Review of Sanjana’s seduction

Sanjana is a beautiful Indian woman, in love with and married to Rohit for ten years – a man who has recently cheated on her. As she tries to recover from Rohit’s corrosive impact on her life, Sanjana reaches out to her sister Radhika for solace. With Radhika’s help, Sanjana rediscovers the pleasures of casual sex and in doing so, rediscovers her own sexuality and happiness.


The book is a short fast paced read that can be finished in almost half an hour.

As the title claims you are openly given an idea of what the book is about or what genre the book would be about. It is strictly advised that only mature adults pick this up.

The book is of erotica genre that is evident from the title. The narration was good and done well at places.

The plot is about Sanjana , a lady who experiments casual relationships in the midst of her divorce with Rohit. The plot does not speak about how the marriage happened or why did it fall apart. It starts with Sanjana masturbating. She goes crazy seeing an actor on screen.

I quickly finished the book during lunch break and sat down for a review. This is the first book in the edge of ecstasy series.

Do pick this if you are looking for a quick read in erotica.


  • Publication date: 10 Apr 2019
  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07Q7N2R1Z


Title -3.5/5

Writing and presentation -3.5/5

Plot -3.5/5

Cover -3.5/5

Overall -3.5/5

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