Review of corridors of time by Vinay Krishnan


Corridors of Time tracks the story of a sensitive young man who grows from carefree childhood to eventful manhood – one who stumbles before learning to stride through those dark and dense passages.

Set in Bangalore – a city of paradoxes. of gardens and garbage heaps. of technology and traffic snarls. of friendly people and failing infrastructure. when bungalows had gardens and pavements were meant for pedestrians. this is a narrative of the human spirit.

Rohan, an idealistic young sports lover experiences rejection, dark dejection and isolation and hurtles down the path to self-destruction.

Shyla, attractive and successful is everything his heart yearns for and his body desires, except, she is married!

Chandrika, simple and devoted fails to understand the man she loves.

The shuklas long for justice denied by the system.

And khalid fears nothing and no one …anymore.


I am someone who believes in the saying that ‘excessive strictness and blind discipline are bad teachers for kids’. But we do know kids whose parents are in army are brought up with utmost strictness and discipline. Likewise, here in this book, the lead character Rohan is the son of an ex-Army man who is very strict and follows principled lifestyle. In fact, he follows principle for everything, he can be aptly known as Rohan’s teacher than his father. Such approach being showcased while bringing up children, often creates disruptions in the child’s life. As mentioned in the quote above, too much strictness towards him, Rohan grows up with a carefree attitude.

Rohan is an excellent sports person but a bad performer in academics. Due to this, he was always being pinned down as a failure in academics. This in turn worsens his performance when he joins college. He falls in love with a woman(Shyla) even after knowing she is married. Taking her as role model, he tries hard to complete studies by joining evening class. The lust angle that is usually looked at when a relationship between a bachelor and a married woman is spoken off is not visional here since the Author has sensibly avoided the details. The relationship between them takes a toll and they part ways to be good friends.

Rohan becomes dejected. After years, he secures a job where a girl(Chandrika) falls for him. He decides to proceed and go along but this time her parents reject the proposal. But they plan to move ahead and face a lot of hardships.

The plot is set in a timeline of two decades ago in Bangalore, but can be related even now owing to the current scenario of the city. The plot is more relatable when Rohan meets Chandrika and a couple of instance more relatable by a middle class family’s daily household.

The author has brought up more sub plots within this book, which have individual importance but I feel they could have been reduced to keep up the current pace of Rohan’s story. The climax was a bit unsolicited and very delicate.


Author: Vinay Krishnan

Publisher: GJ group

Genre: Non fiction

Cover design: Envy designs


Cover- 3.5 stars

Title- 4 stars

Blurb- 3.5 stars

Plot- 4 stars

Writing and Presentation- 4 stars

Overall- 3.75 out of 5 stars

The book is available on Amazon.


About the Author:

Vinay Krishnan describes himself as a ‘complete Bangalorean’. A student of Clarence High School, he graduated in Humanities from St Joseph’s College. Earning a diploma in Business Administration, he began his career at Usha International Ltd and rose to a position of Senior Sales manager. Vinay has now set up a construction firm of his own. He also writes and devotes his time to an NGO assisting people with disability. The city of his dreams, Bangalore, where he stays with his wife and daughter, continues to inspire and exasperate him. He can be reached at –

Praises for the book:

The book is simple in style and content, for often it is this simplicity that bewilders and rouses
~ Shri S . Rajendra Babu, Former Chief Justice of India
The book has excellent literary craftsmanship, passion humour and adventure. Highly recommended.
~ Mr. Namboodiri, former Asst. Editor, Deccan Herald
This charming book about old Bangalore is written in a racy easy-to-read style.
~ Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

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