to penetrate the scalp more easily. Within 1 month of application, I started noticing
the difference in the texture of my hair. My hair has become soft and smooth, with less tangles.

There is a remarkable improvement in its elasticity. It is stronger and more resilient. I can say
that the serum has helped me bring my hair fall under control. I see fewer hairs on the comb and in the shower. I also notice a decrease in hair breakage as I brush my hair. This is something
I am very happy about. My scalp feels more relaxed.

After using this product for 3 months, I noticed that the roots of my grey hair are becoming
black. So I am hopeful for a positive outcome. Will keep using this product diligently for
another 2 months to see the final outcome.

The results have been satisfying so far. I plan to continue using the serum for 2 more months
until I achieve the desired result. I would definitely recommend ThriveCo Anti-Aging Hair
Prime Serum as I feel that this is the best hair serum for reversing premature grey hair,
effectively enhancing your scalp and hair health.

In short – my hair feels thicker, bouncier, shinier, and better cared for – there’s so much to love!
This hair serum definitely meets its bold claims. I would say, definitely one to treat yourself with!

11 Replies to “This Is What Makes ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum The Real Deal”

  1. This seems like an effective product in treating not just the grey hair problem but also many other common problems like hair fall and frizz as well. I will recommend this serum to my friends who are facing such issues.


  2. I am yet to find out the actual composition of the active ingredient Arcolys. It helped in improving your hair texture and you are even seeing grey turning into black hair makes for the compelling cause to try it.


  3. I have been looking for something to handle my premature graying. This serum seems to be working for you. Hoping it works for me too.


  4. First of all I will say that use of serum is a must for all and we cannot ignore it. Secondly I heard about this brand and wish to try it for my hair soon. Thanks for the recommendation


  5. I have heard about anti aging products for skin and face but never for hair and I surely need to try this one as I’ve been getting a few grey hair and it would want to try this and see if it really helps my hair too.


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