Motherhood Mantra that keeps me going #myfriendalexa

“I am a good Mother; I do my best as a Mother.

Each day I am getting better, life can’t get any better.”

Mom and daughter

This is my mantra these days. I keep saying this to myself. No, I am not under any pressure or depressed.

Repeating this gives me a boost; a sense of accomplishment and gives me a push to go that extra mile and do whatever it takes to keep my daughter happy.

A great start for the day is a lovable hug when she’s up. Though I am up early, (okay let’s say just a couple of minutes or rarely hours), before her, that wait for her hug is so special.

When there are so many things running in your mind and your running here and there, that monosyllable “MAA” from her makes me forget everything.

Mom and daughter

Though I get angry with things lying around, after she’s left at my mom’s place in the morning I do enjoy replaying stuff in my mind- the tiny blocks or alphabet chunks lying around, the vessels and Tupperware boxes misplaced, that cute teddy inside my coffee filter. All these make me forget that this is part of a household chore that I am doing.

Those teeny tiny hands mixing an empty bowl with spoon and feeding you, pulling your hair is all instances that need to linger around in mind always.

Even if you try concentrating hard at work, a corner of your mind just keeps thinking that she is okay. Those blank phone calls or the beep beep sounds from the keypad when you call her is all a bliss.

When you reach home and you know she is there waiting for you, and watch her eyes glow in excitement on seeing you makes you the happiest person in the word.

Listening to her stories of what she did throughout the day (okay technically not stories) I mean even if it is gibberish, it’s good to hear.

Cuddling her, getting her dressed to bed, making her sleep and falling asleep with her is indeed the best way to end my day. And so the next day starts, yes with the same mantra.

I am a good Mother; I do my best as a Mother.

Each day I am getting better, life can’t get any better.”

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30 Replies to “Motherhood Mantra that keeps me going #myfriendalexa”

  1. Every stage of motherhood gives you different kind of joy… Enjoy them to the utmost…Time will fly and they’ll be over in no time! I love your mantra… Mom, you are absolutely doing a great job and is definitely getting better 😊👍


  2. Every mom has her mantra my dear and yours is special too. It is all worth it in the end. I am a proud mom of my grown-up kids but I cannot deny the struggle. So more power to us 🙂 #wordsmithkaurreads


  3. Having kids in life is a true blessing, I think we all moms get irritates with messy floors and untidy beds but still when we hear “maa” those magical words give more energy to us. #MyFriendAlexa #DelhibloggerReads


  4. Good Mantra! I think this works with everything not just Motherhood. So if you want to be good at something and you have a feeling that you’re not good at it you can always say to yourself that you are really good at it and after a point of time you will gain the confidence and you will naturally become good at it 🙂


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