N’s which help in skincare

N’s which help in skincare


A tree that is found in every nook and corner of the country and has abundance of benefits for health, skin and hair is the neem tree. Deemed as nature’s drugstore for the innumerable benefits of all its parts like leaves, bark and flowers. It is used in making medicines, cosmetics and a number of personal care products due to its antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

It is a natural blood purifier which helps in flushing out toxins from the body which naturally paves the way for glowing skin.

It can be incorporated in the form of oil,paste,powder and juice to gain the various benefits.
Neem is suited for all skin types and keeps your beauty game going strong.

The antibacterial properties of neem help in fighting against acne causing bacteria and also helps in getting rid of pimples.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E neem helps in fighting signs of aging like dark spots and wrinkles.

Fatty acids and the vitamin E help nourish the skin thereby making it a good moisturizer.
Helps in reducing dark spots and blemishes.
Helps in healing irritated skin because of anti-inflammatory properties.
Neem oil boosts collagen production so it helps in delaying fine lines.


  • Boil some neem leaves and orange peels. Once the peels soften grind them and mix in a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. Apply on to face and wash off in 15 minutes. This helps in treating acne.Mix in a teaspoon of neem powder to water to make a paste. Add a pinch of turmeric and apply on to face. Wash off in 15 minutes. This helps to tackle blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Take 3 tablespoons of neem leaves crushed and grind with water. Add in two tablespoons of turmeric. Mix and apply on to face . Wash off after 15 minutes for even skin tone on regular usage. Can be used daily.
  • Taking bath in neem infused water helps keep skin infections at bay.
    Mix in 2-3 drops of neem oil to coconut oil. Massage the mixture on to face during nights to blur out the fine lines. Neem has rich omega fatty acid which helps in anti-aging.
  • Chewing 3-4 neem leaves on empty stomach helps in purifying blood which also paves way for glowing skin.


Nutmeg is a spice that is known for its sweet aroma. It not only makes dishes exotic but also helps in giving you the skin of your dreams.

The spice from Indonesia not only elevates dishes with a small pinch, it paves way for perfect health and body because of its use in personal care products.

Nutmeg mainly helps in decreasing hyperpigmentation, calms irritated skin and helps in balancing oily skin.

Nutmeg is a strong antioxidant that helps fight against free radical damage and delays signs of aging.

Its antibacterial nature helps fight against acne causing bacteria.


  • Mix in one tablespoon of honey, lemon juice, clove oil and baking soda each with a pinch of nutmeg. Apply on to face and wash off after 10 minutes using gentle circular motions. This is a perfect pack for skin exfoliation.
  • Grind 2 nutmegs , 5 almonds and one tablespoon cumin to powder form. Add in a tablespoon of orange peel powder and two mashed camphor tablets and store in air tight container. To apply mix in a tablespoon of yogurt to a tablespoon of this powder.
  • Grind equal parts of cinnamon and nutmeg. To this add equal parts of honey and lemon juice. Apply on acne spots overnight to remove the scars.
  • Mix in a pinch of nutmeg to two tablespoons of coconut milk. Massage gently on face to reduce signs of aging and visibly radiant skin post washing after 10 minutes.

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C’s which help in skincare

We are surrounded by a lot of C’s that can be incorporated into your skincare habits to get you the healthy glowing skin.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil with its combination of natural fats makes it one of the staple in the kitchen. The fats present like the linolic and lauric acids makes it a good skincare ingredient. But do keep in mind that only pure coconut oil or extra virgin coconut oil will yield you the benefits.

Coconut oil helps in lessening of dark spots or pigmentation under the eyes when massaged generously. It also helps in reducing the puffiness or eye bags as commonly known due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Stress can be induced any time and for people at any age. A calming coconut oil massage is all what you need to soothe your senses. The subtle fragrance also helps you calm your mind and make you relaxed.

A highlighter is what elevates the beauty in your makeup especially at the cheeks. Just a squeak line of coconut oil over the cheeks sure does give you a glow that reflects light. This is one of the major reasons coconut oil is one of the major ingredients in base makeup products.

Though we generally prefer using waterproof kajal or mascara for their long lasting smudge free looks, it is highly a tiresome job to take them out. Coconut oil works like a wonder in such cases and makes removal of kajal and mascara pretty much easier. If your skin under the eyes is dry due to weather or dehydration all you need to do is to dab a light layer of coconut oil under the eyes and pat gently. This sure does help in eye relaxing and also improving complexion of the darker areas.

Coconut oil can be used as an ingredient in lip balm and also lip scrub.

If u mix it in with brown sugar and honey and apply foe a gentle exfoliation it works great as a scrub.
For a lip balm mix in coconut oil, bees wax and cocoa butter and heat using double boil method. Once melted you could add them to lip balm containers and if needed also include essential oils.

You could play with the ingredients in terms of quantities so that you get the desired consistency.

As a first step to face wash, you could apply coconut oil on your face and massage with circular motions and wash off with your regular face wash. Due to its anti bacterial, anti fungal and moisturizing nature its the best nighttime skincare product that most women could vouch for.


Next time after making coffee if you are left with coffee grounds that you decide to trash, you may rethink and pause. The caffeine in coffee grounds has antioxidants that help prevent sun damage. They can be repurposed into excellent exfoliators for both the body and the face.
But if you have sensitive skin this might not be great for you as coffee grounds could be harsh on your skin.

Mix in coffee grounds with a spoon of yoghurt and apply on to face and neck. Once dry rinse with warm water for glowing skin. Make sure you use this only once a week.

Make a mixture of granulated sugar, almond oil and coffee grounds. Apply on your body and gently scrub especially the dry areas like the knees and elbows. Say hello to shiny skin.

Coffee grounds can also play a good role in making them one of the best foot scrub. Mix in coffee grounds with epsom salt and olive oil. Apply on to feet and heels. Scrub gently and wash off to discover feet with baby soft skin.


As we age one other major concerns are the cellulite marks that make you embarrassed.Worry not when you have coffee grounds. Mix in coffee grounds with water or coconut oil apply on areas where cellulite marks are visible. Wash off after a gentle massage. Do this twice a week to see the marks making slow disappearance. The scrub breaks down the fat and increases blood flow to the area thereby visibly reducing the cellulite marks.


Cucumber is packed with skin loving nutrients . They particularly contain vitamin C which is an antioxidant and caffeic and folic acid which help in boosting collagen production and help fight signs of ageing.

When skin is well hydrated it has good elasticity and firmness. When its not the skin becomes dry and flaky. Include a lot of cucumbers in diet to keep skin hydrated. The 96% of water present in cucumber is the main reason cucumber provides superior hydration to skin.

Astringents help to tighten pores in skin and is especially beneficial to acne prone skin. Cucumber is a mild astringent that works great for acne prone skin.

Cucumbers are perfect to treat puffy eyes. Just cut few slices of chilled cucumber and place over eyes for a cooling effect.


Cucumber juice when applied on affected area can help in removing tan and also provide soothing sensation to areas of sunburn.


FOR DRY SKIN: Mix in equal parts of cucumber juice to aloe vera gel to boost hydration to dry skin. Let this sit for 15 minutes and then wash off.

ACNE PRONE SKIN: Mix in cucumber juice to oatmeal one table spoon and honey one tablespoon. Apply and wash of after 15 minutes. Cucumber juice helps in soothing, honey provides anti bacterial goodness and oatmeal helps in removing excess oil.

This post is written as part of Blogchatter’s A2Z challenge.