Review of what will people think ? By Rashi Dubey


Do you want to fulfill your dreams? If yes, then the next question should be ‘how-to-move-ahead’, but is it really the next question you ask yourself? What about the numerous fears that precede this valid question like ‘What-will-they-think?’, ‘Should I?’, ‘Is it okay?’, ‘What about my image?’, ‘How will it look to other people?’ And at last, you crush your own dreams. That’s the choice most of us make. Isn’t it? This is a tale about one such middle-class family, the Guptas. In spite of being a member of such family, Riya chooses to follow her dreams. During her unconventional journey, her family disowns her. Will she be able to fulfill her dreams? Will the Guptas ever realize how one shouldn’t be afraid to do something just because of the fear of what will people say? Will the family reunite? Along with Riya, find out the answers to your most dreaded fear and experience the freedom to live inside out!


Peer pressure to dump decisions on people or the fear of what people might think pushing you to do certain actions though you aren’t completely determined to do is pretty common in middle class society. Though we do say we live in modern age and we are practical there is still some practices, superstitions or decisions like whatever we wish to name them thumped on to us.

Due to above mentioned realities in this MODERN ERA as we call more often we are pushed into circumstances where we ought to let go of our dreams, passion and join the thousands of others following the same dream.

When you want to follow your passion and your parents thrash your dreams and want you to pursue their dream course, you feel so crippled. This was the state of Riya when she was asked to pursue medicine after grade 12.

Riya is the main protagonist who live with her family of four- mom, dad and brother. Though she wanted to take up arts being her passion her parents were against it.

They never thought that Riya was so serious about it to pursue it as a career rather than just a hobby. She decides to go against them and pursue a degree in arts and also is successful in bagging a job in one of the biggest firms in Delhi. Here again her parents don’t want her to move alone. Reason? Pretty simple. “What will people think?” So she again revolts and moves out. If she ever meets her parents again? Do they forgive her? What happens next? Do check out the book.

I finished reading it at a stretch, such a page turner it was. Right from the page one the author keeps you glued through her writing style. The story is from the perspective of a middle class girl who wants to pursue her passion and pave a career. Her parents on the other hand have a diverse mentality and want her to do what society expects. The portrayal of how Riya overcomes the denial and revolts to continue with her passion is commendable by the author’s narration.

The cover design is simple of a girl with her arms wide open, seeming like she’s free to choose and carry out what she wants.


  • File Size:1072 KB
  • Print Length:103 pages
  • Publication Date:October 24, 2017
  • Sold by:Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language:English


Cover: 4/5

Title: 4/5

plot: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (in her own words):

I’m a self-taught person and I believe that there’s nothing more exciting than learning and gaining knowledge! I’m a passionate reader and always keep myself busy with reading something. I am a foodie as well. I love eating food anytime, anywhere! I’m a Software Engineer by qualification, but I enjoy writing and have presumed this hobby as my career. I love to write about life, food, travel, relationship, humor, health, home décor, movies, and games. And love to read about anything that can be useful in any form on this earth! I believe, “Aim for the moon. You may not get it but you will surely get a star!” You can reach me at

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