Importance of comfort clothing

Opening your wardrobe staring at the pile of clothes for a while and and close it in despair because the sight crushed you when nothing from it would be your outfit of the day. We are either unhappy with the fit or they don’t match our style. The reason being they’re all from a different age of time. Getting dressed up would be no fun if the wardrobe has clothes which don’t fit and match our style.

All the more the fad diet culture will give you the false promise that you might be able to fit into two sizes smaller. We go into the cycle of failure when we don’t fit into the smaller size rather than it was the diet that tricked us into this major havoc and failed us.

Beating the diet culture and getting into intuitive eating will help much here. Having clothes that got you properly will make intuitive eating much easier.

If your clothes are too tight, it might make listening to your body difficult. Also when you not wear clothes which suit body type you are yet again being pushed into the weight loss cycle.

When you feel comfortable in your clothing you might listen to your body better unlike with the distractions with the body squeezing out or not being breathable. Your ease of movement is also important when you wear clothing.

Holding on to diet clothes will keep you encircled in the diet fantasy. So take out clothes from your wardrobe which only scream that they would fit when you lose drastically. It’s time you choose outfits that scream comfort and long lasting.

I recently got a couple of outfits for my better half. Since work from home era is almost coming to end and they might be called back to office sooner, I decided to get some outfits that he could wear to during our quick staycation before the work from home era ends.

I shopped a couple of streetwear outfits from kra which launched in India. The outfits scream comfort and casual and streetwear has been on the game until now.

YouTube sensation beyounick partnered with kra and launched the fashion range, which made streetwear range unabashed and unrestricted.

Source : thisiskra

Purchased this super cool olive green tee that screams kra and all the more is pure cotton so comfort is totally guaranteed. This piece is great for stroll, jog , meet up with friends or even to office during casual wear days.

The brand also caters to outerwear and bottom wear which were equally good when it comes to comfort. The quality was top notch.

Being a person who looks for comfort first before fashion ,I was glad that I could add some to his comfort clothing wardrobe.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.’

14 Replies to “Importance of comfort clothing”

  1. I absolutely agree that comfort should come first. We can make our own fashion statement instead of blindly following noted designers who design crazy patterns, which make you uncomfortable. Kra seems to be a brand that realises that comfort first and design later.


  2. Comfort is important. I turned 28, in may and all of a sudden now I like comfortable clothes. And I’m happy with that…


  3. Hats off to the way you slowly swiftly diverted the topic to kra comfy wear, comfortable wearing is wat keeps you going the whole day otherwise ur whole day feels wasted is tight fitting clothings leaving aside the extra adjustment those tyres have to do to fit in them


  4. I choose comfort clothing over and above style. I work in typical 10 to 7 job and hence for me comfortable dressing is very important or else I will not be able to work at all. Even when we travel or go out my clothes are usually the ones I am comfortable in.


  5. In this weather comfort clothes are essential and I love getting cute tees for my boyfriend. These look nice as well as comfy so will check them out!


  6. lol Sindhu… I liked the way u sneaked in kra clothing😉. I wear a lot of figure hugging clothes so my style keeps me fit I guess cuz i believe in dressing according to my body.. But otherwise I agree that comfort is important… esp. in the heat🥵


  7. That was cheeky, Sindhu. But I loved the way the article transitioned into a brand promotion. As for the topic, comfort over trends any day.


  8. Thank you for the recommendation for this brand, we have been looking out for some comfy T-shirts for my husband. I believe the best way to accommodate fashion in our clothing is to wear comfortable clothing 🙂


  9. Comfort is very important after a certain age. I remember wearing stilettos heels in my teens and twenties and thinking I will never give them up! But after coming to the 40s, 50s you laugh at those times. Nicely written article where you gradually introduce your favorite brand!


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