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Written in the stars
Written in the stars


When all her efforts at political maneuvering, sucking up and even doing her job fail to land her that elusive promotion, Sitara decides it’s time to use the new marketing head Abhimanyu’s obsession with his horoscope to her advantage.Soon, she’s rescheduling meetings, pitching ideas and picking launch dates based on his horoscope. Except, Sitara is so focused on manipulating Abhimanyu with the career section of his horoscope that she doesn’t pay attention to the personal section. Hilarity ensues when these star-crossed signals result in Abhimanyu pursuing Sitara romantically, without realizing that the ‘signs’ are engineered coincidences in her quest to get promoted.

Soon, Sitara is faced with choosing what she really wants-a career progression or true love. She must chart her own course even if what she has in mind may not be what the stars ordained. Written in the Stars is a romantic comedy about life, love and whether the biggest things in life are the choices you make or what destiny has in store for you.

My review

Romcom is usually a genre that doesn’t interest me when it comes to reading books. I love watching movies in that genre but not books. The reason being I find them to be too cliched and kind of like too good to be true instances.

But I’ve read Divya’s other two books and when I came to know that her recent release was a romcom I wanted to give a try. Trust me that maybe if she writes more in the same genre I might also think of changing my opinions about reading that genre.

The book according to me was the kind I could finish in one go. One because the plot was intriguing, loved the characterisation and three was the mixture of elements that Divya added to keep the reader engaged.

The dialogues are penned quirky and definitely would leave you with a stomach hurts feel when you actually imagine the scene visually. I would attribute this specifically to the one’s that belong to Abhimanyu.

He is one character who will make you fall head over heels in love. Sitara the heroine is a go better. Her character portrayal is as such she is someone who will see that she gets what she wants.

The way astrology has been brought into this plot and how it’s handled sure is commendable. No sentiments hurt but it sure plays a crucial role in making Sitara manipulate by choosing dates favourable for Abhimanyu. I mean how cool is that huh!..

So does she get what she wants in her career? That definitely needs one to read the book to see where she lands.

The language as in her previous books is pretty simple and easier to comprehend. And totally no blah blah romantic dialogues that are unbelievable, Thank god.

Also love the cover design that equally portrays what should you be expecting when you read the book.

Author bio

Divya, often called ‘ baal ki dukaan’, struggled with unruly, thick, curly hair for over two decades before she realized her hair looks best when it’s left uncombed! She loves using her curls to hold the numerous pens, pencils and paintbrushes she needs while she’s writing, doodling or working. She gets her best creative ides when she’s hanging upside down, doing anti-gravity yoga. If you’re in Bangalore, you might spot her (and her distinctive curls!) with her husband Vivek. Their quest to eat bizarre foods from around the world features in her first book, Dare Eat That. Follow her at:


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7 Replies to “Review of written in the stars”

  1. I heard about this book some time back. Yes, bringing horoscope, astrology into the story plot is truly a commendable thought. And going by your review and my past readings, it seems Divya has done full justice.


  2. I am hearing a lot about this book all across the web. I agree with your though and feel the same that romance is a genre that is more preferable in visual medium rather than in books. loved your honest review. you had made me curious to give this book a try.


  3. What a wonderful review of the book! Thanks to you, I intend to read ‘Written in the Stars’ this week itself, as I love the romance genre. I am also curious to know what choices people make to get ahead in life and if love has an integral part to play in that journey.


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