World book day challenge day 5 prompt Vehicles


will defend the importance of bedtime stories to my last gasp.
~ JK Rowling

Posting for #worldbookdaychallenge day 5 prompt : Vehicles
This is the only prompt for which I had no book sadly. As told in previous post wheels on the bus could have also been a choice here but no luck yet.
But to my surprise the hosts also clarified that the prompt Vehicles could also mean a journey.
And so what book do I post here ??
I’m not sure if it was luck or coincidence here, I stumbled upon an Instagram page called @starandread, who make personalised books for kids.
I decided why not give this a try , a book on Cheeni’s name where she gets to be the main character. It sounded cool, I immediately logged on to their website and checked it out.
They give you an option of stories which you want to choose for your kid. I choose the missing painting, featuring my daughter Shrinika.
Also that they had a combo offer running that period when I ordered, the personalised hardcopy and ten ebooks were for RS.499 isn’t that a steal deal. I immediately ordered that for Shrinika. To my surprise the book got delivered yesterday when I was actually bit upset that I had no books for vehicle theme.
Let’s get to the story. It’s about princess Shrinika, who goes on a journey to get back her magical painting which was gifted to her by her parents (The King and the Queen). Ahemm. That’s actually me and my hubby.
Shrinika travels on a magical horse called hoiho which was given to her by the good witch.
Shrinika sets on a journey across the world in search of her painting which were thrown away into pieces at different parts of the world.
She travels across the pyramids, oceans, South pole, caves and finally to the bad witch’s house where she finds the final piece.
She even helps a baby penguin lost in the oceans to reunite with it’s parents in the South pole.
She shows great courage to find the painting when she had to enter caves with mysterious creatures.
The book in a way teaches the kid act of kindness , bravery, courage and forgiveness.
So what are you waiting for, order yours @starandread.
The book has book has colourful illustrations which are eye-catching.
What Cheeni loved
* Seeing the magical painting.
*The colourful places across the world beautifully illustrated.
* Her very own story with her mom and dad

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