Review of Zetta, the poinsettia


Follow the tale of Zetta, once a lonely poinsettia who discovers her worth outside the holiday season

  • Uplifting story in verse
  • Powerful lessons on sympathy, self-worth, and hope
  • BONUS ONE: Page to color at the back of the book
  • BONUS TWO: Fun facts about the poinsettia plant


This lovely book is about Zetta, the poinsettia plant. Zetta feels lonely in the shop and longs to be held and be in company. She then is taken to a warm home where children on holiday are ready for celebrations.

As each day passed, with so much of celebration around, Zetta enjoyed being joyful during the holiday season. There were crackling sounds of gift wrappers, sipping sound of hot chocolate and slipper sounds.

But suddenly one day everything vanished and things were being put away. Zetta was puzzled but she was strong, alive and full of love. She was worried that she would be out away just like the tree. But she believed that there was a reason to be.

She was then placed near the kitchen window along with other plants where she would grow of the minimal sunlight along with other plants. She was not lonely any more.

When she grew up, she was placed in a nigger pot and brought outdoor. She would get more sunlight. She edged the front door growing bigger. But she always kept in mind whether or not it was holiday season she would always reach toward light. For she believes that there is always a reason to be.

This book brings you so much of positivity and self-esteem through the story of Zetta. The once lonely flower who longed for company also believed that there is a reason to be.

The illustrations are adorable and bring in so much energy and magic when you look at them. This book is a sure winner among the kids and among parents to help them teach the values to kids. The idea of making the plant a protagonist and having told the story from her point of view is a brilliant thought.

The book sure is to put a smile on every face and would be a great gifting option. I love the fact that the book comes with facts about the plant, so would be of great help for people (like me) who do not know that such a plant exists. Also it comes with a page to color at the back of the book so you get a wonderful story and also an activity as a reward for your kid. The cover gives you so much joy and I’m sure the book would definitely stock out soon in the shops, given that nobody would cross without picking it up. Next time you think of gifting your child, this book is a great option and sure is a memorable one.


  • ISBN-13: 9780998536262
  • ISBN-10: 0998536261
  • Publisher: Sweetbeet Books
  • Publish Date: November 2018
  • Page Count: 34
  • Reading Level: Ages 4-8


Title: 4/5

Plot: 4.5/5

Cover: 4/5

Writing and presentation: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5


Alma is the award-winning author of picture books for children published by Sweetbeet Books. In Alma Hammond’s ‘Travel with Me’ series, children will meet creatures she encountered while traveling. The stories celebrate friendship, diversity, respect for nature, and acceptance of others and self. Each book includes fun facts about the animals, culture, and geography of a particular location. All of Alma’s children’s books are written to entertain both the adult and child, and are inspired by fascinating discoveries about life. When adults express excitement about a book while reading it to a child, its magic!

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