Review of Urban insanity


In this urban life, where each day can drive us insane, we crave sanity, tranquility and yearn to achieve it. You can only attain the code to live your life by keeping your mind, heart and soul as sorted as much possible. Only then your mind and your physical being can feel the essence of living. When you relate to someone like you, you resonate to life and to the craziness that life has brought you to. We have made simplicity extinct and complexities exist with our jumbled minds. So let’s open this jumble with Urban Insanity.

‘A few realities are bitter and the rest are too sweet. To those things that are priceless in life, we shall never take them for granted.


The book contains a collection of short chapters each talking about different aspects of life like karma, culture, relationship, and life goals.

Each story talks about a single aspect and is explained with a story. The quotes by the author are really very good and apt for the current trend of life.

The book speaks about the culture of urban life and what impacts does it impose on us human beings.

Though the book has very few number of pages, I took a lot of time to read and understand the author’s message that was to be conveyed.

Self introspection, gender stereotypes and the discussions surrounding the topics make a book quite an interesting read. The illustrations and quotes are cute. Listing down a favourite below.

I thought I am where I imagined,

But then I dreamt more.

The author’s POV on certain places is genuine and acceptable.

The language is simple and is easy for anyone to read. There are no complexities in understanding what the author is trying to convey.

The comparisons that the author used were seriously out of box marriage with a cocoon and life with Bombay sandwich.

If you are looking for a self- help book touching modern thinkings this should be your go-to book.


Publisher : Notion press, Inc.

Pages : 144



Saheba Atal is a business scholar, spiritual learner, and an innovative thinker. She studied at the University of Delhi and pursued her Masters’ degree at the University of Wollongong, Dubai. She is a promoter of positive, practical thinking and the progression of the mind to higher levels. Being an avid traveller, she has learned and observed many cultures and sub-cultures of the eastern and western world closely.

She is studying Anthropology and Sociology along with her Ph.D. in Consumer Behaviour.
The idea of this book culminated through the emotions that we as social beings go through with the ups and downs in life which surprises our emotional and mental capabilities and capacities many a times.

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