Review of City of nine gates


An atheistic millionaire is forced to find and help his long lost friend achieve self-realization in a mystical City of Nine Gates known only to the Gods and the wisest sages of the Advait and the Sankhya. Assisted by other friends in the City, he leads the City on an inward enlightening journey, only to realize at the end who his friend is, what actually the City of Nine Gates is and who is that beyond all regions knowing which one never comes back … “When the Gods descend to devastate, When Kalyuga meets Apocalypse, Out of a Billion, Only one strives, Of those who strive, Only one achieves, What those sages realized, and you still haven’t, knowing which, one never comes back. Rise O’ Cities! It’s time to liberate, It’s time, to realize…”

The city of nine gates takes you on a spiritual journey. The book is filled with verses in Sanskrit then and there which at times makes you forget that you are reading a novel.
The story is about protagonist Gyan who is a multi-millionaire but also an atheist. But his real interest is archeology. One fine day Gyan and his friend discover a structure carved from a single stone resembling that of a fort. The fort underneath a hidden city. Not just that he realizes that there is something more than just the fort and the city. And what does he discover? A temple.
The city is cursed and who will help the city come of out of it, none other than Gyan. He is helped by the magic fabric which helps him note the various information he gathers.
Gyan notices inimitable features Leading him to way into a temple from the pillars of fort. But the combination of five elements of nature is the only way to have the pillar open and lead way to the temple. The temple is protected by 12 priests in deep penance which is disturbed due to alien presence. Thus realizing his importance to unlock the secret and uplift the curse and release the souls, Gyan sets into action.
The book is enriched with truths of self-realization and the almighty, anon to mankind.
The book takes you on a spiritual journey no don’t get me wrong this is interesting to even young readers.
Gyan’s journey set amidst spiritual elements, archeology, mythology makes this a wonderful read. The background research done for the novel is very evident when you complete it.
The glossary at the back is indeed of great help to make you understand the terms in Sanskrit used by the author. For someone who is well versed in Sanskrit or already very good with spiritual or religious terms the reading of this book is a cakewalk.
I loved reading the book, since it was a new genre for me to review. The experience was just wonderful just taking your own time to get all the details absorbed, jumping to the glossary and the story back and forth to understand the terms. This made me wonder the effort that the author would have put in to research the plot and the vedic verses to support the plot.
It was a challenging mission that Gyan set out on with Parth to lift the curse on supernatural city. During the course of the quest he comes to know how the human mind comes into captivity, how the imbalance of feelings, mind, actions can create disruption to human soul.
Gyan’s charcter was thought out perfectly and in no place you see exaggeration, or him jumping to conclusions of what he finds out.
On the whole the book is a wonderful read, when you have all the time to sit in peace and read.

Paperback:300 pages
Publisher:Notion Press; 1 edition (11 July 2014)

Cover: 4/5
Title: 4/5
plot: 4/5
Writing and Presentation: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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