Review of Iridescent life by Sonal Bharija Singh

IRIDESCENT LIFE by Sonal Bharija Singh


This book is a story of life by a person’s outlook that everyone can relate to. It is about every individual who has been in a relationship. It’s about anyone who has ever been happy or dejected. This book is just a small effort to help people recognize themselves and their lives as it is essential to understand life before acting on it.


The book is about the author’s perception of life and the various stages. She brings out the general view or notion and how it differs according to her. She talks about liberation of women, the thinking process of brain, the yearning to ask life for more. She does explain them beautifully with references to her childhood. Then there is a chapter about what she regrets and how she is considered weird. There are 19 chapters, each of which is based on her opinion on the difference in thought process.


The book cover made me fall in love with it immediately. Samridhi Bharti has done a commendable job which also is one of the reasons that made me read it immediately. As you know the appearance also plays an important part. It’s a small read and can be finished maybe in two or three hours during a short journey.

As I mentioned in the theme, the book is about the Author’s take on life which anyone can relate to. The book brings about self- realization which is the basis of life and which when done right makes it easier to take on anything in life. After all, understanding oneself will make us better and judge situations and act accordingly. The book has 19 chapters which are inspired by her own experiences and her own life and thoughts the way she has accepted her life in all the colors as she believes that “there are more colors to life than just black and white”. However, I did find few places contradictory to the point that was initially made and some minor grammatical errors. On a lighter note, I would suggest the women folk giving this book a read to improve self-realization.


· Paperback: 106 pages

· Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers; 1st edition (7 July 2018)

· Language: English

· ISBN-10: 9387996069

· ISBN-13: 978-9387996069


Cover- 4.5 stars

Title- 4 stars

Blurb- 4 stars

Plot- 3.5 stars

Writing and Presentation- 3.75 stars

Overall- 3.7 out of 5 stars

Title – Iridescent Life

Author – Sonal Bharija Singh

The book is available on Amazon, flipkart, shopclues and bluerose.






Sonal Bharija was born on 31st October 1988 she is a management lecturer who was raised in Delhi and completed her post-graduation from Bangalore. She loves spending time writing her thoughts and studying human behavior, the aim of her life is to connect to people through her writing, apart from her job and writing she enjoys getting together with her family and husband, going out with friends and listening to music.

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