Reasons to switch to a menstrual cup

Embracing a pad-free, zero-waste menstrual cycle and switching to a menstrual cup takes a lot of patience and guts in my opinion. Inserting an alien object into the private part gives me jitters even as I thought about it. But, I’ve seen women making the change, feeling comfortable and most importantly helped spread the word to make other women cupvert.

Busting the Myths on why not to use the cup click here

Painful experience to get it inside and fit it properly.

Patience and being relaxed is the first step. There are a lot of YouTube videos that help understand the different types of folds. Choose the one that best suits you and you are sure to be a pro after a couple of cycles. Do not aim to get it right at the first time, this isn’t a race or a competition.

Fear of loosing the cup inside . Ouch!!

That is not going to happen for sure. You can relax, it’s not a tiny pill that is going to get lost or get dissolved. Moreover, the cup isn’t going to pass through cervix so no matter how much you fear it isn’t going anywhere but staying where you exactly put it.

Thinking it needs to be removed when you use the restroom every single time.

You might need to revisit your biology chapters to understand your private parts. You bleed menstrual blood through vagina so the cup stays there. You pee through the urethra and poop through the rectum, so they are all different holes and you needn’t remove the cup every time you visit the restroom.

Fear of the cup overflowing

That’s where the size comes into play. Did you know that you need to empty the cup only twice if you are a person with regular flow. But if you are a person with heavy bleeding, even then it is highly unlikely that the cup would overflow within an eight-hour period.

Thought of inserting plastic inside

Medical or health grade silicone is the material the cup is made of, so it is safer to use. It’s rash-free, itch-free and makes it comfortable.

Pad-free period

Tips for usage of menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

Sterilize the cup, since safety is first

Make sure you sterilize the cup by boiling it, before and after your period. Place the cup in a pot with water, turn on stove, bring to boil and turn it off. Remove the cup, wipe it dry and store it in a cloth bag.

Trying out different folds

Once you buy the cup, try out different folds available on the internet. Choose the one that suits you, the C fold doesn’t suit everyone, you might even find a better one.

Learn positions to insert it

Relaxing and finding a comfortable position to insert the cup is just like finding the fold that suits you. Sitting , squatting or lifting either one of the legs should make it work.

Learning and understanding the how tos before the period

Trying it out during period is going to be very difficult. Make sure you watch videos on insertion, position and sterilizing before your period so that it’s easier for you to do it. Learning how to relax the pelvic area also plays an important role when you use the cup. How the cup works when inserted definitely helps preparing yourself mentally and physically.

Checking the leaks

The fear of leak is the biggest for any women. So how do you check for leaks? There is a pop sound that you hear once the cup is in.

Not keeping it longer than 8-10 hours

Most cups can be kept till 12 hours, they are safer than pads. But make sure you empty it when it exceeds 8 hours just to be on the safer side.

Cleaning before re-inserting

When you empty the cup for re-inserting, make sure you wash it with hot water if it’s available. Else a couple of washes with regular water also works.

How pelvic muscles can help?

Relaxing pelvic muscles by taking deep breaths makes it easier for insertion. Using the muscles to push the cup out makes it easy to remove. Squatting helps relax to get the cup out.

Using cloth pads of low flow days

Depending on the cycle and your flow you can switch to cloth pad beyond three days or days when you have lighter flow.

What are the advantages to use the cup?

  • The menstrual cup is the most environmentally friendly and cheap option that is hygienic and also is zero-waste.
  • Much more hygienic than pads to use for longer duration.
  • Makes the period most comfortable because you forget that you have it inside.
  • Makes it easy to do physical activities when you wear a cup.
  • Using the cup, helps reduce menstrual cramps.

Sirona menstrual cup helps in giving you a peaceful period experience by making it odour-free, itch-free and rash-free. It offers 10-hour protection and is one of the cheapest options for a menstrual cup. click here

Reasons to switch to a menstrual cup

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35 Replies to “Reasons to switch to a menstrual cup”

  1. I never used a menstrual cup as I find it uncomfortable inserting something inside your sensitive organ. But I guess, due to travel for longer timespan I at least can try to use it. God post with information.


  2. I am hearing a lot about menstrual cups but I am not comfortable in using them. I am quite hesitant in inserting something inside. But have heard many good reviews about it.


  3. I have been thinking for this from the last year. Glad that you shared so many useful facts here. Would give it a thought once again. Thanks for sharing this information dear.


  4. These are some true reasons to make a switch to menstrual cups. I personally feel it is comfortable and hassle free ,best for the environment too


  5. You have clarified my doubts, Sindhu. Each of the points you raised, I have been worrying about. I guess it is time to switch to using the Menstrual Cup.


  6. Menstrual cups are indeed the thing now. Given the environmental hazards caused by sanitary napkins it’s imperative, we shift to safer options like Menstrual cups. I am also planning to shift


  7. A very informative post. I am still skeptical about switching to a menstrual cup due to my allergies. And not really comfortable with the idea of inserting something for a long period of time. But your post has helped clear some of my doubts.


  8. I am long past the age, but this post would be very useful for those who want to try menstrual cups. This is a very detailed post, and I like how you tried to clear up all doubts women might have.


  9. A pad free life would have been so good. I am past all this but it used to be a nightmare for sure. You have given such a detailed description of the menstrual cup. Hope more women start using it.


  10. Im still skeptical about the use but do want to make the switch. Many women say that they did it since the lockdown as it is the best time as we are at home all the time. Great detailed information on it.


  11. This is one change iam yet to make. Just an illogical mental block I need to get rid of first. Despite reading up so many blogs and researching and speaking to users, Iam still on the fence on this one 😦


  12. Thanks for clearing my doubt about the menstrual cup, I was having so many questions about it. But now I am clear with all. Its time I should start using menstrual cup


  13. Honestly have heard and read numerous benefits and good things about Menstrual cups, I am still not ready to shift from pads to cups. You have well covered all the aspects regarding the menstrual cups; hopefully, I will be able to bring this change in me in the future.


  14. Being a girl I will suggest to use menstrual cup because it’s reducing the number of pads and helps to save a portion of expenses of monthly pads….. And pads, tampons are not reusable…. But menstrual cups are…..


  15. I have been using it for a few months now I can totally see all the benefits. it’s all a mental block…I feel so happy that I am contributing towards the environment …aand your post is quite exhaustive..a good reference guide for new initiators


  16. I have been meaning to start using menstrual cups since some time but never got around to it. Your article clears all the doubts. Great post.


  17. I know Menstrual cup is the future. I have not used it till date as I do have some concerns but I guess I will need to switch at some point of time. This is a good post and has definitely convinced me.


  18. This is such an important topic worth discussing. Good to know that Sirona menstrual cup is paving the way in this direction. All women crave for a peaceful period experience and it helps when you have a product like Sirona.


  19. I really want to switch to menstrual cup but not getting courage to do that. Your post is really informative and really convinced me to give it a try.


  20. Menstrual cups are enviornment friendly and switching to it will be very helpful. I am reading ng more about it and talking to people your are using it so. That I can switch it over. Thanks for sharing such an insightful post.


  21. Although this is the most environmentally friendly option, I haven’t gathered the courage to use one yet, maybe I will someday. Thank you for sharing such a detailed post about the menstrual cup.


  22. Absolutely menstrual cup is not only good for ourselves, it’s affordable and good for environment too.


  23. I’ve have been planning on making the switch but something is holding me back. I have read a lot of benefits and good things about using a cup instead of pad and I need to convince myself to go for it.


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