Being a selfless mother #superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa

The clear-cut definition of a mother is selfless service to another. In return for her abundance, she receives no lack of admiration.

Mom or mother as she is known lovingly is always really good at putting the needs of others before her own. She is so very good that there is never a single syllable ‘no’ from her; I often wonder has she forgotten the word. The ‘me time’ factor that is doing all rounds now for the modern moms like us was never taken up by her or her ancestors I hear of.

She has always tended to the needs of me and my sister before herself. The way she takes care of her in laws or her parents you can never draw a line of difference. The innumerable sacrifices she has made such as looking after us when we were small, catering to a job 8-3 and then getting back to us when we come back from school has made her very busy. She continues to help even now. Taking care of my daughter as a child of her own is something I really I am elated about.

We do live in a culture that women in particular the mothers must be selfless, caring and emotionally available. The society waits for a chance to pounce if in a way the women is distant, intolerant and selfish.

The exhaustion, the bitterness in silence, emotional labor that they go through constantly is the end results of the selfless moms who give themselves tirelessly. Not all women or mothers find themselves in this burdensome cycle, but those who do seem to live in a reality dictated by everyone else’s needs.

We have known a proverb that could not have said better “God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers.” We also know that “The mother is a school; if she is well reared, you are sure to build a nation.”

So let us make sure we do ask them if they are in need of something, devote some time to look after them, take them out and make them enjoy life much as we do nowadays.

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14 Replies to “Being a selfless mother #superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa”

  1. This blog post makes me miss my mother. We stay miles apart but stay connected via phone call and video chats. Whenever I get a break from college, I visit her via a quick flight and hug her in my arms. Love this blog post. Made me emotional, kinda!

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  2. My mother was warm and I can not forget her definitely. But it was my father who has loved us like a mother since she passed away. So in this blogpost, I would replace my father for being a motherly person in my life who looked after two of his grand daughters with a charm of a lady and the patience of a man. Lovely post…reminded me to call him now 🙂 Thanks.


  3. This is such a wonderful ode to the most important role model in our lives. Our mothers. Working or not they manage so much on multiple fronts. It is a thought provoking idea that you have left with this post. kudos to you!


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