Why should you choose Leapwaters coding camp for your child?

“Code has become the 4th literacy. Everyone needs to know how our digital world works, not just engineers.”

Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation

We live in a digitally fueled era. Constantly empowering ourselves to keep up with the modern world is what we do to keep kids engaged. We need to understand how we use technology for media literacy, career prospects and life problems.

We have an app for everything around us. Right from when you wake up to tracking your fitness, heart rate, the number of glasses of water you drink , calorie count, log appointments everything has an app.

Technology addiction is slowly catching up and so being a technical literate is very much important to survive in this world. Kids these days have abundance of opportunities to learn new skills which we didn’t have doors open to. Getting all you need with a click or the tap of a mouse makes things even more easier.

Learning to code is one such skill that has been gaining popularity in recent times. Though we do not force our kids to get into a professional career that involves coding, the skill thy gain is going to help them in many ways.

I am a parent who does not force kids to gain or learn new skills, but I am the one who looks for opportunities that can work wonders for kids. Letting the child know what the course comprises and what would that reap for them makes them understand and decide. Kids these days do have technical knowledge much more than a novice adult of the 80s and 90s. When they know that once they master the skill they can create personalized programs to get their work done why would they not agree?

So if you are a parent thinking you do not have enough reasons to decide why you should enroll your child for leapwaters coding camp, here are reasons why kids should learn code.

Having fun while learning

When the learning process involves fun, kids are definitely into it. So when fun is involved when they learn coding, they will definitely enjoy the process of learning. The sheer joy of making things, solving problems and learning is offered by coding. Making something work without having to touch it is fun right? That’s how it is for kids.

Learn problem solving

Solving a problem is the first step in coding. Improvising, building something from scratch, fixing something that is broken coding involves problem solving.
Everything doesn’t see success in the first try. Multiple trials lead to a solid solution. This is a more elegant way to approach problem solving.

Learn logical reasoning

When kids learn to solve problems, they follow a process to learn logical thinking with reasoning that helps them to find a solution. Kids learn to think by themselves, question the assumptions , find solutions , test them. They learn to understand what will work and what will not also the whys.

Helps to acquire core soft skills

Once kids progress to code at a complicated level you will notice they also develop lot of focus and organizational skills. So in turn this will pave way for them to improve communication and resilience.

Improved skill of story telling and persistence

Every piece of code has a beginning, a middle and an end, just like how a story is. This thought process of modelling a code will help them to excel in creative writing and communication.

Children learn by making mistakes. They love to experiment.

Complex coding can sometimes require a lot of effort that leads to frustration but that also boosts up the mind to find what is right and how to get it done. So when kids do this from a young age they learn to solve problems by making persistent efforts to look for solutions.

Makes them love math

Growing up math was always a subject that gave me jitters. I still remember that I get anxiety attacks the day before math exam. But children these days have a lot of fun methods to learn math and makes them grasp easily. One such and the most prominent choice would be their exposure to coding.

Coding is the language of math. Children do learn math unknowingly because coding does include skills like organizing and analyzing data. They put a lot of logical thinking and come up with calculations while creating the solution for a problem, which also helps in math.

Why leapwaters coding camp can be your best choice?

  • Leapwaters is a platform born out of an Indo-swedish collaboration,the curriculum is designed and built by global experts who are young and energetic bunch of educators.Leapwaters uses data science and analytics unlike the traditional learning method to make kids gain expertise in programming languages.
  • Leapwaters offers high quality, live classes on multiple languages.
  • Leapwaters coding camp is affordable and is one of the best gift of literacy you can provide your child. They also offer a 10% upon enrolling for the camp.
  • Kids get a certificate on completing the coding camp which could be their passport to the digital world.


Leapwaters offers a varied range of courses for kids. Game development, artificial intelligence & machine learning.web development, creative computing, app development are courses that are offered by leapwaters.

These courses span for about a month and have 12 live sessions plus a lifetime access to the video tutorials which are in English and Hindi.

The kids who enroll into these courses also have access to notes and academic articles.

Each course is priced at 1800/-. You will get 10% on enrolling in a Leapwaters coding camp. Sweet deal!

They also have an option of gifting a course. So next time when you think of gifting options for a kid, this treasure trove of digital literacy could be an apt birthday gift.

If you still aren’t sure about this, take a look at Leapwaters coding camp website and I’m sure that their package will definitely help in making a decision. Let’s gift our children a pathway to digital literacy thanks to Leapwaters coding camp.

Reasons to switch to a menstrual cup

Embracing a pad-free, zero-waste menstrual cycle and switching to a menstrual cup takes a lot of patience and guts in my opinion. Inserting an alien object into the private part gives me jitters even as I thought about it. But, I’ve seen women making the change, feeling comfortable and most importantly helped spread the word to make other women cupvert.

Busting the Myths on why not to use the cup click here

Painful experience to get it inside and fit it properly.

Patience and being relaxed is the first step. There are a lot of YouTube videos that help understand the different types of folds. Choose the one that best suits you and you are sure to be a pro after a couple of cycles. Do not aim to get it right at the first time, this isn’t a race or a competition.

Fear of loosing the cup inside . Ouch!!

That is not going to happen for sure. You can relax, it’s not a tiny pill that is going to get lost or get dissolved. Moreover, the cup isn’t going to pass through cervix so no matter how much you fear it isn’t going anywhere but staying where you exactly put it.

Thinking it needs to be removed when you use the restroom every single time.

You might need to revisit your biology chapters to understand your private parts. You bleed menstrual blood through vagina so the cup stays there. You pee through the urethra and poop through the rectum, so they are all different holes and you needn’t remove the cup every time you visit the restroom.

Fear of the cup overflowing

That’s where the size comes into play. Did you know that you need to empty the cup only twice if you are a person with regular flow. But if you are a person with heavy bleeding, even then it is highly unlikely that the cup would overflow within an eight-hour period.

Thought of inserting plastic inside

Medical or health grade silicone is the material the cup is made of, so it is safer to use. It’s rash-free, itch-free and makes it comfortable.

Pad-free period

Tips for usage of menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

Sterilize the cup, since safety is first

Make sure you sterilize the cup by boiling it, before and after your period. Place the cup in a pot with water, turn on stove, bring to boil and turn it off. Remove the cup, wipe it dry and store it in a cloth bag.

Trying out different folds

Once you buy the cup, try out different folds available on the internet. Choose the one that suits you, the C fold doesn’t suit everyone, you might even find a better one.

Learn positions to insert it

Relaxing and finding a comfortable position to insert the cup is just like finding the fold that suits you. Sitting , squatting or lifting either one of the legs should make it work.

Learning and understanding the how tos before the period

Trying it out during period is going to be very difficult. Make sure you watch videos on insertion, position and sterilizing before your period so that it’s easier for you to do it. Learning how to relax the pelvic area also plays an important role when you use the cup. How the cup works when inserted definitely helps preparing yourself mentally and physically.

Checking the leaks

The fear of leak is the biggest for any women. So how do you check for leaks? There is a pop sound that you hear once the cup is in.

Not keeping it longer than 8-10 hours

Most cups can be kept till 12 hours, they are safer than pads. But make sure you empty it when it exceeds 8 hours just to be on the safer side.

Cleaning before re-inserting

When you empty the cup for re-inserting, make sure you wash it with hot water if it’s available. Else a couple of washes with regular water also works.

How pelvic muscles can help?

Relaxing pelvic muscles by taking deep breaths makes it easier for insertion. Using the muscles to push the cup out makes it easy to remove. Squatting helps relax to get the cup out.

Using cloth pads of low flow days

Depending on the cycle and your flow you can switch to cloth pad beyond three days or days when you have lighter flow.

What are the advantages to use the cup?

  • The menstrual cup is the most environmentally friendly and cheap option that is hygienic and also is zero-waste.
  • Much more hygienic than pads to use for longer duration.
  • Makes the period most comfortable because you forget that you have it inside.
  • Makes it easy to do physical activities when you wear a cup.
  • Using the cup, helps reduce menstrual cramps.

Sirona menstrual cup helps in giving you a peaceful period experience by making it odour-free, itch-free and rash-free. It offers 10-hour protection and is one of the cheapest options for a menstrual cup. click here

Reasons to switch to a menstrual cup

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