Parenting trends to embrace 2022

March 2020, the whole world came to a standstill. Whether for us elders it was a jolt though our interactions were still happening and we were understandable of the current situation, the kids were the most affected.

The indirect impact and it’s collateral damage on the kids was something huge. Loss of social life, online classes, assignments, parents inability to spend time since they were juggling schedules due to work from home, absence of playground activities the damage that was done is immeasurable.

The current challenge that children face require changes in the way we parent due to the demands in parent – child bringing up and to keep up with changing times.

With schools also opening doors it’s time we make changes and help children get back their joy of life.

Talking about trauma

Children lacked communication with extended family amd friends because it was cut off. Being lonely and feeling depressed was something we wish kids hadn’t been exposed to, but sadly had to. This year schools and homes should strongly emphasize on rebuilding this sense of bonding , friendship and awakening the community by providing them support consistently which they lacked. Emotional and mental well being should be widely discussed and be the centred topic in. 2022.

Making internet a safe place

The pandemic made us more dependant on the virtual space.. The internet became our friend, neighbour and our go to for everything. The kids also had to spend more time online which couldn’t be avoided but also had chances of being misused or cannot be a safer place for them. We should take up responsibility of making it a safer place but also make their time on internet useful.

Gifting experiences over money

Children love and would often have a reminder of experiences than the tangible things. Gifting them an experience will leave both the parent and the child a memory of the experience and the time they spent to curate one. Maybe a room makeover for them performing well, involving them in helping you choose decor or even paint can be a wonder experience.

Saying no to gender stereotypes or being gender neutral

Raising children by not forcing them to conform to gender rules. Let’s say no to pink. for girls and blue for boys. Boys can cry and girls can repair bikes, no differentiating wheels and heels, there is no space for gender bias. This will boost the child’s self-esteem and self awareness. This will also make them aware of an inclusive society.

Listening to them

The most important aspect of parent child bond is listening which also helps in strengthening it. The child is curious and might often come to you with questions, ideas, suggestions. Take time however busy you might be to sit down and listen to them. They would sometimes need help in communication, this will help us decipher what they want to convey and why they aren’t able to. This makes the bond more friendly and more approachable for them.

Now tell me have you started making changes in the way. How has your experiences been? I’d love to know.

16 Replies to “Parenting trends to embrace 2022”

  1. Parenting was never an easy role to play. But pandemic has added a few new pointers in the list. Earlier parents didn’t talk about trauma, or mental health so much what they are doing today. In a way, it is good. I have been following these points pre-pandemic as well. So I would say, there wasn’t much change in my parenting style.


  2. Wow loved this post and each pointer is a unique parenting advice. I like the most is Gifting experiences over money. in today’s world, we all aim for materialistic pleasure more but life is all about gathering unique experiences not the chasing money and materialist things.


  3. Parenting is a process that has evolved and adapted over time. The trends that need to be adopted in 2022 are definitely in keeping with the times that we live in. Issues like a safe internet and talking about trauma are really very important and need to be addressed.


  4. So very well-written post. For me providing my son experiences has always been more important than money. And listening to kids is something so important.


  5. Loved all the parenting advises you shared and fully agree with all of them. I believe in progressive parenting that allows moving beyond stereotypes and raising kids in gentle and responsible manner.


  6. These are apt parenting advice which you can give to today’s generation. Experience over money will always help them to be more content and confident too. And being gender neutral should become the priority for every parent to teach their kids.


  7. Well said. The pandemic has brought in a dramatic shift in the way kids interact with the world and the way they react to it as well. I agree that listening is important to keep the bond stronger.


  8. Parenting teaches you invaluable lessons about life. The love I share with my kids and the time I get to spend with them has really made my experiences so much special. I cherish these experiences even more during the pandemic.


  9. A well-written post and sound parenting advice. This will help us all to handle our kids better and make every experience with them memorable.


  10. Parenting is an ever learning journey. You are right we have to gift experiences and not gifts and in this digital age we have to make internet a better place for kids.


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