India’s favourite good food store – Sweet karam coffee

Indian households are used to stocking up sweets and savouries. If not homemade, there is always store bought items for snacking. These go well with tea time, coffee time and even as sides during lunch. Don’t you all agree with me.

But ever since most of us live in a nuclear set up, we miss these little edible treasures from the grandma’s, who stay far from us or for some of us who have lost them.

Let alone the snacks, the pickles , the podis and sun dried crisps are definitely part of the family traditions in the south. When we get to know the extended family is coming over from native, whether or not before packing clothes these accompaniments definitely deserve a separate baggage.

We’ve also seen this in movies where we get to see the lead reminiscing when they receive a parcel from at home it’s like a warm hug that carries the love and care from our family. Daadi ke haath ka or paati kaimanam be it the pickle or the hand pounded spice powders they truly have a different way of touching us when user in cooking.

Now that we miss all that, I recently found an online store that has almost everything you need when it comes to making your life easier with cooking.

Sweets and savouries exactly made as per the authentic recipes from different lands, the spice powders, papads, pickles and what not. Sweet, kaaram ,coffee is my newest find where I stock from sweet, savouries, crisps , podis from.

With a wide range of options to choose from their website, they also make sure that the packaging is intact and keeps the items fresh and aromatic. Their sling bag is yet another salient feature that speaks volumes about their business.

Sling bag

You could order individual items or if your confused you could even go with their combos. Let alone normal days they have combos for festivals as well.

Traditionally made vadams in a combo

Sweets and savouries that are made especially for occasions are made into adorable bundle packs that can not only be purchased for personal use but also great for gifting purposes.

Sweet karam coffee aims to bring back memories associated with childhood by letting us bring home traditional Indian delights with their team of home chefs and small home brands. In addition to Indian traditional delicacies they also cater to homemade chocolate, peanut butter, cream bun, brownies for the current generation with healthy ingredients and homemade twist.

They are India’s favourite destination for good food for the entire family. With Janmashtami coming up they do have a special combo bag that houses sweets and savories that are made for the occasion. They offer pan India delivery and the bags should be pre-ordered so that you could enjoy these traditional delicacies during Janmashtami without any hassles from the comfort of our homes.

Source : Sweet karam coffee

Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-in Cream- The BFF of Good Curl Days

I am a curly-haired girl and always explore good hair care products that suit my hair type and texture.
This is because my hair is extremely dry and frizzy. To maintain my hair, I need hair care products that are
mild and also CG-friendly so that the curls and coils stay intact for a long time. Curlvana Curl Styling
Leave-in Cream gave me the desired look I wanted; therefore, here is my Curlvana leave-in conditioner

Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-in Cream- The BFF of Good Curl Days

Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-in Cream is CG-friendly that is specially designed for women who have curly,
coily, wavy hair like me. This leaves my hair with a shiny and soft texture. Curlvana products bestow
shine in my hair with bouncy voluminous coils and it helps me to detangle my hair with ease, which used
to be a tedious task before.

Other products made my hair sticky and hard to maintain. But Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-in Cream is
lightweight and makes my hair soft whenever I apply it.

The best thing I love about the Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-in Cream is that it makes my curls delicate and
does not leave any crunchy residue after its application. It soothes my curls making them easier to
detangle; helping them stay in place even after several days of hair wash. All of this makes it the ideal
leave-In Conditioner for Indian curly hair.

I prefer non-toxic and chemical-free products for my hair. Curlvana products are incredibly subtle and do
not have any parabens, sulfates, petroleum products, and silicones. It has only natural organic products
such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Pentavitin, Hydrating HA, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter. I am using the Curlvana products without any guilt since they do not harm my scalp and hair. Hands down, it is the best
leave-in conditioner for curly hair in India.

Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-in Cream has no glycerine employed in it. Glycerine is a humectant that rips
off moisture from the environment. When present in hair care products, glycerine can result in the curls
drying and the cuticle to be ruffled; leading to frizz.

This is the best product that is suitable for all climatic conditions and humid weather. The Leave-in Cream
doesn’t cause any frizziness and dryness to the curl pattern, which makes the curls stay intact with the
bouncy effect. Curlvana Curl Styling Leave-in Cream is India’s first haircare product with zero frizz in all
weather, so the hair is soft and glossy even after many days of hair wash. I use the Curlvana Curl Styling
Leave-in Cream since it is incredibly lightweight but extremely hydrating. Therefore, it doesn’t burden my
fine curls and weight them down. I make sure to use it on the lengths of my hair from the cuticle and roots for perfect, bouncy weightless curls. Go for this leave-in-conditioner for curly hair in India and fall in love with your curls again.

Digital PR World – One-stop Solution for digital marketing services for small businesses

As we try to move on and go ahead post the pandemic, one cannot forget how much the digital world helped big and small businesses in those two years. At a time when we couldn’t step out but still had a need to shop the digital world opened its arms wide to lead us into the world of online shopping. Though online presence was present even previously, it was a boon that many people realized not until the pandemic glued us inside our houses. Just a scroll and a couple of clicks brought home whatever we needed at the right time. Not only that it also got things delivered across borders.
Not only we as consumers, but big and small businesses also benefitted from the digital presence. From launches to orders to handling customers, the digital world made it much easier for brands that already had their online presence even before the pandemic came into the picture. But the online world promised a good return for those budding entrepreneurs whose startup dreams were blossoming and taking shape during a pandemic. But for someone who already put enough financial planning into launching, investing yet again a handful for the digital presence did put them in a dilemma. Although they were sure of the benefits they could reap, the investment made them think twice.

And for those who would love to venture into the digital presence at a fairly reasonable investment making their dream come true would be reaching out to Digital PR world. Digital PR World – One-stop Solution for digital marketing services for small businesses.

They will help you in targeting the right audience, make your small business reach them, and make you successful. Having innovative products or services but not the right audience reach is definitely going to be a failure. If as a small business you need to succeed, you need to exactly know where or who has the demand and rightly supply. The digital PR world will tap the right audience for you so that your small business reaches the right place.

Digital PR World is a digital marketing and PR management company in Kolkata. It has clients across India and abroad. They have worked for companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, PR, outdoor campaigns, digital marketing, Amazon Flipkart management, and performance
marketing services. They have served big and small companies and industries in creative communication, SEO, risk-mitigating PR, website designs, and other creative digital marketing services.


  • Brand Launch Campaign Design
  • Performance Marketing (inclusive of all ads platforms)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Amazon Account Management
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Digital PR Launch Plan
  • SEO Services 
  • Creative Digital Marketing Media & Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Packages For Small Business

When investment in marketing that includes eCommerce, influencer marketing, SEO, and PR became a bigger problem for brands, Digital PR world came up with packages that offer eCommerce packages for brands that come under the affordable range to cover all platforms in marketing. Their package includes SEO, PR, creatives, copies, and web-related work that would cover the overall marketing channels. This is therefore a single company that can cover 360 digital marketing for your business. With this plan, they could invest more in ads and product sales which is major for their survival in the world of business and also one of the major pillars of branding.

Their digital packages for small and local businesses start as low as Rs. 15000 and social media marketing packages cost Rs.28000. Whatever the size of the business, they have a package that will take the world of your business to places.

They can be reached at

Dark chocolate benefits for women

Dark chocolate is the new kid in the health and fitness block. For people who crave sweets but also want to be fit, this superfood is sure to satisfy their cravings. Derived from the cocoa beans in the cocoa tree, dark chocolate now finds its place in most refrigerators in many homes.

Dark chocolate is sure to satisfy your dessert craving as it contains more than 70% of cocoa solids, and less fat, and sugar it also comes with a powerhouse of health benefits. Though the chocolate will help to kick in the taste buds, it will do its magic in moderation.

Health benefits of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Cocoa butter has oleic acid that helps in increasing good cholesterol. Dark chocolate is good for heart health because it makes the blood vessels flexible so that the arteries do not clog or get blocked and cause a stroke. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that help in improving blood flow to the brain and the eyes thereby improving vision. Moreover, they also help in fighting against free radicals because they have antioxidants.

Benefits for women

Dark chocolate also contains nutrients like potassium, selenium, and iron which help in many other ways. Selenium helps to regulate thyroid and boost immunity while potassium on the other hand is beneficial for helping with bone density which is very essential for females as we age. The flavonoids mentioned above which help in fighting against free radicals and UV radiation are also essential to fight against anemia. Dark chocolates when consumed release endorphins that trigger you to relax and are most needed at your stressful or tiring moments to give you the boost or the happy high. Dark chocolate aids in weight loss because of its low-fat content and low soluble fiber making it a good dietary snacking option. They also have zinc which helps in metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
Being someone who craves sweetness after each meal, the chocolates from Beetees melt. My love for dark chocolate was finally satisfied when I found their bars actually being true to their word of providing unique and delicious chocolates.

Their chocolates are made from all natural ingredients sourcing the freshest and finest ingredients that make these chocolates delectable. They are now one of the leading brands in making artisanal chocolates.
I tried their 72% dark, 48% milk and 54% coconut milk chocolates. The first thing that caught my eye was the absolutely beautiful packaging that the chocolates came in. Not to forget the artistic design on the boxes and wrappers that are sure to make heads turn. They were packed with extra care so that they do not melt in transit. I should definitely mention the choice of sugars being used in these chocolates that make them all the healthier like palm sugar and brown sugar. I had the one with palm sugar and I must say the chocolate did taste different than the previous brands of dark chocolates I have tried. It did make a difference in my chocolate tasting experience. I personally loved the coconut milk variant since I found the taste new and refreshing. Being fans of dark chocolate I must also say my kids enjoyed tasting the bars as well.

Review of why we walk

My review

This is my second ebook from the very cute author Siena. Absolutely love the way she’s been doing this. I enjoyed reading this as an individual and as a parent to my kids. This book is based on bringing awareness to kids on why we walk so that it causes no harm to planet earth and how we do not contribute to the global warming by choosing not to take the vehicles that send out emissions.

Siena goes to school by walk with her father daily. She initially talks about the varied types of clothing they wear according to the season. Her dad pulls a red wagon that carries Siena’s bag and at times her. The wagon also has winter wear,, doesn’t that sound cool.

On their way to school father and daughter play a game on spotting squirrels and mostly her dad gives up even though he spots them first.

As she grows up, Siena is curious why as to they walk and there are many others who come by cars and buses to school. That is when her Father let’s out an important lesson for all of us that the exhaust from the vehicles hurt the planet which we should be preserving for the next generation. By walk we make sure we do not contribute to the bad deed of harming the planet.

A simple storyline that emphasizes the need to preserve planet earth for the next generation.

About the Author

Siena is a young author from Canada who loves long walks and enjoys being with her dad. She chose to write out their little adventures as books anonymously.


Shannon Willvers is a Canadian illustrator, who loves drawing digitally and also enjoys watercolors. This book is made equally enjoyable to read because of the cute illustrations that support the story

Book review of Parenting Tweens


The book is an attempt to make parents aware of the pre–teen issues and give them solutions based on my experiences. There is so much literature on parenting babies, toddlers and teens but nothing specific to the tweens. A tween has many different and unique issues than a toddler or a teen.As we all know the pre-teen years are the foundational years for a person that prepares him /her for his /her life. A healthy, stable and disciplined foundation sets a child to take on life, studies and society in rightful manner. This is the age when the child starts to become independent. S/he wants to take independent decisions and wants to make choices, whether it is dress to wear or the food to eat. This is the age when a strong bond is required between a child and the parents and age-appropriate freedom should be encouraged.

My thoughts on the book

Parenting would encompass all age groups of children but we predominantly come across people talking only about newborn, toddler and teenagers.

The word ‘tween’ might sound new to many and can even see a lot of raised eyebrows because it isn’t much commonly used across not until the present says.
It is high time that we start talking about the age group that is between 10&12 and discuss the changes that happen along.

Jyoti’ s book would come as a handbook to many parents and make them understand that it’s not that their children are behaving differently but it’s natural because of the changes they undergo and how we should be handling them. It is this age that we parents require patience to understand what’s happening and in return handle them with love. It is this time that we do not react because we feel they are acting as if they know much of the World around and understand that it’s the inner self letting them want to explore the limits of their independence.

The book has 23 chapters that discuss all about the preteen age that needs attention. Right from the way to connect , to how to deal with issues ranging from mental health to food the covers it all.

Each chapter is carefully crafted to address what’s the title line in a crisp manner. Keeping in mind that this is also the age that they get a lot of social media exposure, Jyoti has also included a chapter that specifically talks about Cyberbullying and what its effects are.

Peer pressure and stress is the most common issues that spoke up during this age group and they need to be carefully analysed before getting to any solutions or conclusion.Peer pressure can be positive or negative and I was glad that the author chose to address both in the book.

Delayed gratification is something that does wonder in parenting, though it’s good to start in early ages it’s utmost value is realised only when we see our kids in the preteen age group.

Disciplining the kids during this age group is necessary but also requires certain strategies that need to be carefully done. The author breaks those into crisp pointers that makes it easy for parents to understand and act accordingly.

I love how every chapter ends with a brief conclusion section that summarises the chapter in toto.

About the Author

Jyoti Kaur, is an architect, who is also following her passion for writing and blogging. She is a
proud daughter, and strives to be a supermom.
From working actively in a design firm full-time, to now getting the privilege to work part-
time from home, Jyoti never missed the experience of each little phase of parenting. She
has enjoyed every moment of being a mother and her parenting journey has been incredible
as she’s now more like a friend to her daughter, than a mother.
She loves to share her parenting journey on her blog Mom Captures Life with all the new
moms out there, and her experiences as a mother is something which every new mother
can relate to! She also captures snippets of her life related to Parenting, Travel and Lifestyle
in her blogs. She shares useful tips, product reviews, her travelling experiences and
expresses her views on health, education and lifestyle.

Importance of comfort clothing

Opening your wardrobe staring at the pile of clothes for a while and and close it in despair because the sight crushed you when nothing from it would be your outfit of the day. We are either unhappy with the fit or they don’t match our style. The reason being they’re all from a different age of time. Getting dressed up would be no fun if the wardrobe has clothes which don’t fit and match our style.

All the more the fad diet culture will give you the false promise that you might be able to fit into two sizes smaller. We go into the cycle of failure when we don’t fit into the smaller size rather than it was the diet that tricked us into this major havoc and failed us.

Beating the diet culture and getting into intuitive eating will help much here. Having clothes that got you properly will make intuitive eating much easier.

If your clothes are too tight, it might make listening to your body difficult. Also when you not wear clothes which suit body type you are yet again being pushed into the weight loss cycle.

When you feel comfortable in your clothing you might listen to your body better unlike with the distractions with the body squeezing out or not being breathable. Your ease of movement is also important when you wear clothing.

Holding on to diet clothes will keep you encircled in the diet fantasy. So take out clothes from your wardrobe which only scream that they would fit when you lose drastically. It’s time you choose outfits that scream comfort and long lasting.

I recently got a couple of outfits for my better half. Since work from home era is almost coming to end and they might be called back to office sooner, I decided to get some outfits that he could wear to during our quick staycation before the work from home era ends.

I shopped a couple of streetwear outfits from kra which launched in India. The outfits scream comfort and casual and streetwear has been on the game until now.

YouTube sensation beyounick partnered with kra and launched the fashion range, which made streetwear range unabashed and unrestricted.

Source : thisiskra

Purchased this super cool olive green tee that screams kra and all the more is pure cotton so comfort is totally guaranteed. This piece is great for stroll, jog , meet up with friends or even to office during casual wear days.

The brand also caters to outerwear and bottom wear which were equally good when it comes to comfort. The quality was top notch.

Being a person who looks for comfort first before fashion ,I was glad that I could add some to his comfort clothing wardrobe.

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Benefits of drinking water from copper vessels

Just like you need air to breathe to stay alive, the second most important thing that you need is water. 70% of the human body is made up of water. It was an age-old practice to store water in metal containers like copper. The most known reason would be to safeguard the water we use for drinking. But now there is a lot more than just safeguarding drinking water.

Ancient ayurvedic principles support, water stored in copper vessels when consumed offer innumerable benefits. There is a natural purification process that the water undergoes when stored in copper containers that make the water practically fit for drinking by killing microorganisms that might be harmful to human health.

Water when stored overnight or at least four hours in a copper container acquires certain qualities from copper. An essential trace mineral that is very important to human health because of its anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

According to ayurvedic principles, it is believed that consuming water stored in copper containers on an empty stomach helps in balancing the three doshas(Vata, pitta and Kapha). This also ensures the body undergoes proper metabolism and proper functioning of vital organs.


Protects from infections:

Copper is oligodynamic in nature which means it can sterilize the effect of bacteria on metals and destroys bacteria in an effective manner. It is very much effective against E.coli which causes the most severe illnesses in human beings.

ARTHRITIS and inflamed joints:

Copper has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal aches and pains. The bone and immune-strengthening properties are highly beneficial for people affected by rheumatoid arthritis.

Regulates thyroid gland working:

People with thyroid conditions usually have low levels of copper, especially in the case of hyperthyroidism seen most commonly.

Helps maintain heart health:

Copper is known to help in reducing the risk of developing heart disease. It also helps regulate blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterols and triglyceride levels.

Helps in weight loss:

Consuming water from copper vessel helps in making your digestive system work effectively so that it helps in breaking down fat effectively and eliminates it from the body.

Better digestion:

Water from copper vessels helps kill harmful bacteria in the stomach and lowers inflammation which also is beneficial in the case of ulcers and infection. It also helps in cleansing and detoxing so that the liver functions in an effective way to eliminate toxins and unwanted waste from the body. The copper in water helps in effectively breaking down food particles and hence aids better digestion.

Helps in anemia:

Copper is very beneficial for iron absorption in the body and it also plays a vital role right from cell formation to the effective functioning of organs.

Aids better skin health:

Copper plays an important role in melanin production. Not only that it also helps in forming new cells that replenish the top layers of skin. As a result, your skin feels smooth and silky.

As much as we stress drinking water from copper vessels and the benefits being convincible, it is also equally important that we choose quality copper vessels to consume water. I’ve been using the copper bottle and copper mug for over three months and the quality of the vessel seems to be amazing.

Mandala engraved copper bottle . Source: world of ek
Matte finish copper mug. Source : world of ek

I purchased mine, a copper bottle and a mug from EK by Ekta Kapoor, which is a one-stop shop for premium home décor and handcrafted wellness products. Ek was started by Ekta Kapoor to bring home the best of India. Every product has a sense of deep rootedness attached to it and screams good vibes.They also have ethnic wear, home decor, home linens, jewelry, dining and incense.


Add two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of salt, and a cup of water. Close the lid and shake the bottle, discard the water and wash with fresh water.

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6 Must have makeup products

Lakme absolute blur perfect makeup primer

This is my go to for quick get ready sessions. I have a combination skin and this is absolutely perfect to keep the base firm. The matte finish helps blur the imperfections and gives an even tone. You can use this post a moisturizer or even skip moisturizer when you use this.


It’s lightweight and makes it easy to blend. It lasts long and gives waterproof effect.


The only con that I found during usage is it leaves a residue.

Price : 489 for 30ml

Buy here

Maybelline fit me matte + poreless compact powder

This helps minimise open pores and gives overall matte effect. It keeps in tact for long . It can be used standalone or on top of foundation. Both ways stays good.


Non comedogenic, stays long, SPF 28, affordable and varied shades.


May dry out skin so not advisable for people with dry skin.


495 for 8.5gm

Buy here

Swiss beauty baked blusher and highlighter

Highlights immediately with a smoother shimmering shine. It keeps the blush natural and healthy and makes skin look gorgeous.most importantly you won’t feel like you’re wearing heavy makeup. The transparent pigments which are infused give much radiance to cheeks.


Easy to blend, affordable and long lasting


If you have a dusky tone this wouldn’t suit. Buy if you make your base lighter you can try this.

Price : 245 for 7g

Buy here

Lakme insta liner black

This has been my choice right from when I was in school. Though there have been many variations in colour and the form of eyeliner, this is my go to for the natural look. This is one product that can change your look from a next door neighbour to dramatic diva. If you are a beginner you will never skip buying this henceforth.


The applicator brush is of good length to hold, long lasting, waterproof and smudge proof.



Price 98 for 9ml

Buy here

Sugar cosmetics Kohl of honour intense kajal

The tip is very precise and glides along the contour and gives the dramatic appeal. It stays good for 12 hours because of wax base.


It’s waterproof, smudge proof ,stays for 12 hours.



Price 236

Buy here

Sugar cosmetics smudge me not liquid lipstick

The main reason would definitely be the choice of shades. Mary Poppins, scarlette o Hara are my favorites. I love the long lasting coverage and the varied choice when I go in for the combo packs.


Long lasting, smudge proof and waterproof.



Price 799 for 4 minis with a pouch

Buy here

Things to keep in mind before purchasing makeup

  • Choose products according to skin type. If you have sensitive skin, avoid artificial fragrance , parabens and alcohol.
  • Choose products according to skin tone. Very important to know your skin undertone when buying foundation and concealer.
  • Choose products that suit your need of skin coverage like light medium and full.
  • Check staying power especially in face makeup. The longer it stays the better is the outcome.

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How to reduce body heat ?

The ability of the body to generate and release heat can be measured by body temperature. As such 98.4° is the normal temperature. But for adults it can go upto 99°.

The autonomous nervous system keep the body within , two to three degree to normal temperature. But when it rises above we are under heat stress.

There are a number of factors that contribute could be the food, the surroundings. Let’s take a look at the causes

Factors contributing to heat stress

Extreme weather

When you are exposed to extreme hot and humid weather, body heat rises. This could be prolonged exposure to sunlight or even physical exertion.

Tight clothing

When you wear tight fitted clothes, it traps moisture. Synthetic fibres when fitted tight make it difficult for skin to breathe.

Food consumption

Eating oily and fried foods which have more spice or foods rich in high protein contribute to heat stress.

Intense physical exertion

Active muscle and related blood circulation when working out can produce more heat.


Dehydration can prohibit the body’s ability to sweat which can lead to heat stress.

Medical conditions

Medical conditions like arthritis, leukaemia, hypothyroidism which makes body produce more thyroid could be some of the contributing factors.

Inflammatory illness

Having an inflammatory illness might spike up temperature indicating there is a problem within your body can cause fever.

How to reduce body heat

We know that the best way is to stay hydrated by drinking enough water to cool the body now. Let’s also take a look at the other ways to keep body cool.

Tender coconut water

Tender coconut water consumption is great to keep hydrated. The vitamins, minerals and electrolytes help in replenishing lost energy and help to rehydrate.

Peppermint tea

Due to high levels of menthol peppers tea helps to reduce body heat and provide cooling effect. Can be hd hot or cold. Consuming it hot will make body much hotter and sweat a lot and make body cool.

Cold foot soak

Dipping legs into cold water tub will help instantly reduce heat. Make sure the chillness iss tolerable. Also for an added cooling effect add few drops of peppermint oil.

Foods rich in water content

Watermelon,, strawberries and citrus fruits are rich in water content and help reduce body heat instantly. Cucumbers and cauliflowers can also be consumed with salads along with yoghurt dressing.

Appropriate dressing

Using loose fitted light colored clothing in breathable fabric help in less heat absorption. Always wear a hat and Sunscreen when you step out. Also don’t forget to take umbrella.

Aloe vera

This magic plant can help in cooling your body. Applying the gel helps to cool down and provide soothing effect. Consuming pure aloe vera gel with water or aloe vera juice also helps cool down.


This wonder drink is everyone’s favourite during Summers. The probiotics and vitamins helps in restoring energy in body.


Consuming overnight soaked Fenugreek seeds can hel lower body heat. You can also consume it in the form of Fenugreek tea.

These remedies can help you in lowering body heat. If the body still has heat stress even after these remedies consult a doctor. Do take it seriously as it can lead to heat stroke.

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