How to stay happy

~Dalai Lama

Everyone agrees in unison to the above thought but a question that lingers in their mind is how to be happy always?

Happiness means different things for different people. For me it would be a good night’s sleep and for you it could be something different. There could be some similarity in things that would make us happy but on rare occasions it can be a probability that same things could make people happier.

We juggle a lot in life. Career, family, education but in the end we always want to feel good by being happy. Happiness can’t be bought by exchanging money in supermarket nor is instantaneous if we switch on a button. I hope somebody invents with that innovative thought, so that many people who are in search of happiness would benefit.

But do we realize that we always look out for something or someone to make us happy. So just like it is a known fact our happiness depends on external factors. We fail to recognize and we are definitely missing out on something that is so very near but not seen or felt. Any guesses?

Start believing that happiness exists within us, our thoughts,beliefs then your goal of becoming happy is easily reachable.So a pleasant feeling in your subconscious mind is dependent on the choice of thoughts that makes you happy.

It is all interconnected. Thoughts, emotions and state of mind. If confidence, focusing interest, anger or fearing is an individual trait don’t forget to include happiness among them.

If you can work on making yourself a confident person or to focus attention keeping yourself happy by inculcation of position thoughts and beliefs shouldn’t be difficult.

There are a lot of of ways that help in understanding how to stay happy .

Here are ways you can keep yourself happy.


Most people either brood over the past or think too much ahead about future that they fail to enjoy what is happening at present. In short they fail to live in the present. Make sure you cherish what is happening right now so that doesn’t add up to your thinking bucket of past. Most important secret of happiness is to live in the present.


Unhappiness is due to negative thoughts which make your mind scattered. As a result your mind focuses only on picking negative vibes. Channelizing your thoughts on the right path is the best solution. Observe negative beliefs or thoughts, remind that you deserve only happiness and do this constantly. Replace the negatives with positive thoughts. Whatever you focus grows so let that be positive always.


Honest and sincere expression of gratitude is the birthplace of happiness. Be thankful to who you are and what you see around you. Have the feeling of content and be grateful for what you have. Did you know that you attract positive vibes when you express gratitude?


The most important thing for happiness is that to understand and accept that you have no control over other person’s action or thoughts. You are going to remain unhappy if you decide that you could change people if you control them.


Identify what you are good at. Your strengths, abilities are what you should be aware of and that would make you happy. List them out and start focusing on them. Channelize your thoughts on those positive beliefs. Tap out the huge potential that lies inside you.


Who doesn’t have challenges. Life could be partial but definitely everyone has challenges at some point in life. Challenges are only to test your inner potential. Unless we face challenges we are not aware of what we are capable of. Overcoming challenges makes you stronger.


Ample and adequate sleep is necessary for peace of mind. The body and mind are connected and if you do not give enough rest to the body, you are putting yourself under stress, confused mind and unhappiness creeps in.

Exercise or workout on the other hand helps in release of hormones that help in physical and mental well-being. Practicing breathing exercises increases oxygen flow and makes you feel fresh and energetic.


Learn to be a giver in life. Helping others definitely gives a sense of satisfaction followed by happiness.

Money , vacation,property give you temporary happiness. Only if you are happy within you can enjoy them. You should focus on your long term thoughts by setting priorities in life and take control of your thoughts and live a deserving life.

Our thoughts, emotions and mindfulness will land you a happy life. So it is never late for you to start building habits that will guarantee a happy and fulfilling life.

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18 Replies to “How to stay happy”

  1. Great List! Happy people are healthier. If you need another reason why you should be happy right now, here’s a good one: research shows a direct correlation between health and happiness. Happy people tend to take better care of themselves by exercising more and eating healthier than unhappy folks.


  2. Good food, good sleep and good people – my happiness mantra. I also believe that happiness lies within, we need to be happy whenever we can be. Don’t see others, just be yourself and seek your own happiness. Lovely post Sindhu.


  3. A very important post. Being happy is in the mind. One can be happy when things are not going as planned. One can be unhappy even if one has everything. Gratitude and appreciation are very important.


  4. Such a beautiful post. Agree to everything that you have mentioned here. One has to realise if that if we want to make others happy, we need to learn to be happy first!


  5. Loved your post. There is no better advice than enjoying the present to be happy. We all have regrets. But brooding over things we cannot control or undo makes no point.


  6. Acceptance and heart filled with gratitude truly does wonders in the life. Sindhu your post is a reminder for all of us to look at the bright side of the life, such posts fills us with bundle of positivity.


  7. Nice post and all your tips are very relevant. When we feel low, we should try to do something that we know for sure brings us joy. We can also help out others – it is a very humbling and therapeutic experience. We realize how much it means to some people and we learn to be thankful for what we have.


  8. I strongly believe in the saying that Happiness is a choice, not the result. If you are determined to be happy, no factors can make you feel low. You are always capable of seeing the bright side of life by practicing positivity. The feeling of Gratitude makes you humble and happy inside and out.


  9. Very well written and expressed post. This is the reminder to all of us who are finding happiness outside when it it s actually within us. We should not be bother about things which are not in our control. Accept the way they are and be grateful. It’s our thoughts which creates emotions. So one we learn to control or thoughts things will automatically fall into place.


  10. Happiness has a different approach for all but there are some common points that you’ve discovered in this post. Adequate sleep, workout, healthy lifestyle, self-awareness help in achieving the target.


  11. For me, Money, the property is the temporary attraction that causes happiness. If you are happy with your soul then anything can give smile on your face and you feel happiness


  12. Your article has pointed out the best points to stay happy. But it is in human nature to find happiness in others or in other events rather than in themselves hence practising the points mentioned in your article often becomes difficult and is lost. Personally for me sleep is my way to happiness


  13. This is true happiness means different things for different people. You shared a great list to achieve happiness. And yes it is never late to start building habits that will guarantee a happy and fulfilling life.


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