Lessons from As a man thinketh

I’m still dumbstruck that books published long long ago still hold good when it comes to giving us life lessons. Published in a period where there was not much importance to trends and fads these books convey the lessons of leading life in a fulfilling manner.

As a man thinketh was published in 1902 by James Allen. Self-help books are usually deemed very long but on the contrary this book gives you the lessons in almost an hour.

Known as one of the self-help classics the books is centred predominantly on the theme that harnessing the power of thoughts helps you to master life. Did you know that James Allen was a pioneer in the self-help movement?

You become what you think

The person who you are now, us because of the thoughts that you previously had or having now. If you’d want to incorporate a change start changing the thoughts .

The hidden seeds of thoughts give rise to all actions of a person.

Good thoughts and results can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results.

Divine perfection is achieved with choosing and applying good thoughts. But on the other side, choosing and applying wrong thoughts can make him stoop below the level of beast.

If it is time to weed out bad thoughts it is today. Choose this day to not accept the negative thoughts and fight back. To take control of life, take control of your mind.

Mind is like a garden

The mind is a garden thay can be cultivated in a wise manner or if let loose can grow wild. It is upto you to sow the seeds of beautiful flowers, if not you will see useless weeds.

Think of you as the gardener who pulls out unnecessary weeds and chooses the right seed to sow, nurture and yield beautiful flowers. Choosing to showcase your mind with beautiful flowers or useless weeds depends upon your thoughts.

Life is beautiful when you make the right choices if not the mind is consumed by useless weeds.

“A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild.”

The beautiful thoughts can be a skill, or a life changing decision so start making the right choices.

Thoughts can not only mentally affect you, it can physically too

Your thoughts which include the how and what can influence not only your mental health but also the body physically.

Being healthy is not only about the body, it also includes the mind. So people who constantly fear of contracting diseases are often the ones who suffer.

The body is the mind’s servant so it choses to obey the signals it receives.

Change of diet will not help a man who will not change his thoughts.

The way of thinking also affects the way people age. People in nineties are bright and always smiling but whereas the one’s in mid thirty to forties are still seen with inharmonious contours.

Anxiety quickly demoralizes the whole body, and lays it open to the, entrance of disease.

What you think can have an impact on your sleep cycle, heart rate and chronic illness. You can think your way to wrinkly skin. Whereas happy and cheerful thoughts can make you beam with youthfulness.

You being shaped doesn’t rely on your circumstances

Just because you’re from a different background or an environment that is unsupportive doesn’t mean that you cannot get what you want. The outer world of circumstances shapes your inner world of thoughts so your circumstances don’t stand the chance to decide what you cannot achieve.

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they, therefore, remain bound

You are free to choose the way to respond to any circumstance. And do you know what’s the best way? To focus the area where you have control. You win life if you choose to focus on areas which have your control and ways to improvise.

Thoughts and actions go hand in hand

Most self-help preachers say that you can achieve if you believe in something. Known as the law of attraction.

However, James on the other hand says that the thoughts on your mind will only be the starting point. If the thoughts are not supported by right actions, you can never achieve what you wished for.

Stepping out, taking action and achieving what you want gets you to your dream. Just sitting and waiting for it to come to you will do no good.

Not what he wishes and prays for does a man get, but what he justly earns. His wishes and prayers are only gratified and answered when they harmonize with his thoughts and actions.
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16 Replies to “Lessons from As a man thinketh”

  1. I am getting more and more interested in the lessons you are sharing through these posts. Really liked the cover of the book and the flying birds depicting the thoughts.


    1. Self help book has never been my genre so despite being an avid reader who has read nearly most classic and must read books, I’ve not read this book as yet. But your review and the lessons to learn frm this are indeed why the book is so popular and still so famous with the readers.


  2. I love the line mind is like a garden. agree, your thought process put a strong impact on our mental and also on physical health. during these days, I did not get much time to read books, learning lots of important life lessons from great books through your recent posts.


  3. I would love to read this book as I’m a huge fan of self help books. I have personally overcome anxiety, self doubt, and depression a few years ago, and would love to seek further advice from the author. Looks like an interesting read 🙂


  4. Our thoughts have immense power and how we harnessing the power of thoughts indeed helps in making life a better place to live. I have not read many self-help books as I seriously lack that patience but I have known people who have really benefited from such books. Will surely recommend this one to a friend who loves to read this genre.


  5. The paragraph said – You are what your mind is, had got me into it. Yes, we manifest our thoughts in a way beyond one’s belief. I am not into self-help books, but the way you reviewed this, I am definitely going to read this one.


  6. Lesson learnt from this book are immense. Would love to grab my copy as I love self help books. I agree when you say focus on things which are in your control this is what we called circle of influence.


  7. Totally agree that thought not only affects us mentally but physically as well. This looks like intriguing read. Would check out


  8. Absolutely true it is. Our thoughts make us who we are. If our thoughts are guarded and good, we will be lead to good direction. Must read book


  9. Loved the book cover. You’re so right, our thoughts have the capacity to influence our lives and we must insist on thinking good. The quotes are all meaningful.


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