How to protect your lips ? Winter lipcare secrets

Not many people who love the cold weather, can’t deny the fact it is harsh on your skin. It is so harsh on the skin, especially the lips. The cold and chill air, dry and heated air combination make it tight and easy to get cracked.

The first thing you think about before you step out is to cover the body, the last thing you think of would be the mouth or sometimes we even forget to cover it up. Lip skin is tight and delicate, different from the rest of the body, and requires extra TLC. if you compare the magnitude, it dries out ten times faster than the rest of the body.

This is predominant because the lips are covered with 3-5 layers of cells rather than the rest of the body where the skin has 15-16 layers. So being thin in nature it is susceptible to damage like dryness, dullness, and cracks.

The vermillion or the place where you apply lipstick has a thin protective barrier and hence it is more prone to UV damage and pollution.

How to take care of your lips?


Choose an ointment-based lip balm

Look for those which have petrolatum and glycerine that help in locking the moisture and help in healing the cracks and dryness.

Avoid those with eucalyptus and menthol

Although these lip balms seem to give you a soothing experience when applied, they tend to dry out the lips. So in the long run they will again lead to dryness and the cycle continues.

Use one’s which have sunscreen

Being thin in nature the lip skin gets more exposed to UV radiation be it summer or winter. Hence using one that has sunscreen will help protect against harmful radiation.

Keep yourself hydrated

Not getting enough hydration leads to dehydration also is one of the reasons for dried lips. Make sure to get the right amount of water.

No licking

It is a natural human tendency to lick the lips when we feel it is dry, but on the contrary, it makes the situation worse. It dries the lip out even faster. Moreover, saliva tends to irritate the lips.

Say no to rub and bites

The dryness may tend to make you get rid of the flaky skin so you attempt to either rub it off or bite it away. It can aggravate the cracking and even lead to sores. So try to control the urge to bite or rub the flakes away.

Prevention of chapped lips

When it comes to preventing chapped lips, following a lip protection regime as part of the morning, night, and outdoor skincare routine is essential. Lock the moisture in your lips by applying a lip balm before getting to bed.

Here are my product recommendations tried and tested for lip care.

Laneige lip sleeping mask

Vilvah grapefruit lipbalm

Ennbeauty pucker lip mask with hyaluronic acid

6 Replies to “How to protect your lips ? Winter lipcare secrets”

  1. This article on lip care is so informative and helpful! I love how it covers everything from the best ways to hydrate your lips to how to choose the right lip product for your needs. It’s definitely helped me take better care of my own lips, and I’m sure it will be a valuable resource for others as well. Thanks for sharing this great article!


  2. Great post, dear… Indeed lips dry faster than the rest of the body. One of my dermatologist friends told me to avoid lip balms with ingredients such as camphor, menthol, lanolin, and fragrance.
    I have never heard of Laneige lip sleeping mask.. will check for sure.


  3. Your post came at an appropriate time. Now, that winter has set in Delhi, the lips need more care. I do put some lip balm, but am going toget one balm with a sunscreen now. I will check your recommendations too.


  4. Thanks for sharing this post. In winters the main concern is dry and chapped lips. I usually apply lip balm for it and sometime ghee work really good. But I don’t like it’s smell. I’ll definetly try this product.


  5. I have been hearing about this new brand ENN so much for their lipcare range. Scrubbing lips is my weekly twice routine so I always stock my favourite scrubs and lip balms. Will check this out soon.


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